Cara: ExplainingMature

When I woke up Anna and Liam were there. 

"Oh god, let me guess. This is the inquisition?" 

"In a way." Liam said. "But we brought you tea and food. You can't survive on this hospital crap." He grinned, placing a cannister and a bag in front of me. I took it eagerly, realising I was hungry. 


"So...?" Anna said, looking at me expectantly. 

"I don't really want to talk about it you know." I muttered, unscrewing the cannister and pouring myself some tea. It smelled good, and after a sip I confirmed it tasted good too. 

"Well you're going to have to." Liam took the tea from me. 


"No more tea until you tell us."

"But... but it tastes so good!"

"Exactly. Tell us."

I frowned and sighed. I knew what they were going to say when I told them the story, and I knew they were going to tell me I was an idiot. 

"Come on, or else we'll drink the tea too." 

"You know torture is illegal?"

"This is legal torture. I checked." He replied cheekily. 

"Fine. Just gimme back my tea."

"When you've started telling us what happened." Anna added. 

I glared at them both and sighed. 

"We had an argument. I said I couldn't take it any more and packed. She tried to stop me, I left any way."

"What was the argument about?" Liam asked, offering back the tea. I took it and drank some more. 

"I didn't tell her something." I saw the look pass between Anna and Liam. "What?"

"You've kind of being doing that a lot recently." Anna said. 

"I've been going through stuff."

"Yeah but... okay never mind, what were you keeping from her?"

I shrugged and took another gulp of tea. 

"I'll take it from you..." Liam warned me. 

"I just hid something about  the op from her. I didn't want her doing something stupid."

"Oh my god." Anna said. 

"What?" Liam asked, glancing at her. 

"She never got a letter. Sam said you told her she wasn't a match. She was wasn't she? She was a match and you lied to her."

I stared at them, watching Liam's face turn from disbelief to disappointment and Anna...

"Why'd you have to be so stubborn? For god's sake Cara..."

"I can't believe you did that." Liam said. 

"Why did you do that?" Anna asked. 

"Does it matter?" Liam said, standing up and beginning to pace. 

"Of course it matters! They broke up over it."

I put my tea down and disappeared under the covers. It was too much to deal with. 

"Cara you can't hide from this!" Anna said, pulling the covers away from me. 

"I don't want to talk about it any more."

"Cara you have to sort this out, you're going to regret it if you don't." Liam said. "I'm surprised it was you that broke it off after that!"

"Excuse me?"

"If I were Sam I'd have been in a much better position to end it than you. I think you just ended it so you didn't have to explain why you did it."

I started crying. I couldn't help it. It just happened. 

"Cara, don't cry. Crying is not going to fix this." Liam muttered. 

"Just leave me alone."

"Cara..." Anna began.

"I get it okay? You're mad at me for ending it. Well guess what? It's over and it's nothing to do with either of you. So will you just leave me alone?"

Other patients were making hush sounds and a nurse appeared. 

"Excuse me, you're upsetting the patient. I think it's best you leave."

"Fine." Liam muttered. "Come on Anna. Cara, I think you're being stupid. But I still love you okay? I just wish you hadn't been so stupid." He marched away and Anna gave an awkward wave and hurried after him. 

"Are you alright?" The nurse asked. 

"Fine." I said, brushing away my tears. 

"Boyfriend troubles? He's cute by the way." She was staring after Liam. 

"I'm gay." I muttered and then turned on my side, trying to ignore everything. My mum was looking at me instead. "Mum don't..."

"I wasn't going to." She said, a disappointed look on her face. Then she rolled over and faced away from me. 

That was the thing that made me feel the worst. 

I'd been an idiot. 

The End

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