Anna: RealisationMature

I blinked and stared dumbstruck at Cara, I would have though Cara of all people would be on my side.

“What?” I asked, hoping that I had misheard what Cara had said but knowing that I hadn’t.

“I said that I agree with Megan,” she said firmly and I was temporarily lost for words.

“But Cara, she was making a big deal out of nothing, I was just quiet because of something and she got so stressed out and annoyed because I wouldn’t tell her why I was quiet.

“Why were you quiet?” Cara asked interestedly.

“Just because of something I spotted Sam doing whilst we were in the cinema, she was trailing patterns on your leg and it made me think things. Made me think how much you and I have changed as people and how we have had to get to know each other again,” I explained not breaking eye contact with Cara.

“Right….” Cara said, “You have just proved my point Anna, you have just explained to me why you were quiet quite willingly and yet wouldn’t tell your girlfriend. Can you see how that would upset her? She is the main person in your life now and not me.”

“But you’re my best friend.”

“And Megan is your girlfriend.” Cara implored.

“I guess I understand where she is coming from, but she didn’t need to make a big deal out of it.”

“I think she did really Anna. She needed to get her point across that she should be the main person and not me and the fact that you two are going to live in America for a year, might have made her realise this.”

“I still don’t get why she had to go off on one though!” I mumbled annoyed.

“Maybe its that time of the month?” Cara suggested.

“Maybe….” I muttered, hugging a pillow.

“Hey, chin up.” Cara said pulling me into a hug, everything will work out fine, you and Megan are cute together and will sort things out.”

“I hope so; I’ll ring her tomorrow and sort things out with her,”

“Good!” Cara said in an almost business-like fashion, “Well, Sam went to Levi’s to have a drink whilst I came here so I said I’d meet her, do you want to join me?” she asked smiling at me.

I contemplated this offer for a moment, I could do with a drink and the company of my friends around me but would I be able to deal with Cara and Sam being all lovey dovey around me whilst Megan was in a mood with me because she didn’t think that I trusted her.

“If its all the same, I think I will stay in Cara,” I said coolly, I didn’t want to seem to needy, I wanted to make Cara believe that I was able to function without constantly being around friends. “Thanks for coming round though Cara,” I said smiling stiffly at her before getting up and showing her out.

I was angry that Cara had taken Megan’s side and angrier still that I knew that she was right. I knew what my friends thought of me, I knew what Sam thought at any rate. Sam thought that I was too needy for my own good, she thought that I couldn’t function without my friends support over every hiccup in my life and I had a feeling that this view had rubbed off on Cara. The fact that I knew that my friends thought this, made me even more adamant that going to America was a good thing. America would help me grow as a person and with Megan by my side, when I returned I was sure that my friends wouldn’t recognise me.

I slipped out of my clothes and into my pyjamas and crawled into bed. I snatched up my mobile from my bedside table and quickly text Megan,

Sorry I was being stubborn earlier babe, I adore you and trust you with my life. Can we meet up tomorrow and I can explain? Night night. Sweet dreams.

I sent off the text and before I had even locked my phone to put it on my bedside table, Megan had replied.

I forgive you hunni. Will come round to yours at about eleven tomorrow if that’s okay? Love You.

I quickly tapped the words ‘okay, see you tomorrow’ and settled down to sleep, happy that Megan was no longer angry at me and would be coming round to talk it though in the morning.  

The End

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