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After we had talked, it felt as though a weight had lifted from my shoulders, I was being silly to avoid Cara especially when my time with her was so short. After Donna was escorted out my Gray and Liam, I made a conscience choice to leave Sam and Cara alone for a while so that they could get some time alone. I caught Cara’s eye however and gave her a grin which she returned, it felt as though everything was back to normal between me and her, something had given way and when that happened our friendship just knitted back together, stronger than before.

I snuck up behind Megan and slipped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck,

“Did I tell you how sexy you are looking tonight?” I whispered in her ear

She turned around and we began to dance, “Yes I believe you did, but I never told you that you don’t just look sexy, you look sensational!”

“Stop it!” I muttered as she twirled me around and then pulled me closer to her so that I could feel her hot breath on mine.

“Or what?” she teased.

“Oh, I’ll think of something,” I said with a sweet smile.


The party was getting quite rowdy as it got later into the evening, Melisa left halfway through the night, carrying a sleepy Mikey and with a very reluctant Gray in tow. I could hear Gray trying and failing to persuade his wife to let him stay but she was having none of it.

I cuddled Megan closer to me as we danced, she was an amazing girlfriend and I was lucky to have her.

“It’s your birthday soon,” I mentioned to her as we glided around the room to the music that the band was playing. It was quite a slow song which meant that everyone was dancing with partners and family members.

“Not until November and that’s a few months away yet, anyway I forbid you to throw me a massive party as we will be in America and you wont have that much money to splash.”

“Not even a little one?” I compromised.

“No!” Megan said glaring at me.

“Fine, but on one condition…”

“What’s that then?”

 “That you let me buy you something for your graduation, I know you said no before but I know you liked that bag in town and….”

“Anna, that bag is sixty pound, no way are you buying me that for graduation, you can buy me something for graduation but I forbid you to buy me that bag!”

“Then I can’t guarantee that I will remember that you forbade me to throw you a party for your birthday…” I said, knowing that saying that would wind her up.

“You are impossible and I can’t win with you!” she said playfully, stooping down to give me a kiss.

“What would you do without me?”

“Be sane?” she offered.

“Were you ever sane?” I asked.

“I think I have one marble hidden under the bed for an emergency,” she replied kissing me again.

“Are you sure it’s a whole one?” I asked when we broke apart,

“You are such a tease Anna, I’ll show you when we get home,”

“You’re going to show me where you keep your one and only marble, I’m touched!”

“You should be, only really special people get to see where my only marble is.”

“Well then, I am honoured.”

Megan and I were so busy flirting and dancing with each other that we hadn’t noticed that the music had stopped, and only realised when Cara spoke into the microphone.

“So, since its Sam’s birthday, I have written a song just for Sam. I have been perfecting this for months just to it was just right, so Sam, I really hope you enjoy!”

She turned to face Sam, who was gazing up at the stage at Cara and smiling like a Cheshire cat, it was obvious at that point how much Sam and Cara really loved each other and I was quite mesmerised by the beauty of the moment. Cara cleared her throat, the band began playing and Cara began to sing her melodic love song to Sam.

I am fire
I am flame
I am pleasure
I am pain
I see black
You see white
Gotta find you
In the night.

I am flesh
I am blood
I got breath
I feel good
I say black
You say white
Gotta hold you
In the night.

I am weak
I am strong
When I seek
I can't go wrong
You see black
I see white
Just gonna love you
Through the night.

I am here
You are there
Got no fear
When you're there
We see black
We see white
We'll watch the sunrise
After tonight.


The song ended and Sam jumped onto the stage and pulled Cara into her arms and kissed her, I could see Sam’s eyes brimmed with tears as she held her girlfriend close to her and thanked her for such a sweet song.

The End

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