Anna: Baby TalkMature

The gang all trooped out of the ward, leaving Cara and her mum to sleep for a while longer, but as we headed down the long corridors of the hospital heading for the exit, I grabbed Liam and pulled him aside.

“By the way, I heard what you and Cara were talking about back there, Cara is going to tell you why they really split up isn’t she?”

“Well, I don’t know if she is yet, you know what she is like – but on the other hand she knows what I am like….” Liam joked.

“Well, if you are going back later then I am going to come too,”

"Alright, but if she doesn't want to say anything I say we don't force her. She's only just getting better."

"Deal. I can't believe she split up with her though. Have you noticed how secretive she has become with things?"

"I mean, she didn't want to say she was ill at first"

"Yeah. I'm worried about her. I think she's self sabotaging. I mean, she was so happy and then something really big comes along and threatens it, so she ruins it herself first."

"She used to tell me everything when we were younger. I mean when her favourite band split when she was a kid she told me first thing and bawled her eyes out. I know this is slightly different to that but its like she has just withdrawn from her friends.”

"People deal with things like this in different ways Anna. She was terrified. And now... well I don't think her not talking about the break up is her withdrawing. I think it's her not being able to deal with it having happened yet. I reckon she regrets it, but she's too stubborn to admit it."

“She’s always been too stubborn to admit things. Hell I think she is the most stubborn girl I know but I just don’t think she gets that her being stubborn will only get her so far…”

"Well maybe all of this will convince her otherwise."

“Maybe…. We’ll see,” I said.

We had reached the end of the hallway and the rest of the group had already made it outside and was sitting on the benches.

“What took you two so long?” Ali asked, hands on hips, “You do realise that I am hungry, I am eating for two and I need food now so can you two pick up the pace?” Ali snapped playfully.

“Jeez, I didn’t realise that we would get grumpy Ali now that she is up the duff…. Thanks a lot Jak!” Liam teased.

“Hey its not my fault!”

“Oh yeah, I forgot that Jak flunked biology so didn’t realise that he helped in creating this baby….” I teased, “What did you get in biology by the way?”

“An E….” Jak mumbled so quietly that no-one could hear him,

“Sorry a what?” Liam asked, coming up to Jak and cupping his ear, “I couldn’t hear you,”

“AN E!” Jak bellowed down Liam’s ear, so loud that Liam jumped back in alarm, and everyone burst out laughing.  After everyone had calmed down – Liam was wiping tears of laughter from his eyes –  Ali piped up,

“Guys, me and blip are HUNGRY!”

“Nice to meet you hungry, I am Liam!” Liam joked laughing slightly, but stopped when Ali scowled at him.

“I have got some Jelly and toothpaste at mine if you want some Ali?”

“Eww,” Ali cringed, “Why the hell would I want Jelly with toothpaste, that is just rank!”

“But I thought all pregnant ladies crave weird things? Jelly and toothpaste was what my aunty craved when she was pregnant with my cousin Nathan. She went though god knows how many packets of Jelly and tubes of toothpaste!”

“Not everyone craves weird things Liam,” I cut it, “My mum craved ice cubes when she was pregnant with me.”

“What are you craving Ali?” Megan asked.

“Oooh, now you come to mention it Megan, I could just eat a bag of pork scratchings!”

“But you hate pork scratchings….” Jak said, “You tried one when you were with me once in the pub and thought it tasted vile….”

“Yeah well, maybe I didn’t try it properly that time, but this time I am sure it will be just the thing I need!”

“Well then, let’s go to the pub and by madam here some pork scratchings and a coke!”

“Sounds like a good plan guys,” Liam said,

“To The Pub!”

The End

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