Anna: Getting TestedMature

I woke up relatively early the next morning, most probably because I knew that Cara was having her operation today. I had my fingers, toes and everything else that the operation would be a success. I would have gone down to the hospital but Cara had neglected to tell me when in the morning it would be, so I was relying on someone to contact me to tell me that the operation had gone well.

I was just sitting down to have my breakfast when my phone began to ring, checking the caller id I saw that it was Sam who was calling me.

“Anna, hey,” said Sam as soon as I had picked up the phone,

“Hey Sam, how’s everything?” I asked, hoping for a bit of news regarding Cara.

“Cara's just gone in for her op. I thought you'd like to be here, get tested. Fancy grabbing a taxi?” she suggested quickly, she was obviously inside the hospital and didn’t want to be caught using her phone.

“Yeah, thanks for ringing. Megan's here, she offered to get tested too. What do you think of that?” I asked, remembering that Megan had offered late last night to get tested, I guessed it was more for me than anything. Moral support.

“Um yeah, great,” Sam said sounding distracted, “Look Anna I've got to go, not supposed to be on my phone. See you soon.”

“Okay bye,” I said.

“Bye,” said Sam before putting down the phone.

“Who was that?” Megan asked, emerging from the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel  and my dressing gown on.

“It was Sam, she was just telling me that Cara has gone down for her operation and suggested I go down and get tested. She said that you can get tested too. If you still want to that is?”

“Of course I do. I’ll get dressed!”

“You, Megan are a gem,” I said walking over to her and kissing her gently, “Mmm, you smell gorgeous by the way.”

“It’s your shower gel,”

“How rude of you,” I joked kissing her again. “Come on, get a move on,” I said once our lips parted and I smacked her bum to help get her motivated. “I’ll finish my breakfast.


We were out of the flat and in the taxi on the way to the hospital within twenty minutes, I had texted Sam to tell her that we were on our way.

“That will be four pound sixty five pence then please,” said the taxi man once he had pulled up outside the hospital. I dived into my bag and whipped a five pound note out and told the taxi man to keep the change before hurrying out of the taxi and into the hospital.

Sam was pacing the waiting room when Megan and I arrived,

“Sam?” I said coming up to her and giving her a hug, “How is she?” I asked.

“She’s still down there at the moment; I just hope everything is going okay!”

“Don’t worry Sam, it will be.” I said calmly, “Now where do we go to get tested?” I asked.

“Just over there,” Sam pointed to a desk over on the other side of the waiting room, “See that blonde nurse, she is the one you need to talk to.”

“Okay, cool.”

I walked over to the blonde nurse who was busy filing some paperwork and cleared my throat, she looked up and smiled a how-can-I-help-you- smile.

“Hi, um, we are Cara Gramm’s friends, and we were told you were the person to talk to about getting tested.

“Ah yes, if you would just hold on a second and I will get you both booked in and we will get you tested as soon as possible. If you could both just give me some details please.


“Miss Hawman, if you would like to follow me?” A nurse called, I got up from the chair that I had been waiting on and followed her into a room off the main corridor.

“Have you read the leaflet?” the nurse asked as I sat down in a chair, “It’s just so you know the testing procedure.”

“Yes, I read through it,”

“…and you understand that you may not be a match.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Right okay, did you drink the water, you were instructed to drink, it’s just so that you will be able to provide me a urine sample.”

“Yes I did,” I said showing her the empty plastic cup that I was still holding in my hand.

“That’s perfect,” the nurse said grabbing a tub from a tray and holding it out to me, “Can you please go and fill this tub for me then so that we can send the urine off for testing.”

“Sure,” I grabbed the tub and heading out the room, down the hall and into the toilet. I returned five minutes later with a full tub which I handed to the nurse. She put the tub into a clear bag and set it to one side.

“Now, that’s done, I need to take a blood test from you which will be tested on as well. Not all blood types are compatible you see.”

“Compatible,” I smiled, “you make it sound like a computer programme.”

“Well to an extent it is, only certain blood groups can give to another blood group.”

“Fair enough, which arm do you want?” I asked.

“Your left arm please.”

“Fair enough,” I said stretching it out.

“I must say, you are taking this all in your stride Miss Hawman.

“Thanks, needles and other stuff that most people seem to become squeamish over don’t really affect me, I don’t see the fuss, it won’t kill you.”

“If only everyone had your mindset,” said the nurse, “Sharp scratch coming,” she warned and I looked away as the needle was put into my arm and the blood sample was taken.

Once the nurse had taken a blood sample she then briefed me on a small procedure, whereby she would numb my arm so that she could get a tissue sample which would be sent to be tested. This made me slightly squeamish I had to admit, giving blood I could deal with but I didn’t like the sensation of feeling numb. I had never liked it, ever since I was a little girl and the dentist had to numb my gum to do work on my teeth. I looked away whilst the nurse did this part of the procedure and I was quite relieved when the feeling came back to my arm, although my arm did now feel slightly sore.  

“Right now that I have taken those samples from you, I am going to book you in for an electrocardiogram which is a chest x-ray which will assess the lungs for any abnormalities. Whilst you are having that done I will have those samples sent off.” The nurse tapped her computer and then gave me a piece of paper, “Give this to the receptionist, she will then process that and get that ECG done as soon as we can.”

“Thanks,” I said taking the piece of paper and heading out of the office, down the hall and towards the desk.


After I had the electrocardiogram, I was called back into the office so that I could be asked some questions, ranging from “Have you ever smoked?” to “Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?”

“Thank You Miss Hawman, we will let you know in due course whether you are a match or not.”


The End

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