Cara: Cafe PlansMature

I couldn’t help but smile as I walked beside Sam, hand in hand. Occasionally we’d catch ourselves swinging our arms and laugh, almost embarrassed about how cliché we looked; the happy couple walking down the street. I’d called Anna after a morning of bacon and, let’s face it, well overdue and fantastic sex, to ask if she and Megan wanted to go for lunch. I wanted to tell them about the plan to throw them a going away party because I knew how picky she was when it came to things like that, and although I’d gotten her with her surprise birthday party last year, I thought Megan would like a role in this.

“You know what I just realised?”

“What?” I replied, looking up at Sam as she squeezed my hand gently.

“We’ll have been together a year in two months and two weeks.”

“And what a year it’s been!” I smiled.

“What a year indeed.” She mused and fell in to silence as we walked.

“What are you thinking about now?”

“I was just thinking what we could do… something special…”

“Let’s talk about it nearer the time.” I said, my stomach sinking at the mention of the future. “We’ve got lots of other things to do before then.”

“Like what?”

I almost mentioned her birthday but then I knew it might give it away.

“Well Anna and Megan’s leaving do for one. And starting the new term, you have the Christmas period to deal with planning wise…”

“Alright, don’t ruin my day off!” She laughed, pulling me in for a kiss.

“Fucking dykes!” Some idiot yelled. Sam clenched her jaw and turned to look for the moron who’d shouted.

“Leave it Sam.” I cautioned, pulling her gently back to face me. She fought for a second, and then turned back to me with a roll of her eyes.

“When will the morons get over it?”

“They’re just upset that they can’t have you.”

“Thank god. They’re vile.”

“Not all guys are… oh I see what you mean.”

“Do you?” She mused, a small smile on her face.

“Well you mean like…”I looked around and then leaned in to whisper. “Sex.”

She raised an amused eyebrow and her lips curled in to that smile that meant she was making fun of me.

“So brazen in the bedroom and yet so timid here Miss Gramms…”

“Hilarious. This is a public place, not our bedroom, or even a place with our friends.”

“No, it isn’t. I’m just surprised. I thought I’d ruined all that innocence… turns out there’s still some left.” She winked, slipping her arm around my waist and trailing her hand dangerously close to my butt…

“Ah no!” I slapped her away playfully.

“I love it when you try to take charge.” She grinned.


“Mmm, try.” We’d reached the café we were meeting at and she peered inside. “They’re not here yet. Shame, we could have got in a few more minutes in the shower…” I blushed and nudged her.

“You were away for a week and a bit. You weren’t that deprived.”

“This isn’t signs of deprivation. This is signs of ‘I’m in love with my girlfriend and her rather fantastic body’.” She drew out the word fantastic, appreciating it and I grinned embarrassed. “And that blush of course… who could forget the blush?” She kissed me and I felt a tingling in my stomach.

“Remind me why we decided to leave the flat?” I mused against her lips.

“Because you wanted to include Megan and Anna in my idea and you couldn’t do it over the phone for some reason.” She chuckled and kissed me again.

“I have to spend time with them before they go away. And besides, we’d be shrivelled up if we’d stayed in there much longer.” I grinned.

“I wouldn’t have minded.” She replied, kissing me again. I clung to her t-shirt, drawing out the kiss, feeling her tongue massaging mine…

“I knew you two would be at it!” Anna’s voice broke through our bubble and I let go of Sam, hot and flustered.

“I’m sure you and Megan are the same.” Sam replied. “It’s good to see you both.” We all hugged each other and then headed in to the café.

“For the record, I quite like you in a t-shirt,” I muttered to Sam as we walked to a table. “It’s easier to grab.”

“And take off…” She replied, slyly stroking a finger down my lower arm as we waited for Anna and Megan to make their way around the table so we could sit.

“So, what’s up?” Anna asked after we’d ordered.”

“Well, first of all, before Cara tells you the plan, I want to congratulate you on your results, both of you.” Sam said to Anna and Megan. “And Anna, it took guts to say yes to America; well done.”

“Thanks Sam.” They replied.

“And also, I’m sorry for yesterday.”

“What about yesterday?”  Anna asked curiously.

“You two obviously had plans and you had to put them aside for me.” Sam replied.

“It’s alright. It wasn’t anything much. Besides, I didn’t want to be there when Cara started undressing you.” Anna laughed. I blushed and hid my face in Sam’s shoulder for a moment.

“So, anyway, what are we talking about?” Anna diverted the conversation.

“Well, since you’re both going away, Sam thought we could throw you a going away party. Get you so wasted they won’t let you on the plane.” I laughed although I was partially not joking at all.

“That’s such a good idea Sam. Thank you.” Megan said.

“Well I figured it’d be nice. You guys did it for me and I only went away for just over a week. A year has to be special.”

“Yeah. I’d like to go back to Hype.” Megan said.

“That would be good! We could have a theme…” Anna plunged in to ideas.

“I told you she’d want to plan it.” I whispered to Sam. 

The End

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