Anna: Cake and ConversationsMature

“Thanks honey,” I said taking the plate with a slice of birthday cake on it, the cake looked delicious with a thick chocolate sauce oozing out of the middle of it. I dug my fork into the cake and began to eat, my taste buds on fire as I did so.

“This is the best birthday cake that I have ever tasted,” I said scrunching up my eyes and chewing really slowly to enjoy every mouthful.

I could see Liam nearby, he had finished his slice and I could see him eyeing up another piece, eventually giving into temptation, sidling up to the table and sliding his empty paper plate under another plate which had another slice of cake on it. He then scurried away before anyone saw what he had done. I walked up to where Liam had sat down and collapsed into the chair next to him,

“Nice cake isn’t it?” I said with a smile,

“Yeah its delicious,” Liam said, his mouth still full of cake,

“I saw you sneaking back,” I said and Liam flushed turning to look at me,

“Its tasty cake, I couldn’t help it,” he said with a grin and scooping another forkful of cake into his already full mouth. “Why isn’t Megan having any?” he asked, “I saw her take some and then put it back when no-one was watching…”

“She probably took it out of politeness, she cant eat that cake as its got peanuts in and she is allergic to peanuts, look she’s got a bowl of fruit and jelly instead.” I explained, nodding over to where Megan stood, talking to Ali, with a glass bowl full of fruit and jelly in her hand.

“Oh, I see.” Liam said putting down his fork on the empty paper plate; his eyes darted again to the table where slices of birthday cake were sitting there, uneaten.

“No more!” I said firmly to Liam, who pouted at me,


“No more Liam, You have had enough cake.”

“Spoil sport!” he grumbled as Cara came bounding over towards us, grinning happily,

“You two having a nice time?” she asked,

“Yeah its been a good party apart from Sam’s dear mother, but I take my hat off to you with that slap you gave her!” I said grinning,

“What hat?” Cara teased,

“Okay my none existent hat then, but I am glad that you slapped her,”

“Well, she pissed me off, the small-minded bigoted homophobe.”

“Speak English Cara, and not posh git….” Liam teased,

“Hey!” Cara exclaimed, “I am not speaking posh git!”

“Well what does bigoted mean then, you know I think Sam is rubbing off on you, your all posh now with your fancy choice of words!” Liam said, knowing that he was winding Cara up something rotten.

 “I just meant that Donna is an old fashioned snotty cow who can’t accept us for who we are and needs to live in the modern world instead of Stone Age” Cara said.

“She probably is from the Stone Age,” I cut in, “I mean she did walk like a Neanderthal,” I commented and we all laughed, Cara choking slightly on her cake as she was laughing so hard.


“Tonight’s been lovely Cara,” I said, giving her a hug at the door, Megan and I had hung back to help tidy up along with Myra, Lexi, Liam and the rest of the band. We had all been told to take some of the left over food back with us and Liam had even managed to acquire a third slice of birthday cake.

“Thanks so much for coming you two, and thanks for the Lush Box,” said Sam, giving me a hug and smiling,

“You’re very welcome Sam; I hope you had a nice birthday.”

“I had an amazing birthday, thanks to everyone.”

“It was all Cara believe you me!”

“Oh, I know and she will be thanked later ….” Sam said nudging Cara.

“Woah we don’t need to know that bit….” Megan said with a laugh as we turned to leave.

“Fulfil your birthday wish and take her on the desk!” I called back and Megan and I walked away and I could feel Cara’s face going red even though I wasn’t looking at her. I looped my arm through Megan’s as we walked back to mine.

“That was a fun evening, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, apart from Sam’s small minded mother,” I said, I was still angry at Sam’s mum as I knew that Sam and Cara love each other and I know that I adore Megan.

“Yeah.” Megan agreed, “But screw normality, I love you and you love me.”

“Too true,” I said, turning to face Megan and pressing my lips on her beautifully soft lips.

The End

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