Cara: ThinMature

"You've hardly touched your food." Myra commented, peering across the glass table at me, fork in hand. 

"Sorry?" I murmured, coming out of a daze. I'd been thinking about Anna, strangely enough. I couldn't work out whether I should tell her about my kidneys or not, and it was driving me crazy. What if she decided not to go, because I was ill? What if she went anyway? What if I told her when she'd gone and she threw a fit at me, or came back, or stayed away...?

"I said you've not touched your food. Don't you like pasta?"

"Oh. I do. Sorry. I've been a little off my food... reckon I'm fighting off a stomach bug or something."

"You cannot be ill for the party." Lexi stated from my side. "Sam is going to be so happy with everything I bet you'll be up all night like-"

"Lexi." Myra stopped her. "Cara, please try and eat. You're looking thin."

"No she's not. No more than usual." Lexi winked. 

"Seriously. She's changed since the photos. You have." She turned back to me. I had to agree. Everything was just slightly looser than before. Not that noticeably, or so I thought. But then...

"Myra's obsessive about details." Lexi explained. "I can't tell."

"I'm not obsessive."

"Yes you are."

"No, I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"Guys!" I cried and they stopped. 


"Maybe I have lost a little bit of weight, but I put some on when I stopped dancing so much so it kind of evens out." I said. "Now, who wants to see my outfit for saturday?"


"Lexi, you're going to look..."

"Hot right?" Lexi grinned, snaking her arm round Myra who was grinning at me as I stared at Lexi's costume. 

"How do your boobs...?"

"Stay in place? They're tiny." She replied, still grinning. 

She'd gotten a waistcoat, if you could call the backless thing a waistcoat, that linked round the small of her back and neck with a kind of diamond line... she also had matching shorts but they, thank goodness, were fully material. 

"I've got a tie to go down the middle, don't worry." She laughed at my face. 

"Great. I'm sure Sam's mum will appreciate your modesty."

"Oh crap!" She chuckled. "I'd forgotten she was dropping by."

"Nice." I rolled my eyes. 

"Well wait till you see Myra's. I forced her to get sexy." Lexi teased and ducked as Myra swiped at her. 

"It's not like hers." Myra said, opening her wardrobe and taking out the dress. It was a purple fringed flapper dress with matching plumed headdress. 

"Nice." I smiled. 

"See? Can you imagine? Me, bowler hat on, outfit on, escorting this lovely  girl? Everyone will be jealous." Lexi crowed. 

"Except me obviously." I said. 


"I'll be too busy trying to get in to that corset before Sam gets downstairs to worry about jealousy."

Lexi chuckled and Myra grinned. 

"I'll help." Lexi winked and received a clipped ear from Myra for the comment. 

"That's alright. I'm used to quick dance changes. I'll manage. I think Anna and Megan are helping too."

"Oh yeah. How are they?"

"Going to America."

"Aww, sweet. Anniversary or something?"

"No, for a year. Anna has an opportunity for a year abroad to study. Megan's going with her."

"Really? How long have they been together?" Myra asked. 

"Couple of months. About three, four."

"You cannot be serious." Myra stared. Lexi was chuckling. 

"Well, the Americans have a saying for that. It's called bring a U-Haul to the second date." She continued to chuckle. 

"Have they thought this through?" Myra asked, ignoring Lexi and sitting next to me on the bed. 

"I don't know. She's kind of blanking me at the moment. Well, not spending as much time with me anyway. I mean, I'm used to her doing that with relationships, but  this is different. She's... distancing. It's stupid, considering she's leaving for a year in a couple of weeks."

"She's probably just got a lot to think about. Going away with someone you've known for such a short period of time... I mean it's good for a holiday but for a year? That's either brave or stupid."

I smiled lightly and shrugged. 

"I'd say it's just Anna. I love her but... she throws herself in to things with so much and comes out destroyed. I worry about her."

"Yeah well maybe you shouldn't. Instead worry about the fact that your girlfriend is getting clingy." Lexi winked. "I can hear wedding bells."

"Seriously Lexi, pack it in!" I yelled and stormed out. Once in the living room I covered my face with my hands and breathed heavily.

"Cara?" I could hear them both approaching cautiously.

"I'm sorry. I just... I think Sam thinks something is going on, something bad... and I'm worried we won't get the party out of the way before..."

"Hey, don't worry. It's just two more days. Then she'll realise all of this was because of the party."

I sighed. 

"I guess you're right. I just... I love her and I drive her mad. Things are rocky."


"Because she thinks they are. She told me."

"Honey, they're not. You two... I can tell you'll be together for a long time. I've not seen her this happy... ever."



They both hugged me and I pushed everything to the back of my mind again. Only friday to go, and then it was saturday, and Sam's birthday. Everything was organised... it just had to run smoothly. 

The End

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