Anna: A PlasterMature

Megan and I didn’t emerge from out the covers of my bed until mid Sunday afternoon, we had been so content lying in each others arms and cuddling that the only reason we sacrificed it was because we were both getting hungry.

“How about we go out for Sunday dinner?” I suggested.

“Yeah, I don’t think I could be bothered to cook.” Megan said and I snorted with laugher,

“You cook?”

“Yeah alright, I will rephrase that; you won’t be bothered to cook.”

“Oh yeah? And why is that?”

“Because I don’t think I will be able to keep off you for long enough to allow you to cook,” Megan said with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Well you will need to if we go out.”

“Who says so?” she countered.

“I don’t think the establishment will serve us food if you are trying to have sex with me whilst we are in a pub…. We are likely to get arrested.”

“I can be discrete,” Megan said playfully, getting off the bed and kissing me gently.

“Can you now?” I said kissing her back and wrapping my arms around her.

“I’ll try.” Megan said smiling serenely back at me.


We managed to get through an entire Sunday dinner at The Eagle Inn without any trouble, I had positioned myself across the table from Megan so the most she could do was play footsy with me under the table and hold my hands and stroke them gently with her thumb. I was winding her up slightly by drinking my J20 through a straw and drinking it slowly and deliberately just to see her reaction. She reprimanded me for this after we had left the pub by giving me a playful prod in the side as we walked, arms looped through one another.

“You know, I really love you!”

“Soppy git!” Megan mumbled but grinned all the same.

“You cannot call me a soppy git, not after your attempts to touch me in the pub”

“I kept my hands off you,”

“Yeah but you couldn’t keep your feet off me!” I teased.

“Well you are just so irresistible Anna,”

“I know.” I said  


Megan was obviously in a playful mood today and was reminding me of a little kid that I used to babysit when I was in college. Megan suggested walking through the park which turned into us going into the play park and running around like little children, sliding down slides which were now much too small for us and swinging higher and higher on the swings.

“I’m going to jump off!” Megan squealed!

“Are you mad?!” I exclaimed,

“Yes!” she said jumping off and shouting in excitement. She hit the ground and toppled over scraping her arm on the ground. I skidded my swing to a halt using my trainers and hurried over to look at what Megan had done. She had scraped her arm across the gravel when she had fallen and it was bleeding.

“Ouch,” Megan grumbled getting to her feet and attempted to clean her wound, which had been coated in a thin layer.

“Careful,” I said pulling her arm and taking a closer look, “We need to get this cleaned up so lets go back to mine and I can get that washed. I told you not to jump off the swing!”

“No you asked me if I was mad,”

“Yeah, the underlying message behind that was, don’t be silly don’t jump off the bloody swing,”

“I was recapturing my youth,” Megan complained.

“Yeah, well we are no longer kids anymore and this just proves it,”

“Speak for yourself….” Megan mumbled.

“No, I will speak for you as well,”


I cleaned up Megan’s arm and put a plaster over it and for some reason it made me smile, seeing the plaster on the skin.

“What?” Megan asked,

“Nothing, its just when I was a kid, when I got hurt mum would put a plaster over my wound and the kiss it and it would magically be better.”

“Yeah, my mum did that too,”

“Did you ever feel better when the plaster was put over the wound and your mum kissed it?” I asked interestedly.

“Yeah, I think I did.”

“Well then” I said smiling before leaning down and kissing the plaster on Megan’s arm.

“All better,” she grinned and I smiled back.

“If only everything could be healed by a plaster.”

The End

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