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The week and a half following the kidney testing was one of the longest weeks of my life, both Megan and I were very anxious to know whether or not we were a match and could offer one of our kidneys to Cara.  Megan and I visited Cara once or twice once she had been discharged from the hospital but we didn’t stay long, as Cara got tired quickly and was easily annoyed. I could tell that she wasn’t handling her situation well, she was putting on a brave face for everyone but I knew that she didn’t like all the fuss that was being made of her and everyone treating her so carefully, so because of this I tried to treat Cara like she wasn’t ill and act as normally as I could when I was around her.  We mainly talked about my plans for America and how Megan and I were planning on telling our parents, as the meal with my parents and Megan’s was only a couple of days away now.

“Don’t you think you should have told them sooner?” Cara asked me, looking at me from the chair which she was sitting on backwards, her chin resting on the back of the chair.

“Maybe, but you know what my parents are like. If they had months to think about America, they will find fault whereas if we say we are going and we leave in a month and a half, they can’t really argue.”

“Suppose, but if I was your parents and I was just meeting Megan for the first time, and finding out you were gay and then finding out that you were both going to America for a year, I think I would flip out,” Cara pointed out and of course I knew that she was right. I knew that my parents were going to flip out, they were bound to but they would get used to it.

“Your parents have met Anna haven’t they?”  Cara asked Megan.

“Yeah, they have and they really like her,” Megan said grinning at me.

“Can’t think why…” Cara joked, “don't know why I've stuck around for so long, I don't have to copy off her anymore,” Cara said playfully and I threw a cushion at her in response which missed her face by miles and landed on the opposite sofa.

“But in all seriousness, I reckon even if Megan’s parents like you Anna and your parents like Megan, they are still all going to flip out when they find out your both going to America for a year.”

“More than likely, but I will just say it’s for my education and then they can’t disapprove,” I countered but Cara had her reply ready.

“They are probably going to flip out more about you both going to America together when your parents...” she pointed at Megan, “…have only met Anna once, and your parents…” she pointed at me, “…. Have never met Megan.”

“We’ll find a way,” I said smiling at Megan genially.

“You both live on another planet, I swear you do!”


I checked the post quite frequently now but it a week before my parents and Megan’s parents were due to have dinner with us and be told about America that both Megan and I received our letters in the post. As well as the letter from the hospital, which I was eager to open, amongst the letters that had been shoved through my letter box that morning was an envelope containing the plane tickets for America. I ripped open the envelope which contained the plane tickets, gave a little shriek of excitement and put them to one side. I then picked up the letter addressed to me from the hospital, carefully opened it, unfolded the letter and began to read.

My heart sank with every sentence I read, I had half expected it but I was hoping it wouldn’t be true, I wasn’t a match with Cara and therefore could not donate my kidney to her. The conversation I had the nurse whilst I was getting tested swam to the front of my mind,

“Not all blood types are compatible you see.”

“Compatible… you make it sound like a computer programme.”

“Well to an extent it is, only certain blood groups can give to another blood group.”

My blood group was quite a rare blood type, I was AB positive which meant that I could only donate to another person who was AB positive, so I guessed that part of the reason I couldn’t donate was because my blood type and her blood type were compatible, like a computer game. It would have been like trying to play a PlayStation 2 game on a PlayStation 4. Not compatible.

I grabbed my mobile out of my pocket and rang Megan, she answered after the third ring,

“Hey Anna,”

“Hey, the plane tickets for America arrived today along with the results from the testing,”

“Yeah, I got mine today as well. I am not a match,” she said, “…but I am glad that I at least got tested.”

“Yeah I am glad that I got tested, but I am not a match either. Bit disappointed since she is my best friend and I want to help her in any way I can but suppose all I can do now is be there for her and hope that someone will be a match for her,” I said calmly.

“That’s all you can do Anna, you did all you can do.”

“Hey, why don’t you come round for a bit? Could do with some company, plus we still have tons to discuss before America and not much time.”

“Yeah, I know. When do we fly again?”

“28th September,” I said.

“Not long at all,” she said, “I’ll be over in about half an hour.”

“Cool.” I said, “I will see you soon hun, I will ring Cara whilst I wait for you.”

I put the phone down and dialled Cara’s mobile, I had to wait a good couple of minutes before she picked up.


“Hey Cara, its me.”

“Hi me,” she said, “What’s up?”

“I have just gotten my letter in the post Cara.”

The End

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