Anna: HomophobicMature

The party was in full swing, the music was playing and the jugglers seemed to be having endless fun entertaining little Mikey who seemed amazed that they could juggle three, four, five, six balls and skittles and not drop them! Sam had opened my lush box, smiled and gave me a big hug in thanks,

“Thank you so much Anna, its lovely.”

“No problem Sam, you are very welcome,”

I stood back and watched as Sam unwrapped the other presents that were on the table and then hugging the person who gave her it. She kept looking at the picture that Cara had blown up for above their bed and grinning, it was obvious that she was overwhelmed with the effort her girlfriend had gone to.

“To Sam,” called Sam’s mum when Sam had finished unwrapping all of her presents and everyone raised their glasses of Champaign and said ‘To Sam,” before taking a sip. 

After that chatter bubbled out of no-where and the music kicked in again, I headed over towards Sam’s mum, who I spotted standing close to Melisa, who had her beady eyes on Mikey who was bouncing on his heals to get a look at a present Sam was holding.

I approached Sam’s mother who looked up when she saw me coming,

“Hi, I’m Anna.”

“Nice to meet you Anna, I’m Donna Sam’s mum,”

“Nice to meet you too, I’m Cara’s best friend,”

“Ah yes, Cara…” she said rather coldly and when I looked confused she elaborated.

“I am not a huge fan of my daughter’s choice of partner or sexuality for that matter… it’s just not right.” I paused for a moment, unsure what to say, I was liking Donna Kensington less and less and the way this conversation was going I could see trouble brewing. When I spoke next it was with a forced calmness,

“With all due respect Donna, It’s really up to Sam who she dates….”

“But surely a pretty girl like you can see why being …..” she paused for a second obviously trying to think of a way to word her sentence, “… why being that way inclined, is a waste, she is throwing her future down the drain.”

“I think that’s a bit harsh?”

“No, its not harsh dear, its truthful, I mean, it doesn’t surprise me that Cara is that way inclined but Sam has so much potential and a future with three children and a dog.”

“She can still have…” I began firing up, but she cut across me.

“No she can’t, she has thrown it down the pan.”

“They are happy though, isn’t that the main thing?” I asked imploringly,

Donna laughed sarcastically, “Who cares if they are happy, it’s not normal!” she finished and downed the dregs of her Champaign. I was quite anxious to leave the presence of Donna Kensington by that point before I did something I knew I would regret, she had not only insulted Sam behind her back, but had implied that Cara was no good trailer trash who had nothing to accomplish in life and that being gay was ‘not normal,’

“I just have to check something,” I lied before scurrying away. I was infuriated that someone could be so narrow minded and such a homophobe. I was glad that I hadn’t let slip that I was ‘that way inclined,’ who knows what sort of remarks she would have thrown my way, yet I knew that it was only a matter of time.

I dodged around Cara, who was chatting to Grey, muttered to Megan in passing that I was going to the toilet and scurried out of the main hall and into the ladies. I felt sick with anger; I placed my hands on either side of the sink and began to breathe deep breaths, trying to calm myself down. Donna had made it sound as though being gay was ‘unnatural’ when unbeknown to her; probably about half the guests at this party were gay.

The door to the ladies swung open and Cara came in,

“Megan told me you were here, I just wanted to catch………..” she stopped, catching sight of my face, “What’s wrong?” she asked concerned.

“I think you and Sam need to have a very long conversation with Donna,” I said shaking with anger, my teeth clenched.

The End

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