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In the end, I didn’t buy the pink dress but went for a simple plum coloured dress which slid off one shoulder and was embroidered with little sequins all over. It had caught my eye shortly after I had spotted the pink one and after trying it on I decided to get it.  Megan decided on a beautiful burgundy dress which frilled out from the waist downwards and made her look really pretty when she tried it on.  I was glad that I had made up with Megan; it had been such a petty thing to fall out over and after we talked it through, we could both clearly see each others points of view more clearly.

I was still slightly annoyed with Cara for siding with Megan however but could see her point, however in an attempt to become more independent, I knew I needed to pull away a tad, I was going to be spending a year in America with Megan and not Cara so I needed to learn how to keep it together without Cara, especially when she wouldn't be at my beck and call.

Once we had finished in town, our purses rather lighter than before – or rather; my purse rather lighter than before as I had insisted on buying Megan’s dress for her as a treat as she was cooking me food later – we bid goodbye to Cara and went our separate ways.

“That was a lovely shopping trip. Hey, thanks for buying me my dress,”

“No problem. Anything for my girlfriend who is the best girlfriend I could wish for.” I said looping my arm with hers as we walked.

“What you after?” she asked with a giggle.

“Nothing….. just that we never fall out again. Deal?”

“Deal.” She said smiling.

I stuck out my free hand, pretended to spit into it and held it out for Megan to shake. She rolled her eyes at me and mimicked.


Megan treated me to a lovely plate full of fish pie and bread and butter pudding, both homemade, and after eating as much as I could, I slobbed on the sofa, unable to move as I was that full, whilst my angel of a girlfriend insisted on doing the washing up.

“You know, I can dry up and put away?”

“You stay put you!” Megan called from the kitchen, “Besides, I am nearly done now.”

“You know, you didn’t need to cook and wash up,” I said.

“You didn’t need to buy my dress for me but did,” she countered.

“But I wanted to,” I argued.

“And I wanted to cook for you too,” she argued back.

“Alright then,” I said with a laugh, “Love you!”


Megan didn’t stay the night, as she had things to do in the morning but promised to meet me tomorrow afternoon so that we could do something special together. My heart had leapt at the idea of spending an afternoon with Megan, a special warmth had filled me up inside and I felt as though is was glowing with happiness. This was the same feeling I had once gotten when Cara and I organised events together as best friends. A feeling that was no longer there, a feeling gone because we weren’t as close as we were anymore.

I hoped that my trip away might bring us closer again, or it might send us further apart, it was hard to tell. Only time and space would tell.

The End

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