Cara: A Phone CallMature

Liam kissed my forehead and left the room behind Callum to go and get in to their sleeping bags. 

"Did you have fun?" Sam asked, closing the door so that she could get changed. I watched her taking off her clothes and smiled sleepily. 

"Yeah,,, a few arguments... but good."


"Nothing..." I mumbled, feeling my eyelids droop. 

"You know I was thinking, maybe we could..."

"What?" I murmured. 

"Well we haven't... had sex... since you were diagnosed and I know it was my choice but if you wanted too..."

"I'm tired Sam... maybe tomorrow."

"Okay. Love you." She kissed my forehead. 

I mumbled my answer and left consciousness. 


The shrill of the telephone woke me up and I groaned. Sam moaned next to me and I heard her grab the phone. 

"Hello?" She mumbled sleepily. "Oh... yes I'll put her on." She put the phone in front of me. "It's your mother."

I took the phone and, yawning, put it to my ear. 

"Mum what's up? We were asleep."

"Cara, I got my letter this morning."

"What letter?" I mumbled. 

"The letter."

I sat up  suddenly, all thought of sleep gone. 

"What did it say?"

"I'm a match Cara, I can give you my kidney."

"But... but mum..."

"No buts. Sam told me about all your ridiculous 'I don't want a kidney from...' comments, and you know that's not going to wash with me. You're having that kidney."

"Mum we should talk about this... you don't know the risks..." I felt Sam sit up next to me, obviously having guessed what the conversation was about.

"I know perfectly well. I got your doctor to explain them to me, because there was a higher chance of us matching."


"No buts. I'm calling your doctor now, and setting it up." She put the phone down and I was left holding the receiver in shock. 

"Your mum is a match?" Sam murmured. I nodded. "Well that's great news Cara."

"No it's not... she's.... she can't..."

"What's the problem?"

"She's my mum..."

"Cara, you can't say that it's okay for Ali to not give a kidney because what if she needs them for her kids, and then refuse your mum."

"I can."

"Not for that reason you can't."

I curled up, facing away from her, frowning. 

"I just don't want anyone risking themselves for me."

"There's such a low chance of anything bad happening Cara, you don't have to worry about it." Her fingers alighted on my back, tracing patterns. It was the first time in ages she'd touched me like that, and I remembered the conversation we'd had last night. 

"Alright." I murmured. 

"Did I really just hear you give in?"

"I'm just tired Sam... so tired." Her fingers stopped and she nestled in behind me, wrapping her arm carefully around me in order to miss the catheter. 

"Sleep then baby." She kissed my ear lobe and I settled against her as she hummed  contentedly against me. I'd missed this. Getting to snuggle. 


"Hey Anna." I was sitting on our bed, wrapped in a towel and listening to Sam singing in the shower. She actually had a nice voice. 

"Hey, what's up? Any news?"

"My mum called this morning, said she's a match. We have to go in today to discuss the procedure and find a space."

"But that's great! You're having the op!"

"I don't really have a choice. Can't be a hypocrite; you know how much I hate hypocrites."

"I remember. Okay well do you want me to come?"

"No it's okay, it's just a meeting. Sam's driving."

"Okay... well let me know when the surgery is and I'll come then."

"Okay..." I heard the shower stop and Sam appeared, wrapped in a towel, still singing. 

"Who's that?"

"Sam. She's singing." Sam stopped and smirked at me. "And she's not bad either."

"Maybe you two should duet." Anna said. "Sorry Cara, I've got to go... Megan's distracting me. Let me know."

"I'll leave you to your morning sex." I said and heard her gasp. 

"We... not...  how... I don't know what you're talking about."

"Sure sure." I grinned, her reaction confirming it to me. Megan was definitely going for some foreplay. "Laters."

I hung up and looked over at Sam. 

"They clearly need the practice. Although that does remind me that you never managed a phone call for the entire thing..." She smirked, padding over to the bed. 

"Don't even think about it. We both just got clean and we have to go to the hospital."

"It's been so long baby." She whispered, kissing my shoulder. 

"I know. But once this is over okay?"

"Okay." She kissed my shoulder again and went to get dressed. I played with my fingers nervously, and then set about doing the same thing. 


"So we found a free slot the day after tomorrow, at 2. This way we get you in as soon as possible. How does that sit with you both?" 

"Fine." My mother said. I nodded. 

"Good, I'll set it up. You'll have to be here half an hour before. I'm glad you're getting this sorted Cara."

"Me too." I said, and then we said our goodbyes and left the office, Sam was waiting outside. 


"Day after tomorrow." My mother replied.

"Thank god." She muttered, taking my hand and squeezing it. I smiled. 

Two days.

The End

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