Anna: The Break UpMature

I hugged Cara for what seemed an eternity as she poured out her heart, she was crying harder than I had ever seen her cry before and it was heart wrenching to watch her and know that there was nothing I could do to numb the pain.  She wouldn’t go into detail about what had happened and I didn’t expect her too, Cara was still getting over the shock herself and I knew that she would tell me in due course.

“Do you want a cup of tea?” I asked her softly, and I felt her head nod slightly before she let out a fresh wave of sobs. I pulled her closer towards me and rubbed her back and telling her to let it all out. Once Cara had settled slightly, I grabbed a box of tissues from the side and handed them to her whilst I grabbed two mugs and began to make the cups of tea.

My brain couldn’t comprehend what had just happened; Cara and Sam had broken up …. The couple that had been through so much to be together had broken up …. The couple who everyone thought would stay together forever had broken up. I grabbed a teaspoon and began to stir the tea absentmindedly, occasionally hearing Cara’s renewed sobs in the background.  I couldn’t believe what had happened.

I splashed some milk into the mugs and carried them back to where Cara was sitting; I placed one on a placemat and handed the other to Cara.

“There you go lovely, get that down you,” I said as Cara took the mug and took a sip.

I had barely taken a sip of my tea when the door buzzer sounded,

“Well, that didn’t take long…” I muttered, guessing who was at the door,

“I don’t want to see her!” Cara said forcefully, “I am standing in the bathroom until she’s gone….” Cara said and before I could stop her she had leapt off the couch and had locked herself in the bathroom. 

Bypassing the buzzer, I headed downstairs to open the door and came face to face with Sam. Her face was blotchy and red, her makeup smudged.

“She’s here isn’t she?”

“Yeah she is,”

“Has she told you what has happened?”

“No she hasn’t, all she has said is that you two had broken up and then she broke down,” I replied.

I saw Sam bite her lip, her eyes glistening with unshed tears, “I, um, I brought her dialysis machine... I know she'll need it. Could you give me a hand carrying it up?” Sam asked, her voice on the edge of breaking.

“Of Course I will Sam. Although….” I paused for a second, “i don’t think Cara will want to see you. I can probably manage it from the top of the stairs.”

Sam nodded numbly, obviously trying her hardest not to cry, “Anna please... please talk to her. Get her to speak to me I... it happened so quickly...”

“I'll try Sam but you know what Cara is like.... she knows her own mind,”

“Well, I brought one of the art trolleys to make the dialysis machine easier to move…” she said pointing behind her to where the machine was sitting. I helped Sam get the machine up the stairs in silence and set it down in the hallway.

“Please let me at least try to speak to her.” Sam begged but I shook my head persistently,

“I'm sorry Sam but she is in no state to speak to anyone. You would do best to let her calm down,”

“I…” Sam seems to stare past me for a second, trying to see inside the flat before continuing, “Yeah. Okay. She needs her rest for the op. I'll still drive her, if she wants. Just... please, get her to call me.”

“I'll talk to her. I'll see you out Sam.”

Sam frowned and leant around me again, trying to see where about in the flat Cara was hiding, “For god's sake Cara! We need to talk! Cara!” She shouted but I cut across her at that point.

“Sam, you really need to leave now please. I am tired and Cara will need her rest before tomorrow,” I pointed out, barring Sam’s access to my flat. A sudden intake of breath and Sam turned on her heel and left, her sobbing echoing after her.

I re-entered the flat, pulling the dialysis machine behind me and shutting the door behind me.

“She’s gone Cara. She bought your dialysis machine,” the lock on the bathroom door clicked and Cara emerged, her eyes puffy and red from crying so much.

“Come on, lets drink our now luke warm tea and go to sleep, you can have my bed and I will sleep on the couch.

“No Anna, I couldn’t….”

“No arguments Cara, take my bed, set up your machine and go to sleep, and I will sleep on the couch!”

The End

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