Cara: Surprise for Sam.Mature

“You take far too long to get ready.” Sam muttered against my ear as I dabbed my eyelids with sparkly black eye shadow.

“Shall I just go like this?” I mused, looking at her in the mirror, eyebrow raised. She smirked and looked down at me. I was only wearing black lacy pants and a black strapless bra and she disappeared behind me, so I couldn’t see her reflected. I felt her lips alight on my back, and she began kissing down my spine. I shivered and arched my back away from her. “You’re making me slower.”

“Alright.”  She sighed, appearing again over my shoulder. “But if it wasn’t for other people seeing you, I’d love to see you like this all the time.”

“Not naked then?”

“Well, that too.” She grinned, kissing my shoulder and going to sit on the bed. I peered at her with a smile on my face. She was wearing skinny jeans, black heeled boots and a t-shirt, with a blazer over it. It was casually smart and she looked gorgeous. I loved the way her leg muscles were on show in the heels… “You’re staring.” She murmured and I jumped, pulling my eyes back to my face.

“Who wouldn’t?”

I heard her chuckle and saw her lay down. I finished my makeup quickly and then stood up, going to the drawers and pulling out my new tights. They were designed to look like stockings and holdups, but were full tights. I rolled them up and caught Sam watching.

“Want a show?” I stuck my tongue out.

“Well it is my birthday. Dinner and a show sounds nice… maybe in the wrong order…”

“Behave. We’ll never get there if you keep doing that.”

“Sorry Ma’am.” She grinned. I finished putting the tights on and went over to get my dress. It was just a simple purple skater dress and I slipped it on, put my feet in my black high heels and span round.


Sam snored on the bed, her lips in a grin. I tip toed over and jumped on her giggling. She laughed and rolled us over so she was on top of me.


“Don’t mess this up or else I’ll have to do it again.”

“Well come on then,” She said, standing and pulling me with her, “Let’s go.”

She kissed me and then led me out of the bedroom. I grabbed my bag on the way and we left. Down the high-street, to the left and then to the right and we arrived outside a little Italian restaurant I’d booked a table at.

“I’ve never been here.” Sam said, her hand in mine.

“Good. It’s about time I was the one showing you something.”

“Oh you’ve shown me plenty.” She winked and I gave her a push.

“Be polite!”

“I have to be a good girl on my birthday?”

“Especially on your birthday.”

We went inside and gave our coats to be hung up.

“And what is the reservation under?”

“Gramms.” I said with pride. It felt good to be the one giving the presents this time. Speaking of… As we headed to the table, Sam in front of me, I texted Lexi and told her we were out of the way. She could now go in with Myra and start setting up. Liam, Anna and Megan were helping too.

Sam and I sat down and ordered wine, then began to look at our menus.

“This is nice.” Sam said, smiling at me. “Thank you.”

“I like to spoil my girl.” I winked. She rolled her eyes. “Speaking of which…” I said, reaching in to my bag, “I have this for you.”

“Cara…” She said exasperated. “You’ve done enough.”

“Just this. Nothing more.” I lied. I handed it over and she took the small envelope. Opening it she pulled out a small picture of me and her in the pool on holiday. “So you have a picture of us for your purse.” I explained.

“Perfect.” She grinned and pulled out her wallet, slipping it in to the empty place where photos are kept. “It fits.”

“I measured it.” I smiled.

“You think of everything.”

I smiled. Not everything. Not how I’m going to tell you – no! Stop. We’re not think about that tonight.

“This sounds nice.” I announced, pointing down at the menu.


“Tonight has been lovely.” Sam said, swinging me around in a dance as we made our way down the high-street. I’d texted Lexi, so I knew all the lights would be out; she wouldn’t suspect a thing.

“Good. But I have one more thing planned.”

“I thought you said that picture was the last-“

“I lied.” I grinned and hurried her along the side passage. “Now, upstairs.”

“I like where this is going.”

I rolled my eyes and hurried her up.

“Here.” I pulled out the box that had her outfit inside from under the bed, along with the top hat and cane. “Put this on.”

“What? Why?” She looked through. “Just like this?”

“Make no changes. No top underneath. I want you looking especially sexy.” I grinned. “When you’re ready, come downstairs. Take your time.”


“No buts. Do.” I winked. “See you there.”

I disappeared downstairs before she could protest. The stairs came out in Sam’s office, where the light had been left on. Megan and Anna were waiting with my costume.

“Thank god.” Megan said. “Thought you weren’t coming.”

“Got it sorted?” I asked as I pulled off my dress. Anna averted her eyes but Megan didn’t bother, passing me the corset without even blinking.

“It looks amazing.” She replied. “Doesn’t it Anna?”

“Yeah.” Anna answered, still not looking. I rolled my eyes and got dressed.

“Will I do?” I asked.

“Definitely.” Megan replied. Before Anna could say anything I heard the stairs going.

“Go!” I whispered and followed them out, turning off the light in the process. We hurried out and hid. I could hear breathing, lots of it, and then an intake of breath that everyone seemed to take as the light in the office came on.

“Cara?” I heard Sam say, and then she appeared through the door, framed in the light coming from behind her. The fairy lights went on, and everyone yelled “SURPRISE!”

I grinned at Sam’s surprised face and hurried forward to greet her.

“Happy birthday Sam.” I whispered as I kissed her, and then everyone was upon us wishing her the same. Her mother appeared out of nowhere, and Sam’s face was a picture.

“Mother! You’re here?”

“Of course. I may not approve of your lifestyle but I can still celebrate your birthday can’t I?” She said. I squeezed Sam’s hand to comfort her as her mother ignored me and went to get some champagne.

“You did this?” Sam asked.

“With Lexi and Myra.” I nodded. The band struck up now, a chilled jazz number, and everyone started moving around, relaxing. Gray and Michael appeared out of the crowd of people and Michael flung himself on Sam.

“Aunty Sam! I gots to come to the party!”

“You did!” She said, grinning.

“Yes! Aunty Cara sent me an invite all to myself!” Sam looked at me and grinned. I shrugged and hugged Gray.

“Hey Gray. Where’s Melissa?”

“Over by Sam’s mum. They get on really well. Surprise surprise.” He joked.

I smiled and turned to look at Michael again who was whispering to Sam.

“Really?” She said and looked at me.


“Mikey tells me you have another present for me, a surprise that he was supposed to show me to.”

“I thought the best person to unveil a surprise is a wizard.” I grinned. Mikey giggled and mimed to be put down. Sam obliged and he took her by the hand to lead her away. I followed with Gray.

“Ta dah!” Mikey said. The picture I’d asked Myra to do was sitting on the table, in front of all Sam’s presents. It was covered in a sheet. Sam reached up and pulled the sheet off and looked at the picture.

“For above our bed.” I whispered.

“Measured that too did you?” She muttered.

“Do you like it?” I asked anxiously. She turned to look at me severely. My heart dropped along with the corners of my lips.

“I love it.” She grinned and kissed me. “Thank you.” She kissed me again, running her hands through my hair. I grinned and held on to her, then looked down at Mikey.

“You did a fantastic job Mikey, thank you. You’ll be a brilliant wizard.” He grinned, delighted, and then pulled his dad off to get food.

“I’m in love with you.” Sam whispered.

“I know.” I replied. “I’m in love with you too.”

The End

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