Cara: TrollMature

From first impression, I did not like this girl. Not at all. She was snotty, and demanding. I stared as Liam kissed her; what on earth was he doing? Could he not see that she was a… what’s the word? There are so many. Bitch troll might work. Although that’s two. Seriously, where did she get off being like that?

“So Cara, are you going to speak to Sam?” Liam asked having torn himself from the fish lips of Amanda.

“Oh yeah, Liam told me you guys were having trouble. As far as I’m concerned you messed it up big time but I mean that’s just my opinion. Lesbians are always having fights aren’t they; too much woman in one house. Maybe she’ll take you back if you grovel?” Amanda said before sticking herself to Liam’s neck. If I hadn’t just come out of hospital I probably would have hit her. I certainly felt like it. Anna, Jak and Ali were gaping between the pair of us. I stood up and Liam seemed to notice the look on my face.

“That’s not fair Amanda.”

“What?” She emerged from her succubus activities and stared at him accusingly. “I’m not allowed to have an opinion?”

“I just meant…”

“Oh I see. You have a thing for Cara huh?”

“What? No I-“

“She’s a lesbian Liam, and why would you want her when you have me?”

“I never said I-“

I turned round and stormed out of the room in to the kitchen. I heard Amanda cry:

“What did I do? Drama Queen.”

Leaning against the sink I took a deep breath. She didn’t even know me but it had still hurt. If someone who hadn’t known me, and didn’t know Sam could make that observation it only confirmed what I had thought. I had seriously cocked up.

“Hey are you okay?” Ali appeared, holding her stomach which was actually beginning to show a shape.

“Not really. I see what you mean about the bitch troll.”

“Yeah we’re all surprised. I mean, I thought Liam had… sense.”

“So did I. Maybe he just cracked under the strain of no sex.”

“Even if I’d been starved of sex for years I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole.”

I chuckled and nodded.

“So, what now?” Ali asked, rubbing her stomach and going to the fridge. She opened it, pulled outa tub of pasta and began to eat it.


“Eating for two.” She grinned. “Best excuse for pigging out I’ve ever heard.”

“Sure. I don’t know Ali. I think I’ll just go back to Anna’s and take a shower. Then I have to see if I can sort the mess I’ve made.”

“Look, Sam loves you. She’ll take you back.”

“I hope so. I don’t deserve it.”

“Well you may have to be her sex slave for a while, but she’ll soon have you whipped in to shape again.”

“Ali!” I gasped.

“Hey, I heard all about the fifty shades of gay stuff.” I blushed, remembering that comment. And then my lips drooped with my eyes. “Hey, don’t cry. You’ll upset your niece or nephew.”

“Sorry blip.” I murmured.

“Okay, go back to Anna’s flat, shower, and then march yourself round to Sam’s with a mound of sorry and a side of grovelling.”

“Yeah. Thanks Ali.”

“Sorting your messes will be good practice for blip’s problems.”

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do? I mean you’ll be due in March time won’t you?”

“Yeah. I figure, I can still do it. The course I mean. You’ll be there to help me.” She winked. “And afterwards the uni have great day care if no one is around to help out.”

“Well you know I’ll be here. But then I suppose we’ll be in most of the same classes so…”

“But you know, that would be helpful if Jak and I needed some couple time.”

“Yeah.” I smiled. “I’d be happy to look after blip.”

“Thanks Cara.” She smiled and gave me a hug, the tub of pasta held awkwardly in her hand. “Go and shower. You stink.”

“Oh cheers. I’ll remember this for when you’re covered in baby crap.”

“Oh thank you for that image.” She groaned.

“No problem.” I winked and grabbed my bag. I stuck my head through the door to the living room. “Guys I’m going for a shower. See you later.”

“Want me to come?” Anna said.

“Can do?” I shrugged. She grabbed a bag and said goodbye to everyone before hurrying out with me. Megan followed.

“I’m going home Anna. I still have some stuff to sort out.” She said, giving her a kiss. “See you Cara.” She disappeared the other way and Anna and I began the walk to Anna’s flat.

“God she’s a piece of work isn’t she?” Anna said, meaning Amanda.

“Yes. In a, I almost killed her already kind of way.”

“Don’t blame you. I mean I kind of agree that you messed up but she doesn’t even know you.”

“Yeah, thanks Anna.”

“Just saying.”


“Okay let’s not argue. Let’s just get you home. Give me that.”

“I can carry it.”

“Sure. Give it.”

I relented and gave her the bag. We walked back to Anna’s flat and she went to make some food while I went to shower. I was in there for ages, trying to get rid of the hospital feeling I’d unfortunately collected. Once I felt like me again I went in to the main part of the flat where Anna was waiting with cheesy pasta.

“Food!” I grinned. “Thanks for this Anna.”

“No worries. Look, I know it’s going to be hard for you to go and talk to Sam. If you want me to come I can.”

“No I’m good. I need to do this on my own.”

“Alright. She’ll be working won’t she?”

“Yeah. I’ll go around three; that’s when the crazy lunch period has stopped. I don’t really want to be walking through great crowds of people to get there.”


We dug in to our bowls of pasta and sat watching t.v. for a while. At some point I must have dropped off because I woke to Anna shaking me.

“Cara, it’s three!”

The End

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