Anna: Sleepy CaraMature

I stayed with Cara and her mum for most of the day, Cara kept drifting in and out of consciousness, mainly due to the general anesthetic slowly wearing off. Every time she did wake up I just smiled at her, squeezed her hand gently and she soon nodded off to sleep again.

Megan arrived around mid-afternoon, bringing with her a flask of tea – she knew how much I couldn’t stand hospital tea, it’s too weak and badly made. Then they put them in those thin vending machine cups which you cant even hold properly as its still too hot! What an angel Megan was for bringing tea with her.

“How are they?” she asked, taking a seat nearby and passing me the flask of tea which I took eagerly.

“Yeah they are both doing okay. They are both tired which is to be expected but they are doing okay. Cara keeps waking up but only for a couple of minutes before going back to sleep.”

“Does Sam know that she is awake and that the operation was a success?” Megan asked

I took the time to pour myself some tea from the flask before answering Megan, “Sam was here when Cara first came round but she didn’t stay long. I think they had an argument?”

“Really? The moment Cara woke up?” Megan asked looking shocked,

“Apparently so. I didn’t get the full story from Sam,” I took a sip of tea before continuing; “…She just said something about having an argument and them needing space before storming out of the hospital.”

“Not good…” Megan said with a sigh,

“No, not good at all Megan, you know sometimes I am sure that Cara is too stubborn for her own good….”

“and I wonder who she gets that from….” A voice said from behind me. I turned in my seat to see Cara’s mum sitting up in bed looking much more awake then she had done last time she had woken up. “Be a dear Anna and pass me that glass of water, I am dying for something to drink!”

I did as I was told and passed her the water which she drank deeply from before putting it down, looking over at her sleeping daughter for a second and then back to Megan and myself.

“Can I ask you Anna, what’s happened between Sam and Cara? I know something has.”

“What makes you think that?” I asked,

“Considering Sam is meant to be her girlfriend, forgive me but why are you sitting vigilantly by her bedside and not Sam?”

“If I am being completely honest with you Mrs Gramms, I don’t actually know the full story myself. All Cara has told me is that she and Sam have broken up and that she didn’t want to see her at the moment. She was adamant she didn’t want to talk about it,” I replied sadly, wishing I knew a bit more as to why they had split up.

“Oh… I would have thought since you were her best friend, you would have known,” she commented.

“No, but I do know that it must have been pretty serious for them to split up? I mean they were so close.”

“I’ll ask her later,” Cara’s mum said with a nod.

“Actually Mrs Gramms, I mean you no disrespect here but I think it would be best if you let Cara tell you in her own time. You know what she is like after all, she won’t say until she is ready.”

“Fair enough Anna. You are probably right,” she said smiling.

I smiled back.


Megan and I left the hospital just as dusk was beginning to stain the sky a deep purple colour. Cara has woken up a bit now and was seemed to have a bit more energy, which seemed to suggest that the kidney from her mother had worked. I gave her a soft hug before leaving the ward with Megan in tow, smiling happily at the thought that now Cara will now get better. Before I rounded the corner out of the ward I distinctly heard Cara ask her mum how long I had been sitting in the ward for,

“Most of the afternoon,” she replied happily,

“Awwrh, sweet!” was the last thing I heard Cara say before we were out of earshot.


We walked home in silence, both Megan and I trapped in thought about Cara, and it wasn’t until I received a text on my mobile that I was pulled out of my reverie.

I pulled my mobile out of my pocket and opened the text which was from Sam,

Look After Her.

Let her know we can talk if she wants to.


The End

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