Anna: The SeasideMature

The bed was so comfortable that Megan and I had to force ourselves to get up again to go to the beach.

“We don’t have to go, you know….” Megan said coaxingly, trying to pull me back to the bed, kissing my arm as she did so. I giggled and snapped my arm away from her.

“No, I want to go to the beach….” I said.

“In that case….” Megan started, opening up her bag and rooting through it, “You are going to need this.” Megan pulled out my black bikini and I gaped at her in surprise,

“How did you?”

“I’m good at removing your clothing from your flat without you noticing,”

“Your good at removing my clothing full stop,” I corrected with a laugh, before pulling on my bikini underneath my blue denim shorts and top. Megan put her swimming costume under her clothes before looping her arm though mine and leading me out of the hotel, back into the glorious sunshine.  

We crossed the road at a run, narrowly avoiding a car that beeped at us to get out of the way, down some steps and onto the sandy beach. It was quite crowded on the beach, like I had predicted, there was a lot of families there and I even spotted the little boy from the train running in and out of the sea whilst his mother kept her beady eye on him.

There was a large rock nearby which Megan and I claimed as our own by taking our shoes, socks and clothes off and depositing them on the rock before running enthusiastically into the sea. As the cold water touched my bare feet I shivered and shrieked but Megan jumped straight in despite the cold.

“It’s freezing!” I called to Megan who was bobbing up and down with the waves; I had run back out of the sea and had buried my feet in the warm sand in an attempt to warm them up.

“I will drag you in if you don’t come in willingly!” Megan shouted.

“Can’t you feel how cold it is in there!” I yelled

“It’s fine. Stop being a wuss! Look even that little kid we met on the train is swimming in the water!” Megan said, nodding over to the little boy Jamie who was swimming with his father not far from where Megan was.

“But its cold….”

“I will drag you in,” Megan threatened, and not wanting to be dragged kicking and screaming, I marched forward into the sea. I ran out again the moment the water touched me.

“You wuss Anna!” Megan shouted, now walking towards me.

“Nooooo,” I screamed, realising that Megan was going to drag me in and sprinting up the beach away from Megan who began to chase after me. She caught up with me and grabbed me in a bear hug from behind so I couldn’t escape. She pulled be towards the sea, and despite me digging my heels into the sand, I still found myself moving towards the water. She threw me into the water and I found myself up to my waist in water. I yanked Megan down too and we spent several minutes splashing each other furiously until a huge wave splashed down on top of us, throwing us under water for a split second. I coughed and spluttered, spitting out the salty water which had filled my mouth.

“Time for food?” I suggested and Megan nodded before beginning to swim to shore.


Once we had both dried and had time to freshen up, we headed along the pier, hand in hand, watching the sun set over the sea, watching the light from the setting sun reflect off the water and shimmer back a reflection. We sat down on a bench at the end of the pier, nothing but the sea and the setting sun ahead of us, it was bliss, sitting here with Megan, eating fish and chips and just watching the end of another day close.

“This has been the best trip away ever Megan!” I said, taking a bite out of a chip.

“Glad you think so.”

“I love you Megan Warwick.”

“I love you Annabella Hawman.” Megan replied.

Once the sun had disappeared from the horizon and the beautiful colours of a sunset were fading, I clasped Megan’s hand in mine and we headed back to the hotel. I was having such a lovely day with Megan that I was sad that our trip away could only last one day but reality was calling for us to return to it the very next day.

The End

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