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My phone beeped hours later and I checked it, Megan was curled up next to me on the bed, holding me close.  I picked up my mobile and read the text,

Anna. Decided you can be tested. Won’t fight you on it. Might about anything after though. Just so you know. C xxx

“Who’s it from?” Megan asked curiously,

“Its from Cara, she says that I can get tested,” I said, a feeling of relief washing over me now that I had been told that I could get tested, to see if I could help Cara.

“That’s good news then isn’t it,” Megan said cheerfully.

“Yeah it is, I just hope that it’s a match,”

“And if it is?” Megan asked,

“Well then it’s up to Cara, whether or not she accepts it. I have decided that I am not going to force it on her, she has her own mind and she may decide that she can’t accept it.”

“Why would Cara say that?” said Megan, her brow furrowed, “Surely if it’s a match, she would be stupid not to take it.”

“Well, that was my logic but this is Cara, and you know what she is like, stubborn but she has her reasons to be.” I said lying back down and putting my head against Megan’s chest. “Oh and by the way, my name isn’t Shirley,” I said laughing as Megan grabbed a pillow and hit me in the face with it.

After a brief pillow fight with Megan which I won by pinning Megan down on the bed, I grabbed my mobile and sent a reply to Cara.

Thanks Cara, I appreciate being able to get tested. Sorry if me going on earlier pissed you off, I only want to help you through this. Hope you are okay. Anna xxx

“Meant to ask Anna, What is happening with America?” said Megan tentatively, “Its just my parents are coming up next week so that we could go dress shopping remember and we were going to have your parents and my parents go to dinner afterwards.”

“Oh yeah,” I murmured, remembering the phone conversation a week or so ago, “Well, I was going to try and postpone it until Cara is well but I don’t think I will be able to.”

“No, I don’t think you would unless you deferred it until next year?” Megan suggested.

“Yeah but that would mean that I wouldn’t graduate university until the year after and student finance only cover a three year course, I wouldn’t be able to afford to do it next year as that would count as my final year of my degree.”

“So in short, you wouldn’t finish your degree if you went next year as student finance wouldn’t cover the year after?” Megan summed up


“So what are you going to do?” Megan asked.

“I don’t know Megan. I don’t want to fly off to another country whilst my best friend is ill, yet I know that if the roles were reversed and I will ill, I’d want Cara to take the opportunity and not throw the opportunity away.”

“What would Cara want you to do?”

I thought for a moment, trying to imagine what I would say if I was Cara.

“Knowing Cara so well, she would want me to go. You see Cara is one of those people who always puts everyone above herself and I know that she would hate herself if her being ill had prevented me from taking such a great opportunity. “

“So, we are still going to go to America?” Megan asked.

“Yes, because Cara would want us to.”

“But Anna, what if your tests show that you are matched?”

“We will cross that bridge when we come to it, first we have to deal with telling our parents and telling the others that we are still planning on going to America, despite previously saying that I would postpone it until Cara is better.”

“How do you think they will react?”

“Hopefully they will take it okay. I hope that Cara will understand and that she is pleased that I haven’t put my life on hold just because she is ill. I think Cara would prefer it if people continued to treat her as though she is just Cara, rather than someone who is ill, and I think that me going to America would be good as I wouldn’t be treating her as someone who needs to be looked after but just as Cara.

“I get where you are coming from Anna,”

“Glad someone does.” I said smiling.

The End

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