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I was curled up, face down, on the sofa when Anna arrived, listening to Liam try to write a new song. I'd been offering up new lyrics occasionally, but he kept complaining that they were depressing and he was in a happy mood. I'd given up and was just watching his lips move with the words in his head, and his fingers stroking the chords. 

"Cara?" Anna murmured, crouching next to me. "What happened?"

I didn't bother looking at her, still focussed on Liam, who had paused to look up when they arrived and now was continuing to create his song. 

"Cara?" Megan was there too. "Are you alright?"

"No." I replied. 

"What happened?" Anna asked. 

"She saw Sam hugging and kissing someone else." Liam answered when I didn't bother replying. 

"What?" Anna cried. "But she was waiting for you... are you sure she wasn't a friend or something?"

"She was gorgeous." I replied. 

"How did Sam kiss her?" 


"Lips? Cheek?"

"Forehead." I replied. 

"You didn't say that before..." Liam groaned. 

"Cara, a kiss on the forehead is not a sign that she's got another girlfriend. She's probably just a friend that's visiting."

"I don't know..." I frowned. "I've never seen her before."

"That doesn't mean anything. Sam must have a million friends you haven't met yet."


"You know what I think this is?" Anna said. "I think you're scared that she won't take you back, so you ran away before she could have the chance."

I stared at Anna. 

"Since when did you get so reasonable?"

"About the time you started acting like an idiot."

I winced. 


"I thought so." She replied. "Now come on, we're taking you to Sam and you're going to tell her you were an idiot."

"I can't... I look a mess. And what if that woman is someone new...?"

"Don't be an idiot. Get up. We'll sort your face out on the way."

"I'm scared Anna."

"I know. But you can't go through life being scared."

"What's gotten in to you? Is this... did everything go alright?" I asked suddenly remembering. "With your parents?"

"Mum isn't happy. Dad didn't say much. Megan's parents are great. I think it's best that they have some time to think about it."

"I'm sorry your mum didn't deal with it well."

"That's alright. She'll get over it." Anna smiled, although I could tell she wasn't entirely certain. Her mum must have said something pretty horrid. 

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked, sitting up. 

"Fine. Come on, we have to get you sorted."

"Okay." I allowed myself to be pulled up and Anna sorted my makeup out. Megan smiled gently at me from where she was sitting at the bottom of the stairs. 

They walked me to Pieces. Frogmarched would also be a correct term. It was closed, of course, so we headed round the back. 

"Will you guys stay here?"

"Alright. But if you're in there for too long we're leaving. We're not waiting while you both have sex."

I pushed Liam gently and smiled at the kind good lucks that they all said. Then I climbed the stairs and knocked on the door. I heard scrambling about in the corridor and then the door opened. 

"Cara..." Sam breathed, tucking her shirt in to her trousers. I stared at her. She looked like she'd just gotten dressed, hurriedly. "You're out of hospital."

"Yeah. I-"

"Sam? Are you almost ready because the taxi's going to be here in a minute..." The woman from earlier appeared down the corridor, wearing a sexy blue dress that clung to her curves. Her dark waves of hair curved around her angular face and from that face shone two bright blue eyes. She smiled and hooked her arm around Sam's shoulder. "Hi." She said, smiling at me, and then her smile slipped. "Wait... you're Cara right?"

I stared at Sam, then her again, then Sam.

"Fuck you." I murmured and then started heading the stairs. 

"Cara!" I heard Sam cry, before she said, "Wait there," to the woman. She began following me down the stairs. "Cara wait!"

"No. Fuck you. I know I screwed up Sam, I know I did. But I thought we meant enough that you'd wait for me to stop being an idiot. Turns out I was being an idiot for our entire relationship."

"You're being a damned idiot now!" She cried. I'd reached the bottom and found Anna, Megan and Liam who were standing round the corner, staring at us in an alarmed fashion. 

"Oh yeah, it's definitely me being an idiot." I retorted. The others began to retreat quickly down the alley. 

"Yes it is."

"I'm not the one screwing someone else a couple of days after a break up. You know what Sam, go fuck her. Fuck yourself too. I actually thought we meant more to you than this but obviously I was wrong."

"Fuck you Cara." Sam replied, angry. "I thought our relationship was important to you until you lied to me, screamed at me and walked out." I stared at her. Fair point, well driven home, even if I was angry I could accept that. But she wasn't finished. "And you know what? Maybe I will go and find someone who cares about me like I thought you did. But until then, I'm going to go back upstairs, finish getting ready, and go out with the only person I can rely on in this world to never hurt me, and never screw me over! My sister." I stared at her open mouth. Oh fuck. "Yeah exactly." She finished, and turned to go. 

"Sam I-" I tried to apologise. 

"I don't want to hear it Cara." She glared back and disappeared up the stairs. 

The End

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