Cara: SaturdayMature

I woke up early on Saturday and slipped out of bed quietly. Sam lay still, murmuring slightly and I stayed to watch as she smiled gently in her sleep. Quietly I took out my satin nightie from where I'd hidden it and changed in to it, then slipped in to the kitchen and turned on the hob. A few minutes later I heard movements in the bedroom, and then heard Sam's feet making their way down the corridor. 

"Oh no missy! March straight back to bed!" I called. 

I heard her feet stop, imagined her grin and then listened carefully as I heard the retreating steps leading back in to the bedroom. I grinned and flipped the bacon and  scrambled eggs on to a plate, just in time for the toast to pop. I put everything for breakfast on a tray and carried it carefully in to the bedroom. Sam was sitting up in bed, a childish 'I'm behaving' look on her face. I grinned. 

"Happy Birthday gorgeous." I whispered, setting the tray down on her lap and kissing her gently. She smiled against my lips and held my hand against her cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too. You look..." Her eyes flicked up and down the satin where it clung to my curves and I saw her gulp. "This looks amazing." She grinned, looking down greedily at the food and then back up at me. "Thank you."

"Mhm, don't think you're not sharing."

"Oh I see..." She smirked, then patted the space next to her. I slipped back under the covers and kissed her shoulder before snagging a fork and a piece of bacon. 

"I did debate seductively feeding bacon to you, but it's hard to look sexy with bacon grease running over you." I prattled. Sam snorted. 

"You'd look sexy in any state."

"Doubt it." I replied and took a mug of tea off the tray to sip. "See this was the one downfall in my plan. I still can't make tea as amazing as yours."

"I prefer yours you know?"

"Shut up." I stuck  my tongue out at her.

"No I'm serious." She replied through a mouthful of scrambled egg. 

"Attractive." I commented dryly and she deliberately went to kiss me with her mouthful. "Ewww, get away." I chuckled. "You'll upset the tray."

"Wouldn't want that." She backed away, checking the food was still secure. "So have we got plans for the day or...?"

"Or what?" I smirked. 

"Am I opening up shop?"

"Oh. Well that is up to you. Obviously. Free will and all." I mused. 


"It would ruin my plans."

"I see. So I'm supposed to close up and-"

"Ah, well no."

"No?" She raised her eyebrows. 

"Not exactly."

"Cara the suspense is killing me." She said, taking the bacon away from my outstretched fork. 


"Speak, then eat."

"So everyone agreed they can handle things without you for the day. You can come with me and they'll sell art for you."

"And the paperwork..?"

"Sam, you can take a day off."

She frowned and I kissed her, then checked if she was still frowning. She was, but there was the essence of a smile appearing. I kissed her again and moved the tray gently from her lap, putting it on the bedside table. Keeping my lips on hers, I slowly manoeuvred myself over her, straddling her hips and trapping her under the covers. She was chuckling against my lips and trying to touch me but I captured her hands in mine and held them out. 

"You want to take a day off?" I asked, wetting her lips with my tongue. She opened her mouth in a sigh and nodded. "No takesies backsies?"


"Ah!" I warned as she tried to move. "No takesies backsies? Promise?"

"I promise." She whispered. 

"Good." I kissed her gently, nibbling on her lip. "Now..." I climbed swiftly off her and on to my side of the bed. "Eat your breakfast."

The indignant look of shock on her face made me giggle. 

"Oh really?" She said, eyebrow raised. 

"Yup." I grinned. She went to move, a playful look in her eyes and I put out a finger. "Now stay where you are and eat. You'll need your strength." I winked. 

"Sounds good." She grinned provocatively. 

"It does doesn't it?" I raised an eyebrow and smirked at her, putting the tray back on her lap and taking a slice of toast. "Now eat." Reluctantly she began to eat, but soon dug in heartily. I ate my toast and smiled at her, occasionally brushing my fingers against her when I reached for something. 

"Cara, I know what you're doing."

"I don't know what you're talking about." I replied innocently. "Now, while you finish that off, I think I'm going to go and shower." I clambered off the bed and strode slowly and provocatively around the end of the bed, Sam's eyes watching me. 


"Shush, eat." I pulled the straps of my nightie away from my shoulders and let the it slide off me. I looked over my shoulder at Sam as I stepped out of it and kicked it to the side slightly. She was frozen, watching me, some bacon on her fork. I giggled and disappeared in to the bathroom. Turning on the shower I let it warm and then slipped inside, still grinning. It took a matter of seconds before Sam appeared and tried to open the shower door. "Did you finish your breakfast?"

"Yes." She replied, but her eyes looked shifty. 

"Liar. Go finish."

"I will get you." She growled, smiling. 

"Go. Eat."

She rolled her eyes and disappeared again. I washed my hair, grinning at how absolutely adorable she was being. Then, as I was shaving my legs, she appeared again. 

"Now can I join you?"

"Show me the empty plate." I teased. She smirked and disappeared. I hurriedly finished shaving, and waited, refreshed. She appeared, the plate in her hand. It was wiped clean. "Good girl." I grinned and opened the door, stepping out. "Shower's yours." 

"You're not coming in?" She pouted. 

"I'm clean." I shrugged, grinning. 

"I could make you dirty again." She suggested, moving forward, backing me against the wall. 

"I'm still wet."

"I like that in a woman." She grinned, stroking her fingers over my cheekbones. "You've been a tease all morning, did you think I wouldn't get my way?" 

"Your way? I thought this day was about me?" I grinned. 

"Nope, it's all about me. And do you know what I want?"

"What?" I whispered as she got even closer to me, as close as we could be without actually touching. 


The End

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