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Jak burst through the door carrying the bag of doughnuts and looked around,

“Its too late Jak…” I said holding up a torn piece of paper in my hand which he took and sighed,

“Seriously? That’s my good photo paper too, its about a tenner a pack and you only get about twenty sheets…..”

“Jak, honestly, stop moaning about your photo printing paper and give Ali the damn doughnuts ….. once you have given her them she will no doubt surrender the photo paper,” I said shaking my head, “She’s in the living room with Liam, Megan and Amanda.

“Okay then. Cara is on her way in by the way. I sort of abandoned her at the van to rush in and give Ali the doughnuts.

“I’ll go and meet her,” I said heading out the door and up the path where Cara was standing with her bag.

“Hello stranger,” I said squinting at her for the sun was in my eyes, “Here let me take your bag for you,” I said

“Erm, thanks. So you're still talking to me then?”

"Of course I am still talking to you silly! You're my best friend but i still think you were a silly sod!" I said, taking hold of Cara’s bag which was quite light and headed towards the house.

"Yeah well I'm going to go speak to her. Soon as I've had a shower.”

“By the way, just so you know, I went round to see Sam after you had told Liam and I - Just to get her side on things. I hope you didn’t think that it wasn’t my place. I was only trying to understand.” We had reached the house now and after closing the door I set Cara’s bag down in the hallway, gestured for her to give me her coat and hung it on the stair banister.

“Okay….” Cara frowned, I could tell she wasn’t happy that I had gone to see Sam behind her back but I had I had to understand why Cara had done what she had.

“Umm, there all in the living room,” I said pointing at the door which led into the living room and following Cara through it moments later. Ali was sitting on the sofa with a doughnut in her hand obviously enjoying it. I looked over and I spotted that Amanda was sitting in the chair in the corner and she too had grabbed a doughnut – obviously without anyone spotting her and was now trying to eat it as secretively as she could.

“Amanda, those doughnuts are for Ali,”

“Yeah I know, but there was enough, to go around, why don’t you all have one?” she suggested. I saw from the corner of my eye Jak scrunch up his face in an annoyed way – How dare she offer a pregnant person’s doughnuts.

“Liam,” she said sharply, “Have a doughnut….”

“Amanda, I don’t want….”

“Liam, have a doughnut,” she repeated forcefully,



“Okay….” He murmured catching Ali’s eye as he reached out for a doughnut, he gave her an apologetic look which Ali understood and nodded, obviously giving him permission to have a doughnut.

“Sorry, we haven’t met before have we?” Amanda said getting to her feet and walking over to where Cara was standing,”

“I’m Liam’s girlfriend, my name is Amanda Tiffany Jane Spencer-Talbot, and you are?”

“Cara. Just Cara”

“Nice to meet you, just Cara,” Amanda said flicking her long hair over her shoulder, “I am sure we will be great friends,” she said laughing girlishly.

“I’m sure we will,” Cara said smiling awkwardly at her, before turning to the sofa and taking a seat next to Ali, who promptly offered her a doughnut.

“No thanks Ali, you and blip keep the doughnuts. I don’t think Jak will appreciate having to go out at four in the morning to get more doughnuts because I ate one of them and you ran out,” Cara said making everyone accept Amanda laugh.

“Are you on the mend now then Cara?”

“I should bloody well hope so!”

“I am so sorry I couldn’t give you my kidney Cara,” Ali said tears filling her eyes, “Sorry, my hormones are all over the place and I keep crying for silly reasons!”

“Ali, trust me when I say that it’s perfectly fine, I couldn’t let you anyway, what if you needed it for your child? That’s why I let my mum give me hers, I couldn’t refuse my mum when I had said that I couldn’t take from you as you might need it for your child,” Cara explained smiling at Ali and pulling her into a hug.

Amanda mimed throwing up into a bucket in the corner and muttered something about lesbians with benefits before turning the attention to herself by saying in a loud voice that she had just had a new tattoo of a love heart on the back of her neck to symbolise that she was in love. This made me want to be physically sick, especially when she pulled Liam in for a snog and wrapped her arms around Liam’s neck.

The sound similar to that of a plunger being pulled away from a blocked toilet was made when her lips parted from Liam’s and I felt a shiver run down my spine…. I didn’t like this girl one bit and I didn’t like the way she was treating Liam either. I had only known her a few days and although I was civil to her when I was around her I was sure that Liam and Amanda were the worst matched couple imaginable and I thought I was bad at relationships. I passed a look at Cara which she reciprocated, I could tell that she didn’t like Amanda either but we couldn’t say anything as we didn’t want to hurt Liam.

Liam seemed content with himself, content that he had found someone who loved him …. But did she love him or was she just using him? If I were to bet money on it, I was certain which option I would go with.

The End

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