Anna: Tidying UpMature

“Oh Cara, you nice evening hasn’t gone as smoothly as I imaged you’d hoped,” I said when Sam had left with Ali and Jak in tow.

“No it didn’t really but something good might come out of Ali and Jak talking, they will make great parents if they keep the baby,” Cara replied, getting to her feet and heading into the kitchen. She walked towards the table where we had all been sitting and began to stack the dirty desert bowls,

“Woah, No Cara, what do you think you are doing?” I said hurrying over,

“Clearing up of course, Sam won’t want to have to wash up after cooking everything and dealing with Ali and Jak.”

“Sit down Cara, I can do that,” I said gently, prizing the bowl she was holding out of her hands and putting it with the others before carrying them over to the sink and dumping them in warm soapy water.

“I could have done it,” she muttered irritably but did as she was told and went to sit in the living room. I knew how independent Cara was and how she hated that everyone was making a fuss over her, but she just looked so tired at that moment, that I daren’t let her do anything that could stain her. Granted that washing up wasn’t the most strenuous task, but Cara at that point in time was similar to a glass doll that might break at the slighted touch.

“I’ll help you Anna,” Megan said, grabbing a tea towel and beginning to dry up the bowls that I had washed.

“Fine then, instead of sitting her uselessly, I am going to get myself hooked up to the machine if that’s okay with you lot,” Cara shouted from the living room.

“Sounds like a good idea,” I called back to her.

“Do you need a hand C?” Liam asked helpfully and I heard springs creak slightly as he got up from the sofa he had been sitting on.

“No, I can manage.”

“C,” Liam said imploringly, “Let me give you a hand, you look knackered.

“No Liam, I told you that I can manage!” she said flaring up, “Why can’t you all understand that I am still capable of doing things even if I am ill. I am not going to keel over!”

“We know that Cara…” I said calmly, stopping washing up and walking into the living room and looking at Cara, whose face was contorted into that of sheer anger.

“Then why can’t you all just let me do things on my own instead of pushing me and insisting that you help me all of the time!”

“Okay, we won’t Cara; we are just concerned for you that’s all.”

“Well, I am fine!” she insisted.

“…But you’re not,” Liam muttered but I cut across him before Cara could hear what he had said.

“Right okay Cara, we understand. Liam stop pestering her, you and Callum can help Megan and I tidy up in the kitchen,” I ordered and Cara gave me a grateful smile as they complied and headed into the kitchen. Cara then headed towards her bedroom so that she could hook herself to the machine and get herself sorted.

I headed back into the kitchen to find Callum wiping down the table with a damp cloth, Megan drying up pots and Liam sitting on a chair looking agitated.

“She needs someone to help her, she isn’t well and is too independent for her own good,”

“Yes, we know that Liam but we have to do things Cara’s way, she knows her own mind,” I said calmly going over to the sink and continuing to wash up the remainder of the pots.”

“You know, sometimes I don’t think she does, I mean she didn’t seem overly bothered to me that Ali wasn’t going to give her a kidney. If it were me then I would be pissed off with Ali.”

“Yes well its not you Liam and maybe Cara has her reasons as to why she reacted how she did.”

“Honestly Anna, I am sure you think that because you study psychology there is an underlying meaning to everything. Its very straight forward Anna. Cara takes the kidney and she gets better, or she doesn’t and she stays on dialysis. I know which one I would choose.”

Liam was starting to rile me now but instead of letting it get to me and take the defensive I simply pointed out that again, it wasn’t him that was ill but it was Cara.

“Yeah well. I still think it was rotten of Ali to get tested then refuse to give it to Cara,”

“You know Liam, to be honest, I don’t even think Cara was going to let her donate it anyway, she was adamant before that Sam and I didn’t even get tested.

“But why would she refuse our help?”

“How am I meant to know?”

“errr, you are her best friend after all,” Liam pointed out sarcastically.

“Doesn’t mean she tells me everything, in fact she hardly tells me anything these days, I mean I found out about Cara’s illness through Sam for crying out loud,” I said whilst scrubbing a pan forcefully to get all of the grime off it.

“I am with Liam on this one, I don’t get why she would refuse our help…” Callum cut it, “I mean the kidney is there for the taking, yet she won’t take it?”

“For god sake, can we just stop this conversation now please? Ali is pregnant which could be why she doesn’t feel as though she can donate, Cara will obviously have her reasons for why she might not want us to donate to her but I am not going to be the one to make her elaborate. As far as I am concerned, its Cara’s choice and I just hope that she makes the right one. Now if you all don’t mind, I am going for some air!”

The End

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