Cara: FilmMature

The movie was interesting, although I was far more interested in Sam’s fingers right now. They traced patterns slowly across my skin and I felt my breathing pace pick up. Once I slapped her away, sure that Anna had seen, but she only returned her fingers to my leg after a moment or two. I took a nervous sip of my coke and a couple of minstrels and tried to watch the film. Now she snaked her arm through again and stole a couple of minstrels from my bag. I turned and pretended to frown at her, but she simply shrugged it off by doing the ‘yawn and stretch’, putting her arm around my shoulders like some cheesy first date move. I rolled my eyes and leant in to her, realising with a grin that this stopped her from tracing patterns on me. After a moment, she obviously realised this too, and I felt her chuckle a little despite nothing funny happening in the film.

“Think you’re safe?” She whispered. I shushed her and pretended to focus on a particularly romantic part of the film. I could feel the smugness radiate off her and so decided to get her back. Slowly, I sighed against her and snuggled in closer, stretching my hand out to her knee. I felt her chuckle a bit again until I breathed very softly across the skin of her chest. She stilled and then fidgeted slightly. Very slowly I rubbed my thumb back and forth on her knee and grinned. If I succeeded in this there was no way she’d want to hang around after the movie and I just wanted to go home. To curl up with her in our bed and-

She moved and crossed her other leg over, blocking my access to her knee. If I went for the other one it would be too far to reach and too obvious. Fine. New tactic. I sat up straight and untangled myself from her. She grinned at me but I ignored her, concentrating on the film. She went to touch my knee again and I crossed my legs the other way. I was exceedingly glad there was no one else on our row. Sam slumped a little but I knew she was just thinking. I got in a few minutes of the film before her hand snaked in to my minstrels again and stole a few. I rolled my eyes again and crossed my arms.

After about ten minutes I could see her hands twitching, itching to touch me. I knew it would drive her insane if she couldn’t. A smug smile rose on my face and I watched in quite a good mood as the couple on screen finally made it together. The lights went up and everyone started moving. Sam looked over at me and I could see that I’d won. Her eyes were glowing with the challenge and I smirked at her.

“So what did you guys think?” Megan asked as we left the cinema.

“It was definitely, interesting.” Sam replied. I grinned in agreement and kept away from her.  The longer she went without touching me the better.

“What about you Anna?” Megan asked.

“Huh?” Anna replied.

“Well you were the one that suggested it. What were you thinking?”

“Oh… sorry. I liked it. It was intriguing.” She went off on a babble about psychology and I noticed that she wasn’t really paying attention to what she was saying, or looking at Sam and I for that matter. I wondered if she’d seen…

“Don’t worry. I’ll get you back.” Sam said in my ear. I shook my head and went to hook my arm through Megan’s.

“Let’s go!” I called. Anna and Sam looked awkwardly at each other and then smiled, walking without linking arms or touching. Although Anna was that sort of person, Sam was nowhere near girly enough for that.

“So, what’s next?” I said.

“Actually I was thinking home time.” Sam put in.

“Yeah I’m wiped.” Anna agreed.

“Well maybe Megan and I will go out.” I teased.

Sam and Anna both glared at us as we chuckled.

“Hilarious.” They said at the same time, rolling their eyes.

“Oh my gosh, look at them! Like twins!” Megan said. I guffawed. They looked nothing alike, they were nothing alike. That’s what made their similar reaction so funny.

“Home.” Anna frowned.

“Alright alright!” Megan surrendered.

“I guess I agree.” I added. Sam smirked at me.

We went our separate ways and as soon as Megan and Anna were out of earshot Sam turned to me and grinned.

“You wait missy. As soon as we get home-“

“-What? You’ll spank me? Remember, you  have a fifty shades of gay reputation to uphold now…” I winked and then set off. In shock, it took Sam a few moments to hurry after me.

“You are getting to be quite the little seductress.”

“I just know what my girl likes. A bit of teasing, dinner on the table, ice cubes…” I listed and she shoved me lightly.

“Don’t tease me.”

“Why not?”

“Because… I don’t know… is it weird that all of that makes me… you know.”

“Now who’s shy of talking?” I chuckled, remembering our conversation earlier.


“I know what you mean.” I relented. “And no. I don’t think it’s weird. I like it. But you’re not going fifty shades on me. Just remember that. I’ll not take that crap from you ok?”

“I would never.” She replied, grinning. “But I will make you-“

“-Home!” I cried, cutting her off with a smirk. “Now, would mistress like her dinner before or after a little taste of her favourite dish?”

“And what’s my… oh.” She grinned down at me and stroked my hair. “God you are so sexy.”

“Now now, let’s make it upstairs please.” I laughed before pulling her down the alley to go upstairs. 

The End

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