Anna: Checking In On CaraMature

“Where’s Megan?” I asked Sam once I had been tested,

“I think she is in the middle of being tested herself but she shouldn’t be too much longer. Here she is now,” Sam said as Megan walked up to me.

“All done,” she said, holding her arm, “My arm is aching like hell though.

“Yeah, mine is too,” Sam agreed, “I’ve been to see Cara, she is awake but she is just being briefed on the catheter at the moment but she will probably want to see you both when she’s ready.”

“Did the operation go well?” I asked.

“Yeah, it was a success.”

“That’s good. Well, Megan and I will get something to eat and then we will stick our heads around the door if that sounds okay?”

“Yeah, sounds good to me.”


Megan and I bought a sandwich each from the hospital shop and ate them greedily, breakfast had seemed hours ago. We then headed back up to the room where Cara was lying in a bed, I knocked on the door and opened it gently to find Cara sitting up in bed and Sam by her side.

“You up for visitors?” I asked and when Cara nodded Megan and I slid into the room and closed the door behind us.

“How are you feeling?” I asked Cara gently,

“Groggy, I don’t think the local anaesthetic has quite worn off yet, I keep dosing.”

“Well Megan and I won’t stay long, you will be tired enough as it is, we were just popping our heads round the door to really just see how you were doing.”

“Thanks.” Cara said, “And thanks for getting tested both of you.”

“Thanks for allowing us to Cara, it was our pleasure.”

“Right well, we better go. I still have things to sort for America and I am sure that Megan does too,” I said smiling down at Cara.

“Bye Cara,” I said.

“Bye,” Cara replied as Megan and I turned and headed back out of the room and down the corridor.

We were about half way down the corridor when Sam caught up with us,

“Anna, hey, Wait a minute,”

I turned around to look at her; she had obviously run to catch up to me,


“You're still going to America? I thought you were postponing it?” she asked.

"I was going to but when i looked into it, it wouldn't work financially if i went next year. Plus i figured that Cara will feel guilty if i were to put such an amazing opportunity on hold because she's ill. I know Cara and she will want normality."

Sam paused for a moment, apparently lost in thought before she says, “Alright. Both are good points. I'm glad you're focussing on what's good for you Anna... although I wish the timing was different.”

"Yeah, so do I but Cara will be fine as long as you are here to look after her. I know that its the right thing for me to do and I am sure that Cara will agree.”

“I'm glad you trust me with her. How things change huh?”Sam said smiling slightly.

“How times change indeed.” I said smiling back at her, “I think it’s because I have taken the time to get to know you and have come to realise that you are not the bad guy, trying to take my best friend away but more a part of my best friend now. She needs you more than she needs me. And no matter where I am, I will always be her best friend. She knows that"

Sam chuckled and smiled at me again, “She does indeed. I'd better go. I want to make sure I know something about the machine too, so I can help out. Catch you later, maybe.”

“Bye Sam,” I said before looping my arm through Megan’s and heading out of the hospital and back to my flat, feeling content that I had at least gotten myself tested, even if the result was not a match with Cara.

The End

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