Anna: Surprise Trip AwayMature

The warm embrace of my bed made it difficult for me to get out of bed the next morning; however the prospect of seeing Megan later made it slightly easier.  I slipped out from under my duvet, pulling on my dressing gown and rubbing sleep out of my eyes, the distance in my friendship with Cara was still playing on my mind from the night before but I hoped that my day out with Megan would take my mind off it.

I made my morning mug of tea and flopped onto the sofas, allowing the warm liquid to fill me up and ease me into the day. Through the gaps in the curtains, it looked to be a bright sunny day. I leaned across and pulled open the curtains and saw a clear forget-me-not blue sky and the sun shining brightly. I placed my mug of tea down on the table in front of me and turned on the camera on my mobile, I snapped a shot of the blue sky and sun outside and uploaded it to Instagram.  

Seconds later, Megan commented on the photo that I had just uploaded;

“Good thing the weather is nice for today.”

“Cryptic clue to the special day out Megan spoke about yesterday?” I murmured out loud before snatching up my mobile and ringing her to see if I could get anything else out of Megan.

The phone rang and she picked up on the third ring,

“Hey beautiful,” Megan answered speaking softly.

“Hey lovely, and how are you today?” I asked.

“Marvellous and you?”

“Looking forward to our afternoon out,”

“Well, actually we can go this morning as the odd jobs I needed to do, I managed to do last night so I am free all day?”

“Awesome. So what’s happening?”

“I’ll pick you up and we can go?” Megan suggested.

“Megan, you know what I meant, I mean what’s happening today? What have you got planned?”

“Now that, my love I cannot say.”

“Why?” I whined.

“Because, it would ruin the surprise now wouldn’t it? Now go and get ready and I will be round in about forty-five minutes.” Before I could protest, Megan had hung up the phone on me, meaning that I had no choice but to get dressed and await what Megan had in store for me.


“Hey, its me.” Megan said down the phone and I pressed the buzzer to let her up the stairs. Since it was a sunny day, I had donned a pair of blue denim shorts which were quite short, a baggy off the shoulders t-shirt and some blue all star pumps. To go with my outfit I grabbed my over the shoulder leather bag and shoved my purse, my makeup, some leggings in case it got chilly and my favourite black cardigan which went with everything I wore. Despite a dog biting two holes into the sleeve, I couldn’t bare to part with it as it was so comfortable.

Megan entered the flat, a wide smile on her face (she was up to something),

“Wow, what an appropriate outfit babe,” she said pulling me into a romantic kiss,

“An appropriate outfit? Why, where are we going?” I asked but Megan tapped her nose annoyingly and refused to tell me. I locked my flat and followed her into the blinding sunshine and down the street; Megan grabbed my hand and began to swing it merrily as she went.

“Where are you taking me, you mad woman?”I asked again, as we headed through the centre of town and towards the train station.

“Are we getting on a train?” I asked.

“Wait and see woman!”

She led me, ever closer to the train station, a stupid grin plastered all over her face, I could tell she was enjoying keeping me in the dark. We walked into the train station and onto the platform, only then did Megan pull two orange cards from her bag and give one to me. Perplexed I took it and saw that it was single train ticket to Oakham.

“Oakham?” I asked confused, trying to think why we would be going to Oakham,

“Try to think Anna. What’s in Oakham?”

“The seaside?”

“Precisely Anna, the seaside. You and me are going to spend the day at the beach, eating ice cream and the having fish and chips on the pier.” Megan said, pulling me into a kiss.

Once we broke apart I said, “But hang on, this is only a single one way ticket. How are we getting back?”

“We’re not until tomorrow, I have booked us Oakham Beach Hotel for the night,” Megan said with a smile which I couldn’t help but return, until a thought struck me.

“But Megan, I haven’t any spare clothes, pyjama’s or wash things….”

“Don’t worry Anna, everything is sorted,” she said with a laugh, it was then I noticed how much bigger her bag was, compared to mine. Seeing where I was gazing Megan hastened to explain,

“Last time I was at yours, when you were in the bathroom, I grabbed some pjs and clothes from your drawers, I have got them packed here. As for wash things, I had some spare which I packed for you.”

“You have thought of everything. How long have you been planning this?” I asked, blushing as I though about how lucky I was to have such a top girlfriend.

“A couple of weeks. I figured, since you were taking me to America with you, the least I could do was take you away for the night.”

“Yeah but you already cooked for me, you didn’t have to Megan.”

“And you bought me my dress, and its you who invited me to America with you. This is my way of making sure we are square.”

“You didn’t have to, you know. You dafty.” I said, pulling her into a hug.

“But I wanted to because you deserve it.” Megan said pulling me into a kiss once more.

When we broke apart, the train had pulled up at the station.

The End

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