Anna: Daisy ChainMature

We spent most of the afternoon at the café, laughing and joking, and despite my little over spill of emotions earlier; I was happy.  As the sky began to darken outside and the café began to empty of people we all decided that we would have to make a move, due to the fact that the owner of the café was beginning to sign melodramatically and kept glancing at his watch – he obviously wanted out party to leave so he could shut.

As we left the shop I distinctly heard the café owner mutter, “finally!” as the door swung shut.

“So, what shall we all do now?” Megan asked, as she looped her arm through mine and we all began to walk up the street.

“How about a movie?” I suggested and there was a murmur of contemplation amongst the group,

“I’m not sure, if there is anything on that I really want to go and see,” said Cara, her brow furrowed as she tried to think what films were actually playing.

“There’s that new film called Daisy Chain which I really want to go and see and I have heard some really lovely reviews about it.” I said.

“What’s it about?”

“It’s a love story, which starts with a little girl who makes a daisy chain and the chain symbolises a chain of events that happen that twist her life in all sorts of directions in her path to find true love,” I explained sighing gently.

“I don’t know Anna, it sounds too psychology-ish, with the daisy chain symbolising stuff and too soppy for me.” Cara replied, seeming to turn her nose up at the description of the film.

“But you like romance films Cara…. I’m just not explaining it well, hold on.” I pulled out my mobile from my pocket, connected to a nearby open wifi and opened youtube. I pulled up the trailer for the new film Daisy Chain, which had a lot of likes and showed it to Cara, Megan and Sam.

After they had watched it, I looked up and Cara grinning, “See, doesn’t it look so good!” I enthused,

“Yeah it does, but you think that all romance films are the best thing since sliced bread Anna,” Cara teased.

“I do not!” I snapped back and Cara giggled.

“Alright, you don’t but this film does look quite good so I’m game,” Cara conceded.

“Well I have no objections,” said Sam.

“Nor me,” Megan added, grinning at me before taking hold of my hand again and swinging it to and fro as we walked towards the cinema.

As I had predicted, the cinema was pretty packed, it turns out that I had been right about the popularity of the film I wanted to see and had to get out popcorn and drinks rather quickly to ensure that we got good seats. I was getting quite excited the way I always do when going to see a film that looks really good, Megan slipped into a seat next to me holding a large tub of sweet popcorn for us both to share. I dug my hand greedily into the popcorn and grabbed a handful of the freshly cooked popcorn and stuffed them into mouth. Sam and Cara slipped into seats next to Megan; Cara had a bag of minstrels clutched in her hand and a bottle of coke in the other. She put the bottle of coke into the bottle holder and opened the chocolate, at once Sam’s arm snaked its way through Cara’s and nicked a piece of chocolate, whipping it away before she could protest.

I turned my head towards the screen as the film began to start, munching happily on the popcorn and taking a swig of the Fanta I had bought. The film kept bringing tears to my eyes; it was such a moving film and so well thought about that I was determined to buy the book as soon as I can.  I figured that if the film could make me cry, the book would make me bawl my eyes out for sure.  

I looked over at Megan, who was mopping her eyes after a particularly emotional scene where the main character witnesses her best friend’s death. Megan smiled at me before turning her gaze back to the screen. I then looked past Megan towards Sam and Cara, the beam from a spotlight which had not gone out when the film had started was shining down just above Cara. A bracelet caught the light and sparkled in the light and I could see that the bracelet belonged to Sam.

Sam's hand was trailing patterns on Cara’s leg, just below her knee. Cara was grinning and seemed to be struggling to pay attention to the film, as Sam traced delicate patterns on her leg.

I turned back to the film and placed my head on Megan’s shoulder, she placed her arm around me and pulled me closer, eyes still glued on the big screen.

The End

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