Anna: Sam's BirthdayMature

I woke to Megan kissing my ear, well I say kissing, she was really gently nibbling it to wake me up. I rolled over to face her and saw a cheeky grin plastered over her face. I kissed her gently and wrapped my arms around her, she was such a perfect girlfriend and I knew that I was so lucky to have her.

“We need to get up soon,” Megan said.

“We don’t need to check out yet,” I moaned, snuggling deeper into the duvet.

“Yeah but breakfast only lasts two hours, so if we want to eat then we need to get up soon,” Megan reasoned, attempting to tug the duvet from under my arms where I was clutching tight hold.

Megan yanked the duvet and flung it away so that cold air hit my skin, I thrashed my feet about about and shivered whilst Megan giggled, watching me from the side of the bed.

“I’m not hungry…” I lied as my stomach screamed its disagreement and gave away that I was hungry.

“Get dressed,” Megan demanded, putting on her bra and grabbing her shirt from a pile of clothing on the phone.

“Make me,” I said in a childish voice, folding my arms and crossing my legs on the bed and grinning at Megan who leapt on the bed and pinned me down. She pressed her hands to either side of my face and trailed patterns on my cheeks with her thumbs. I stilled for a moment, Megan trailing patterns on my skin had reminded me of Sam trailing patterns on Cara’s skin.

Megan pressed her lips to my skin, nibbling my bottom lip as she pulled away.

“Come on, we need to get up!”

“Fine,” I said, pushing Megan off me so that she toppled backwards onto the bed, I swung my legs to the left and clambered out of bed and pulled on my clothes.


Breakfast was delicious; Megan and I had a three course breakfast with grapefruit to start, a full English to follow and then a couple of slices of toast with a mug of tea. I was so full that I could hardly move.

“Thank you for bringing me here babe,” I said holding Megan’s hand whilst sitting at the table and stroking it with my thumb. “I adore you Megan.”

“I adore you too Anna Hawman, You are just so…”

“Just so….?” I asked.

“Just so…” she said contentedly.

I smiled at her and reached over the table to give her a kiss. We broke apart and as we did so we heard an old lady from a table nearby comment loudly that she didn’t think that behaviour was ‘appropriate.’ I warning look from Megan staved me off standing up and having a go at her and instead I satisfied my urge by taking a big bite out of toast.

“How long to we have before we need to head back to reality?” I asked Megan, “Its just I still haven’t got Sam’s present or card yet.”

“We have a couple of hours yet, we can head into town if you want?”

“Yeah, I think I spotted a Lush store yesterday, I am sure I can buy her a couple of bath bombs or something….”

“Ooh, stop it, I might have to buy a bath bomb or two as well, I haven’t been into Lush in years.”

“Well then, we might have to treat ourselves to something as well.” I said with a grin.

“Mmmm, definitely.” Megan said smoothly.


“So that comes to thirty three pound in total,” the lady behind the counter at Lush said looking at me. I gave a sideways look to Megan who just shrugged and smiled at me. She had persuaded me that we needed to stock up on bath bombs and shower jellies so that when she came to stay at mine, we could have a very relaxing bath. Megan only had a shower at her flat. I paid the lady by card and left the shop with two quite heavy bags, one containing Sam’s birthday present which was a Lush box which cost fifteen pound by itself. I handed one to Megan as we headed towards the train station to catch the train back home. It was another sunny day and there was a warm breeze which blew our hair as we walked.

The train was not overly crowded on the way back, many people I guessed were enjoying the beach again today.

“So, are you looking forward to the party?” I asked Megan, who was gazing out of the train window, watching the world go by.

“Yeah, should be good. Sam will be dead surprised.”

“Yeah, I think so to. She and Cara are such a sweet couple!” I said, “Cara has never been so happy as when she is with Sam.”

“Yeah, they are cute but not as cute as us,” Megan retorted.

“Oh I totally agree!” I said with a small giggle.


We arrived at Pieces about half an hour before the party was due to start, to help set up. I could see a long table against the far wall with a white and gold table cloth over it, and plates of food covered in cling film to protect the food. Myra and Lexi, were helping Liam set up the band on the stage and Megan was not far away, leaning in to take a closer look at a human statue which had intrigued her. I headed over to where Liam, Myra and Lexi were who were all dressed up in their outfits and looked stunning.

“Hey!” I said with a smile.

“Hey Anna!” Lexi said grinning, pulling me into a hug which I returned only half heartedly, I didn't really know Lexi that well. 

“You, um, have done an awesome job here,”

“Thanks Anna. Is that for Sam?” she asked, nodding at the bag I was holding in my hand.

“Um, yeah.”

“If you just want to put it over there with the other gifts and go and mingle?” she suggested.

“Yeah sure.”

“Cara and the birthday girl will be arriving soon!"

The End

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