Anna: A Lazy MorningMature

Megan and I slept in late the next morning, the party had gone on so late into the previous night that we were both so tired that we had collapsed into bed and just slept. It was about half past ten when my eyes fluttered open, catching sight of the still sleeping Megan who had the duvet half over her and half off. I slid gently out of bed and proceeded to cover Megan in the duvet, grabbed my mobile from the bedside table and flopped onto the couch.

I had taken a ton of photographs at the party, most of Sam opening various birthday presents or of Cara with Sam and there was one in particular I took which I found adorable. It was one of the last few pictures I’d taken of Cara with her arm around Sam’s waist, they were dancing to a slow piece of music that the band was playing at the time and the expression on both of their faces was just fantastic. Sam was positively beaming down at Cara, whose eyes seemed to mirror the look of content that Sam had in hers. I took a screenshot, opened a text up and pasted it in above the sentence asking whether Sam’s birthday wish came true. I smiled as I sent it, imagining as is did do what her facial expression would be like upon seeing that adorable photo and then, her facial expression when she read my question.

The sound of sheets being disturbed made me look around, Megan sat up in bed, tousled haired but still looking as beautiful as ever.

“Morning beautiful,” I said getting up and going to sit on the bed next to her,

“Morning,” she said, her voice sounding dry and obvious that she had just woken up, “What time is it?” she asked.

“About quarter to eleven but it’s a Sunday so it doesn’t matter,” I said, knowing that if it had been quarter to eleven on a week day she would be annoyed that she had wasted half her morning in bed. It reminded me of a time when I had stupidly gone to hers and had been woken up at half six in the morning as she was going for her morning session in the gym. She had gotten up at her usual time of half four in the morning, showered, dressed, had breakfast and done two hundred sit ups all whilst I was still asleep and it was therefore no wonder why she was so skinny!

“Do you want some breakfast?” I asked, walking over to the fridge and pulling out a pot of natural yogurt which I had started keeping in the house just for her.

“Yes please!” she said smiling.

I grabbed a teaspoon and handed Megan the yogurt and I grabbed a banana from the bowl on the side and clambered onto the bed next to her. We were silent for a moment, eating our food and just thinking about things, I looked over at my beautiful girlfriend and smiled a smile that turned into a smirk half way through,

“What?” she asked giggling,

“You got a bit excited did you Megan?” I asked.

“What?” she asked confused.

I giggled and nodded at her mouth where she had missed her mouth with her yogurt and it was lingering on her top lip. She leaned over and looked in the nearby mirror and realisation hit her, she laughed and smiled at me.

I leaned forward and kissed her, licking the yogurt off her lip seductively. I felt her put down her yogurt pot and I put down my banana, kissing her passionately on the bed.

Her lips were so soft and tasted so sweet I couldn’t help but continue to kiss them, my heart beating so fast as we entwined ourselves into each other.  In that moment, I am sure I realised just how special Megan was to me, just how much I loved her.

“Fancy going back to bed?” I suggested seductively.

The End

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