Anna: Dropping BombshellsMature

“Are you going to be okay?” I asked as Cara headed down the stairs and out into the sunshine,

“Anna…. For the millionth time, I’ll be fine it’s only Sam…. I’ll fix it, or I hope I will anyway,” she said with a shy smile. “now Anna, please go back home …”

“You’re life awaits I finished with a grin, knowing full well that Cara would know what I meant.

“Go enjoy the sun and open up the gates,” Cara sang,

“Yeah but….”

 “I know, you mean well but leave me be. Yes I’m alone but I’m alone and free. Just stay away and you’ll be safe from me.”

People passing were starting to stare at Cara and I, obviously confused as to why two seemingly normal young adults had just started singing in the middle of the street but neither myself and Cara cared at this moment.

“Actually we’re not,”

“What you mean you’re not?”

“I get the feeling you don’t know.

“What do I not know?”

Arendelle’s in deep deep deep deep snow!” I finished and we both started to laugh.

Once we had finished laughing at the fact that we had just burst into song Cara said,

“But seriously Anna, I will be fine.”

“If you need me all you need to do is text,”

“Thanks Anna. What are you going to do now?”

“Well Megan is shopping for a graduation dress and then her parents, my parents, Megan and me are going for a meal. I’m a bit nervous actually as my parents don’t know about me and Megan, in fact I don’t think they really know that I am gay or don’t want to believe it.”

“you’ll be fine Anna.

“That’s just the tip ….. Neither my parents or Megan’s parents know about America yet.”

“Bloody hell Anna, that’s a big bombshell to hit them with. Sounds like you need the luck more than me. Catch you later, let me know how it goes.” Cara said as she walked away towards Sam’s flat.

“I’m gonna need it,” I murmured.


I headed into town instead of going back home and cheekily bought that bag costing sixty pound to give to Megan for a graduation present. I knew what she would say but I didn’t care, she was getting it whether she wanted it or not. I would burn the receipt in order to stop her from returning it.  As well as the bag, I also bought a matching scarf and put it inside the bag, she is my girlfriend after all and that gives me the right to spoil her.

Once I had finished in town, I had arranged to meet Megan, her parents and my parents outside a fancy restaurant called The Elkridge. Everyone was standing just outside the door when I arrived, Megan looking just as nervous as I felt over the bombshell we were about to drop on them.

“Hey,” I said approaching Megan and giving her a hug, Megan was holding quite a big bag which she had to put down to hug me which  I was guessing contained her graduation dress.

“Hello, nice too meet you again Mr and Mrs Warwick,” I said turning to face Megan’s parents.

“Please Anna, no need to be so formal, Its Maria and Christian,”

“Oh okay, and I see you have met my parents, this is my mum Caroline and my dad Andy,” I said pointing to each in turn.

“Yes we have met your parents Anna dear and very nice they are too, we can see where you get your outgoingness from,” Christian said giving me a warm smile, “Shall we go in?

“Yeah sure, lets head in, I am starving!”

We headed inside and we were greeted by an overfriendly waiter who led us all to the table and took our drinks order. I figured I needed a non alcoholic drink to keep a clear head since we were telling them such big news – Megan seemed to be thinking on similar lines as we both ordered a pure orange.

“So are you happy with your dress darling?” Megan’s mum Maria asked,

“Delighted with it!”

“When is graduation again?” Christian asked,

“Its not until ….” Megan paused

“Not until when darling?”

“…the second of April” Megan finished and as soon as she said it the realisation hit me as well…. We would have to fly back for her graduation.

“That’s a while of Megan, what was the rush in getting your graduation dress?

“No reason….” Megan said quickly, we had decided to let our parents enjoy their meal before dropping the ‘A’ bomb and ‘G’ bomb on them.

“Oh look, here are our drinks,” I said drawing everyone’s attention to the waiter who had returned with our drinks. He placed an orange juice in front of myself and Megan, a large glass of white wine in front of Megan’s mother, two pints of lager in front of my dad and Megan’s dad and a sparkling water in front of my mother.

“Speaking of graduation Megan, now I know you forbade me to throw you even a small birthday party but I couldn’t resist buying you this.” I handed her a bag, inside which was the bag and scarf.  She unwrapped it, smiled and then sighed,

“Anna! I told you not too,”

“What is wrong Megan?” Christian asked peering over,

“Anna, you have spent too much. Its beautiful but it was sixty pound!”

“Oh I know,” I said slyly, “look inside,”

“Anna… you didn’t buy anything else did you!” she said before opening the bag and pulling out of the bag the scarf to match it.

“Thank you Anna ….. but I can’t, you have spent too much!”

“No refunds, I have destroyed the receipts and pulled off the tags so you cannot return them,”

“You are impossible. Come here!” Megan said, pulling me into a hug as I approached her. I wanted to kiss her and nearly did if Megan hadn’t pushed me away at that moment, preventing me from doing so, and therefore stopping the truth from coming out yet.

I took my seat again and the waiter hurried over, “Are you ready to order?” he asked his notebook poised and ready.

“Yes I think we are,” I said, “I’ll have the chef soup and bread rolls for a starter, the chicken in leek and stilton sauce and the sticky toffee pudding, thanks.

We all ordered our food and it came within ten minutes, beautifully positioned on the plate and with garnish on top to decorate it.


When we had all stuffed our faces with as much food as we could we ordered tea’s and coffees and were offered mints.

“This has been a very enjoyable afternoon Anna but may I ask what the occasion is?” my mother asked,

“Well, to celebrate Megan completing university but more importantly we both have something we need to tell you all,”

“Uh oh, why do I not like the sound of this…” My mother said to my father before glaring at me as if daring me.

“Well first off, Megan and I are more than just friends, we are a couple,”

“You WHAT?” my mother exploded, earning a few stares from the diners from the other tables. “Don’t be silly Anna, you’re not gay,”

“Mum we are gay and Megan’s parents knew,”

“Did you?” my mother asked turning her gaze to look at Megan’s mum and dad, hoping that they would tell her otherwise but they just sat there and nodded.

“We met dear Anna while a go and we think that they are extremely well suited to one another.”

“But it’s wrong!” my mum spat, “Anna see some sense….. Andy you’re not saying much!”

“Well…. There isn’t really much to say on the matter, its Anna’s life after all Caroline,”

“But Andy, she’s Gay, there is loads to say on the matter!”

“erm…. Something tells me there is more news girls?” Christian cut in, spotting the look on both mine and Megan’s faces.

“Yes there is dad. Anna has been offered a year in America for university and I have decided to go with her.”

There was a stunned silence because the sound of breaking glass. My mother had dropped her glass of sparkling water.

The End

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