Anna: Would You Rather...Mature

I called the others and we all sat ourselves on the bed, Megan and I sitting next to one another at the end of the bed whilst Liam sat on next to Cara and Callum sat himself down on the floor. Cara was snuggled up under the duvet with her eyes closed and breathing deeply, she looked so frail and I just felt a sudden need to give her a huge hug.

“So…. What are we playing?” Liam asked,

“Would you rather?” I suggested, and Cara nodded,

“Okay then, Liam…”

“Oh god, why do you start with me?!”

“Why not?”

“You make me paranoid woman,” he said and everyone laughed,

 “Why have you got something to hide?” I asked suspiciously, but before Liam could say anything Cara cut across him,

“Anna, this is Liam we are talking about, he always has something to hide,” she said with a laugh and Liam stuck his tongue out at Cara who then kicked him playfully.

“Anyway….” I said, “Liam, starting off generic, would you rather be attacked by a horse sized duck or a dozen duck sized horses…”

“A horse sized duck because I could keep it as a pet…”

 “But its going to be attacking you Liam…” Megan pointed out,

“Yeah, I’ll tame it first and then I can get it to do my bidding!”

“What bidding?” Cara asked propping herself on her elbows and looking at Liam with a smile, “I thought you were a man who liked to do things himself to make sure that they are done properly.”

 “I am…” Liam said, “

Then why pray tell do you need a horse sized duck to do your bidding then?”

“I just want one as a pet, okay!” Liam snapped playfully, crossing his arms like a child and sticking out a pet lip. Everyone, including Cara chuckled at this and it helped to lighten the mood significantly.

“Right, my turn,” Liam said turning to face Megan,

“Megan, would you rather have feet for hands or hands for feet?” he asked and after a moments contemplation she said confidently,

“Hands for feet, because then I will have opposable thumbs on my feet as well as my hands and will be able to a lot more!”

“Oooooh, a lot more eh Megan?” Liam teased and Megan threw a cushion at him,

“Shut it you!” she said going red in the face, I could also feel my face going red also as I twigged onto what Liam was implying.

“Bet you would also have hands for feet as well Liam, especially since you now have a girlfriend to please,” I replied, making him go red as well.

“Well actually, id have feet for hands,” he retorted and pretending to sneeze I cut in,

“Sorry Liam, but I am allergic to bullshit.”

We had all just burst into fits of hysterics over my quick thinking when we heard the door go and footsteps coming down the hall.

“Sam?” Cara called,

“Yeah its me, where are you?”

“I’m in our bedroom, hooked up to my machine and playing would you rather with everyone,”

“Well that’s good because I have a would you rather question for you all…” she said as her head peered around the door frame.

“Go on…” Cara prompted as Sam sat herself down on the bed,

“Would you all rather hear the good news or the bad news?”

“Bad news first…” we call said together, looking at Sam, all inevitably thinking the same thing.

“Well the bad news is, the way things were when I left them, it didn’t look as though Ali wanted the baby. The good news is, they are still talking and discussing their options. The other bit of bad news Cara is that you will have to put up with these two…” she pointed at Liam and Callum …” Overnight.

“How is that bad news?” Megan asked?”

“Well, where to begin…” Cara said grinning, “I mean Liam snores really loudly …”

“I do not!” Liam retorted, shocked that anyone would accuse him of snoring,

“Liam snores and I am sure Callum sleepwalks…”

I looked over at Callum to nodded sheepishly, “Yeah I do,”

“Tie him down!”

“Yeah, we might have too” Sam said, “I’ll grab a sleeping bag for Liam and a straight jacket for Callum,” Sam said jokingly, heading out of the room.”

“Cara, um, Megan and I will probably head off now then, but keep us posted with what is happening,” I said getting to my feet and pulling on my coat just as Megan had just done moments before.

“Sure Anna. Night,” Cara said with a smile, giving me a one armed hug and smiling at Megan.

“Thanks for coming.”

“No problem Cara. Thanks to both you and Sam for having us, I hope we weren’t too much trouble.”

“Well, you know, your always too much trouble,” Cara said giggling.

“I’ll text you tomorrow,” I told Cara, “Night all,”

The End

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