Anna: DisagreementMature

“No, you’re not going!” my mum said getting to her feet to allow the waitress who had hurried over when she had heard the smash to clean up the broken glass.

“To be fair mum, you can’t actually stop us from going,” I pointed out,

“And there’s another thing, you are not jetting off to America with a girl we have just met, and whom you have just told me you are going out with. Anna you are not thinking straight,” my mother reasoned,

“I am thinking very clearly mum, Megan is my girlfriend and I love her and the sooner you come to terms with that the better. Megan’s parents are embracing our sexuality so why cant you?”

“Well its just wrong. That’s why!” my mother snapped, “No this whole thing is obviously just some phase you are going though. You are not gay and you are not going to America!”

“But mum, it’s for my studies,”

“Okay then, you can go but you are not going with her,” my mum said pointing at Megan.

There was a short pause before Christian, Megan’s dad cut in,

“With all do respect Caroline dear, I think we are all shocked that our daughters are going to be in America for a year but I can assure you they will look after each other and I think it will help them to stand on their own two feet, wouldn’t you say?”

“I don’t really give a flying monkey if it teaches them to stand on their own two feet or not , I don’t like the idea of my daughter living and sleeping with a girl I have just met, after I just find out that she is gay and being in America. No Anna,” my mother said defiantly, “Andy back me up here….” She said, for my dad had not said a word.

“Mum….” I began, getting to my feet, “Neither you, dad or anyone stop us from doing what we want, we are legally adults, we have had the plane tickets for weeks, the accommodation sorted just as long, its part of my university degree and most importantly….” I paused to look at Megan, “I love Megan with every inch of my body, I think a part of me would die if you took her away from me. Megan and I are going to America despite what you say.”

My mother looked stunned and outraged at the same time, after several minutes of her staring unblinkingly at me as if hoping that by doing so I would change my mind she eventually said, “Well, don’t come crying to us when it all falls to pieces, and it will. Come on Andy, we are leaving!”

With that my mum picked up her bag, turned her back on me and marched away with her nose in the air. My dad gave me a faltering smile of uncertainty and hurried after his wife.  I turned to face Megan’s parents, expecting a similar reaction from them but they were smiling,

“That was incredibly brave Anna, brave for the both of you. I want you both to know that we are both behind you and we accept you both for who you are,” Megan’s dad said with a warm inviting smile, which made me sure that I had made the right choice.


After a long conversation with Christian and Maria in which we discussed all our plans we headed out of the restaurant with our spirits high. Yes I was slightly upset that my parents (well my mum) had rejected it all like that but it was her choice and I really couldn’t care about her close-minded opinions when we had people like Maria and Christian on our side.

My phone had beeped whilst we had been talking and it was only when we had gotten outside that I checked it. I had received a text from Liam,

“Anna, it didn't go well with Cara and Sam. She's round at ours, I'm going to keep her here until you tell me you're back, or you come here.”

Heart racing, I quickly replied with,

“We’re coming.”

The End

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