Anna: Personal StylistMature

“That’s great news Cara. I’m so glad your getting sorted at last,” I said cheerily when she rang me later that day.

“Yeah, it’ll be good. Hey listen I have to go now but do you fancy meeting up with me tomorrow and having a girly day, just me and you? Sam is working and I could really do with some company.”

“Yeah sounds ace, what time?”

“Meet me at mine at about ten o’clock if that suits?” she suggested happily,

“Yeah, sounds perfect to me, we can go into town if your up for it, I have some Next vouchers, in fact they were the vouchers you got me for Christmas which I still haven’t used.”

She laughed and I could tell that she was rolling her eyes at me, “Christmas was ages ago, why haven’t you been yet?” she asked.

“There hasn’t been anything I wanted, plus you are better at picking out outfits than I am so I need my personal stylist!”

“I charge you know,” Cara joked,

“Oooh, I don’t know then, I am a poor university student, I can’t afford to pay you by the hour, how about unlimited cups of tea when your in hospital?”


“Teaface,” I said laughing before hanging up and sliding my phone back into my pocket.


Before I knew what was happening, Cara was shoving me into a changing room and shoving a handful of clothes into my hands for me to try on.

“Cara, you know that I am not a skirts person, so I don’t think there is any point me trying on this floral skirt!”

“You like it don’t you?” Cara said,

“Yes but…. Skirts don’t work with me,” I said but I knew that I wasn’t going to win the argument, “Fine, I will try it on but I am warning you now, it won’t suit me!”

I pulled off the skinny jeans that I was wearing and slid on the skirt which flowed downwards like a waterfall to fall gracefully by my ankles. I turned to look in the mirror and was amazed to see that it actually didn’t look too bad, considering I hardly wore skirts.

“Well?” Cara called, “Open up and let me see!”

I pulled open the curtain so that Cara could see and a grin spread across her face, “You have to get that Anna, it’s beautiful on you!”

The skirt itself was black with red, purple and green flowers covering it, intertwining with each other, it had caught Cara’s eye from the moment we had entered the shop and she had immediately picked it up and placed it against me. I had tried to convince Cara that it would most probably look nicer on her but she was having none of it.

“So the skirt is a definite then!” Cara said triumphantly, shutting the curtains on me so that I could try on the other pieces of clothing which had been picked out by my own personal stylist that was Cara Gramms.


“You do realise that I could be done for squatting….”

“What you on about?” Cara asked confused,

“Squatting in a changing room for so long without paying rent Cara, I think I have picked enough clothes, its bound to be way over my vouchers.”

“A girl can never have too many clothes Anna!” Cara said chuckling; I pulled the curtain back and showed Cara the playsuit I had tried on, Cara scrutinised it for a second and then shook her head,

“Nope, not feeling it…”

“Nope, nor am I … let’s get out of here once I have gotten changed.”

“…But Anna, you haven’t tried on that dress I spotted,” Cara whined, laughing at the semi-annoyed look I gave her.  I shut the curtain, pulled off the playsuit, pulled on my jeans and top and left the changing rooms.

I grabbed the four items of clothing which we had decided, best suited me and headed towards the checkouts. “You know, I can almost guarantee that this will be way over the amount on this voucher, you are a bad influence on me Cara,” I said nudging her.

“Me, a bad influence …. Never!” Cara replied, playing the innocent, “Don’t forget that they do student discount here though Anna,”

“How much though?”

“Twenty percent I think but I am not sure….” Cara said.

We moved towards the front of the queue and the smiling lady took the clothes – including the skirt which Cara had insisted that I buy- off me and scanned them through,

“Would you like a bag for these?” she asked,

“Yes please. I also have my student card,” I flashed my card in her direction,

“Oh yes, so that gives you twenty percent off your purchases today,”

“Brilliant, so how much is that?” I asked taking the bag off the counter,

“That’s thirty pound exactly with your discount,”

I handed the lady my voucher worth thirty pound which she took, scanned and then handed me the receipt.

As we walked out Cara nudged me and said in a triumphant voice, “I knew how much that would come too and wouldn’t have let you overspend!”

“Yeah yeah! Lucky guess work!  Come on, let’s go to Costa before it shuts!”

The End

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