Anna: I've Messed Up!Mature

We all stood there as Sam turned and stormed away, Cara made no attempt to follow her but instead just stood there with tears running steadily down her face. I hurried over to where she was standing and pulled her gently into a hug as she broke down.

“Come on Cara. Lets go back to mine,” I said wrapping my arm around her and leading her away. She didn’t say anything she just walked with tears running down her face, it was as though she had gone into shock and it was heartbreaking to see her like that.

“Do you want us to come?” Liam asked as we walked,

“Happily come along, I think that Cara needs all the cheering up that she can get don’t you?” I said and Liam nodded.

We walked in silence all the way back to my flat, Cara not saying a word but walking alongside me, sobbing occasionally and allowing the tears to fall thick and fast, so much so that I was surprised that she could see where she was going.

“Come on Cara, lets get you inside,” I said unlocking the door singlehandedly and opening it wide. I led her up the stairs and towards the couch, “Take a seat Cara and I will make you a nice strong cup of tea,”

Cara obliged still not saying anything, I wanted her to talk, to say anything, to tell me that she was okay but this silence was torture. Liam and Megan were sitting with her, Cara’s head resting on Liam, her tears slowly soaking his shirt.

“You know Cara, people are going to think I have spilt something down myself, you have soaked my shirt with your tears!” Liam said jokingly.

“I’ve messed it all up!”

“Listen to me Cara, you have not messed it up. You made a mistake, your only human,” Liam said,

“Liam is right you know Cara,” Megan said, “You haven’t messed it up,”

“I have, I’ve messed it up,” she insisted miserably.

I carried over four mugs of tea and set them down on the table in front of the sofa and offered one to Cara. She looked at it for a second and then burst into tears again.

“Sam used to make me the best tea. I’ve fucked up big time Anna!” she cried. I put the tea down and pulled her into a hug, allowing her to cry on my shoulder.

“Now you listen to me Cara Gramms. You are the most amazing person I know, you are my best friend and it literally breaks my heart to see you this upset. Please don’t cry Cara,” I pulled out of the hug so that I could see her face and wiped a tear that was trickling down her face. It had been the first time that I had been that close to her in ages, I could have kissed her. A miniscule voice in my head was telling me to kiss her but I ignored it.

“Its all my fault though Anna. I have spoilt everything, I was a total bitch!”

“I’m not denying that you were an idiot but a lovable idiot and if Sam can’t see that you are trying to make amends……”

“But I jumped to the wrong conclusion and flipped out at her Anna, it’s my fault!”

“You only assumed what everyone else in your position would Cara, things will work out. Come on where is that smile,”

Cara shook her head, “I don’t deserve to be happy,”

“Now you’re just being silly C,” Liam cut in, “Now give me a smile or I will tickle you!”



Once I had made a bed up for Cara on the sofa and got her settled, I went into the kitchen with Liam and Megan.

“I hate seeing her like this,” I said peering round the corner into the darkened living room. She must have fallen asleep for she was no longer sobbing quietly to herself.

“How did the talk with your parents go by the way Anna?” Liam asked taking a swig of tea,

“Well mum isn’t happy, dad didn’t really give his opinion,”

“And what about when you told them about America,”

“Mum said not to come crying to her when it all goes wrong, she said no, that I couldn’t go and especially not with Megan – I hasten to add this is all just because we are gay. But I told her we were old enough to make our own decisions and that we had everything booked and paid for, and that it was for university after all.”

“Why are parents so close-minded?” Liam said with a sigh,

“Don’t know Liam, must just be mine because Megan’s parents were brilliant about it all.”

The End

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