Anna: Checking In....Mature

The train to Oakham lasted about an hour, and as it was a warm day the train was crowded with people, mainly families with young children who were clutching buckets and spades in their hands and grinning merrily. There was a family near to where we were sitting with a young child who looked about three; he was standing in the gangway having escaped his mothers grasp. The little boy was holding a green bucket and swinging it from side to side like a pendulum and talking to anyone who made eye contact with him.

“Jamie, don’t talk to strangers!” his mother snapped as he trotted up to me and announced boldly that he was going to the beach and make sandcastles. I gave his mother a kind smile and then addressed the little boy.

“Really? That’s where me and my girlfriend are going too. I see you have your bucket and spade all ready,” I said nodding to his green bucket which he immediately lifted up to show me.

“My dad bought it for me today.”

“Well that’s very nice of him,” I said grinning.

“Jamie, leave the lady alone now,” Jamie’s mother said, holding out her hand for Jamie.

“He’s alright,” I said with a smile, I liked interacting with young children as they were so naïve and happy about the world whereas when you grow up the world ends up biting you on the bum.

We pulled up in the train station at Oakham and left the train to blazing sunshine; I grabbed Megan’s hand in mine and swung it back and forth happily.

“Hotel first?”

“Oooh kinky,” I teased her.

“I meant to drop of the bag off in the room,” Megan said nudging me and grinning as we walked away from the train station and followed the sound of the seagulls towards the beach and our hotel.  It was quite a walk away from the train station as it transpired but it was such a warm day that it didn’t realty matter, both Megan and I were content in just watching the townsfolk go about their daily business, and breathe in the seaside air.

“I am surprised you were able to keep this a secret from me for two whole weeks, I mean normally you can’t keep your mouth shut!”

“I so can keep a secret!”

“Yeah …. A being the operative word!” I said before dodging out of the way of Megan’s hand as she aimed to prod me.

“Look, there’s the hotel ahead!”Megan said, pointing at a tall, pristine white building that was just across the road from the beach. It looked like a very expensive hotel.

“Megan, you shouldn’t have!”

“I know but I wanted to Anna, its just a little gesture to show you how much I care for you Anna. You are my world and I would be lost without you.”

“Stop it, you’ll make me blush,”

“Too late, you already are blushing,”


We entered the hotel and found ourselves in a beautifully furnished reception area, there was great big leather sofas arranged around a big fireplace to one side, a door with a sign attached to it with the words ‘Dining Room’ written in fancy golden lettering. We approached the large oak reception desk and peered down at a lady with curly brown hair tided back, thick rimmed glasses and a smile on her face.

“Good afternoon and welcome to Oakham Beach Hotel, how may I help you today?” the smiling lady whose nametag read ‘Gemma’ said.

“I booked a room for this evening under the name of Warwick,” Megan said efficiently, pulling out of her bag a slightly crumpled booking slip which she had obviously printed off. She handed it to Gemma who scanned over it and then asked to see the card she paid on. Megan whipped out her purse and pulled out her debit card.

“Yes, that does seem to be in order for you Miss Warwick,” Gemma said tapping the keys on her keyboard. She placed two plastic key cards on the desk and scanned the barcode which beeped politely.

“Here you go, Miss Warwick, Room sixty four.”

Megan smiled politely, grabbed the key cards and handed one to me. I went to put my key card into my pocket for safe keeping when Megan grabbed my arm.

“Don’t put it near your phone, the key card will demagnetise.” She said.

I nodded and stowed the card in my other pocket before following Megan towards the lifts.

The doors slid open silently and we walked in, Megan grinning like a Cheshire cat, obviously thrilled with her hard work. She jabbed at the number four button on the lift and the lift door closed. Soft music was playing in the lift, the floor of the lift was carpeted and the walls were wallpapered, it seemed that Megan had worked hard to make sure that we checked into the best hotel possible.

“This hotel is lovely!” I said as the lift slid open on floor four and we walked out into a wide carpeted corridor. We followed the corridor around until we saw a door with a sign attached to it just like the dining room which said ‘Room Sixty Four’.

Megan slipped her key card into the card slot, a green light flashed and the door clicked open revealing the most beautiful hotel room I had ever stayed in.

A big bay window faced outwards onto a beautiful view of the sea, thick blackout curtains in a royal red colour draped on either side with a blue rope wrapped around them to keep them at the side. There was a huge double bed against the back wall, and a wide screen television on the wall opposite. Underneath the television was a oak table with mugs sitting on lace doilies, a kettle, some teabags, sachets of sugar and a small bowl of packet biscuits. There was also a mini fridge which just fit snug underneath the table and to finish off the effect a clinically white en suite bathroom.

“Megan!” I gasped turning round to face her and pulling her into a kiss, “I seriously love you!”

“I seriously love you too,” Megan said as we broke apart.

“I don’t know about you but I certainly want to try out that bed before hitting the beach ….”

The End

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