Anna: How Many Pizzas?Mature

“Bloody hell Liam, how much pizza did you bring?” I exclaimed as I opened all the pizza boxes, which had been stacked on the kitchen table.

“Erm…ten I think it was,” he called from the living room

“And why do we need ten boxes of pizza?” I asked,

“One twelve inch pizza for each of us…”

“Liam, did you even learn to count when you were in primary school?” I called back bemused.

“I think so…. One, two three…. Yeah I can count,”

“Clearly not Liam…. You appear to have bought ten pizza’s and there is only eight of us here. I think your counting needs some practice,” I said and everyone began to laugh.

“No I meant to buy ten, you see Ali is eating for two and will easily devour two….”

“Hey!” Ali exclaimed,

“Ouch….” I heard Liam yelp before appearing in the doorway to the kitchen rubbing his arm, “…and Cara just needs fattening up!”

“I heard that and am not averse to giving you another dead arm!” she called back.

“You have to catch me first …. Invalid!”

“Oh, I’ll get you when you least expect it!” she replied with a chuckle, “so many ways to enact my revenge, its hard to choose!”

“Right…. So you do have a logical brain then Liam,” I said jokingly, dodging out the way as he made a swipe for me, “Who’s is who’s?”

“They are all the same, so just dish the boxes out! Liam said, grabbing a few of the boxes of pizza and heading back into the room. I scooped the remaining boxes as followed him.

“So there’s two boxes of pizza for you Cara,” I said placing them on her lap.

“I’m never going to be able to eat two twelve inch pizzas Anna!

“Tough, you’re too skinny.”


After we had all eaten as much as we could- Cara only managing to eat one of her two pizzas and even that was after persuasion and Ali having consumed both without any help - we started on the drinks.

Callum had bought a big box of lager, an equally large box of cider, a bottle of vodka, a couple of bottles of coke and some fresh orange juice.

“Jesus Callum, are you trying to get us all drunk?” Megan asked as she accepted a can of lager from him.

“Well, it is the summer holidays, its not like we have to be up in the morning,” he noted.

“Well if we are getting drunk, then feel free to all crash out here,” I said with a smile, accepting a can of cider.

“As long as you two…” Liam indicated to myself and Megan, “….dont get up to any hanky panky in the night!” Liam cautioned.

“We’ll try to keep our hands off each other ….” I said with a grin, “But no promises Liam.”

“Can we not guys….” Cara cut in,

“Yeah, sorry Cara, that was insensitive,” I said giving her an apologetic look,

“Yeah sorry, I didn’t think,”

“Its okay,” she said giving him a soft smile which he reciprocated, Amanda scowled.

There was a couple of minutes silence where no-one spoke and it wasn’t until Callum spoke that the silence was broken

“Cara, you don’t have a drink...would you like coke or orange juice?”

“I’ll have vodka and coke please Callum,” she said brazenly,

“Are you sure that is a good idea Cara?” Ali said quickly, “I mean you have been through a terrible time and I don’t think alcohol is the best idea,”

“I beg to differ Ali, Sam is going out drinking with her sister so why cant I have a few with my mates?”

“Well for one thing…. I need someone to stay sober with me; I mean you know what this lot are like drunk,”

“Yeah I do, they aren’t that bad” Cara said,

“You haven’t seen Jak drunk; he is a right pain when he has had a few!”

“I’m sure Jak will behave himself!” Cara said, glaring at Callum as if daring him to refuse her a drink. I gave Ali a grateful look, she knew that it was no good trying to talk Cara out of drinking when she was so adamant that she was going to do it anyway!

I took a gulp of cider, deciding that If Cara was going to be drinking then I would only have the one drink, so that Ali, Blip and I would be able to keep an eye on things!

"Hang on a minute Cara," Jak cut in before Callum could pour her a drink, "You're still on medication from your operation so you can't drink,"

Callum moved the vodka away, poured her a glass of coke and passed it to Cara who took it reluctantly.

"Thanks," she muttered before taking a sip.

The End

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