Cara: CryingMature

“You want me to come with you?” Liam asked down the phone.

“No I’m fine… I think I need to do this alone.”

“Okay. Don’t worry, she loves you. She’ll take you back, after a bit of grovelling.”

“Ha, thanks.” I replied sarcastically.

I began playing anxiously with the strap the entire way. What if she didn’t want me back? What if I’d messed up too far? Why hadn’t I thought about a speech? I mean I knew what I wanted to say but… what if I just stood there blabbering and she thought I was an idiot? What if… I stopped and leaned against a wall. Christ, I was going to have a heart attack if I kept on like this. It was bouncing around in my chest like a rubber ball. I took a few breaths and pushed on. Okay, I just had to beg. There was no reason she should take me back, but I had to try. I’d messed up, and I had to try.

I stopped just before Pieces to take another steadying breath, and then peeked in through the window. She was there. White shirt tucked in to black trousers held up by thin black braces… talking to a customer. Her hands in her pockets. My Sam. She turned and smiled at the customer who smiled back and… put her arm around Sam’s waist. Sam put her arm around this woman’s shoulders. What? Wait… no. No. She can’t… she hasn’t…? They could just be good friends. Friends, yeah. But I’d never seen her before. Then I watched as Sam gently kissed the woman’s forehead.

I shrunk back and leant against the wall. Oh god. I waited too long.

I’m not really sure how I made it to back to Anna’s flat but I did, and I slept. Just for a while. Anna wasn’t there. I woke up; she wasn’t there. I walked to Jak’s house and knocked on the door. Liam opened it.

“Cara… I thought you’d be having sex by now.” He frowned.

I shook my head and he let me in.

“Guessing it didn’t go well?” Amanda said.

“Amanda…” Liam said.


“Fuck off.” I muttered and went to the rehearsal room. I heard raised voices behind me, complaining, and then Liam’s feet heading downstairs.

“That was a little uncalled for Cara, she was only asking.”

I shrugged and sank down on the sofa. He waited a minute before coming over and throwing his arm around me.

“Alright what happened?”

“She’s with someone.”

“Sam? What, you mean in a relationship?”

“I don’t know. But she kissed her and-“

“Cara, are you sure it wasn’t a friend. I mean this is Sam we’re talking about.”

“I saw her Liam. She had her arm round her and she kissed her.”

“I can’t believe that Sam would do that.”

“Me neither.” I murmured, and then the shock wore off and I started crying. I turned in to Liam’s shoulder and continued crying until I had nothing left.

“I’m going to call Anna.” Liam murmured.

“No… she was telling her parents…”


“She’s telling them she’s gay.”

“Ah.” He sounded surprised. “Okay. I’ll just leave her a text so she can check when she’s free.” He quickly typed out a text and then pulled me in to a closer hug. “It’ll be fine Cara. I’m sure Sam wouldn’t do that but if that’s what’s happening… then I guess she’s not who we all thought she was.”

“I know… I just… I wanted… I…” I discovered I still had tears left, and continued to soak Liam’s t-shirt.

“Liam, I’m going. I’m not waiting around while… erm, sorry am I interrupting something?” Amanda was stood at the bottom of the stairs. But she didn’t sound apologetic. She sounded pissed.

“She’s upset Amanda.”

“Doesn’t mean you have to let her drape herself over you… I’m your girlfriend.”

“Amanda, Cara and I are just friends…”

“Sure. Whatever.” She turned and stormed up the stairs. Liam looked at me and shrugged apologetically before getting up to follow her. I rolled my eyes as he climbed the stairs. What on earth did he see in that bitch? 

The End

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