Cara: FantasyMature

“How did she know about that?” Sam muttered, her eyebrow raised.

“I don’t know.” I replied, mortified. “I didn’t tell her.”

“Happy Birthday sex machine!” Lexi called, appearing to give Sam a hug. “You enjoy it then?”

“Lexi… did you tell Anna about my dream?”

Lexi’s cheeks went red.

“Might have mentioned that I’d managed to stop you just before anything like that happened, yeah.”

“Lexi…” Sam began but Myra interrupted, appearing next to Lexi.

“She’ll be punished Sam, don’t worry.” Lexi pulled out a puppy dog face but Myra ignored her.  “You two look after yourselves. And I’ll see you to discuss about the Christmas show in a week Sam.”

“Yeah, see you then Myra. Make sure she pays.” Sam said, giving Myra a hug and elbowing Lexi in the process.

“Ow! It was innocent! Sorry!” Lexi played the child and made me giggle. Sam grinned and slipped her arm around my waist.

“Go on you two. Home to your punishment Lexi.” She smirked and Lexi pouted.

“Meanie.” She said before grinning. “See you soon guys.” We got a double hug and then they were gone. The last of the guests. I bit my lip and looked up at Sam. She grinned.

“I know that look.”

“What look?” I asked innocently.

“The look that means my dreams are about to come to a reality.” She said dramatically and I giggled, wrapping my arms around her waist and looking up at her lovingly, laying my head on her shoulder. “Of course, the most important one has already.” She added as a whispered afterthought, smiling at me.

“Cheesy.” I commented, pretending to taste the air. “With a hint of sucking up.”

“Shut up you.” She laughed, going to tickle me.

“Noooo!” I cried, trying to escape her and failing. She caught me in her arms to pull me close and I fell in to her arms, wrapping mine around her neck. “Don’t tickle me.” I pouted.

“Fine.” She consented. “Shall we go… um…”

“… make your dreams a reality?” I quoted her and earned her wry smile.

“Exactly.” She took my hand and we walked over the gallery floor and through the door to her office.

“So how exactly did this dream go?” I asked as she turned to grin at me. Her cheeks went pink and I stepped up, intrigued. “Tell me.”

She sighed and leant on the wall so that to follow her I was almost pressing her again it. Her fingers stroked my arm gently and she smiled.

“I was working in the gallery and there was a problem; I forget what. I was talking to Gina at the desk, looking at the computer screen and there were no customers in. It was fairly late. We’d basically shut up and there were only a couple of lights on. Then the bell on the door went and I glanced up, and it was you.” I smiled and kissed her.

“And then?”

“Mmm… and then,” She shifted, smiling, “then you smiled and asked if we were still open. Gina went to say no but I stopped her, and asked if you needed any help. You said you were just browsing. I went back to work but I kept watching you walking round and it was distracting. So I told Gina to go home and that’s I’d wrap up. When I went to look at you again when she’d gone you weren’t there. I looked around a bit and then came in here, and you were looking at this.” She pointed to the painting she kept near her desk, one of her favourites, of a woman reclining in the arms of her androgynous lover in the shadow of a tree. “And you looked all innocent and startled when I came in, and asked if you shouldn’t be in here. I said I didn’t mind…” She trailed off and smiled at me. “Why am I telling you this?”

“Because I want to know.”

“I could show you what happens next?” She suggested.

“Tell me.” I grinned, releasing her and stepping back to lean on the other wall. Her eyes flashed, even in the dim light I could see them.

“I went over to you and you said you liked the painting. You thought the man was intriguing and I said it was a woman. You were surprised and I thought for a moment that you weren’t gay… I was disappointed and I went to lean on my desk. You asked if I knew for sure it was a woman and I said it was my friend who had painted it, so I knew. You just stood there looking at it so I asked if you wanted a leaflet with her work in it. You said yes and I went to get one from the cabinets. When I came back you were looking at something on my desk and I coughed behind you and you knocked my pencil pot off. You were apologising and we were both picking them up and when we stood up and you were still apologising I leaned across you to put the pot back on the desk behind you and you went silent. So I glanced at you when I was coming back and you were watching me so…” She shivered and smiled. “Intensely. I stroked your cheek and you didn’t complain and then we were kissing and I was fucking you over the desk… it was the most intense dream I’ve ever had.” She finished and I grinned.

“You want to do that again?”

“What? Tell you again?”

“No silly.” I grinned, stepping forward and taking a bit of her shirt in my hand to play with while I kissed her chastely on the lips. “Do you want to offer me a leaflet again?”

“Role play?” She raised an eyebrow grinning. 

“Mmm… go on. Go outside. I think that painting is very interesting…”

“Fuck Cara…” She groaned as I flicked my tongue against her lips.

“Go.” I whispered and let her pull away. She threw me a last hot look over her shoulder before she went outside. I grinned and allowed myself a moment. Tomorrow, everything was going to change. Tonight would be perfect. Perfect. 

The End

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