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It felt as though everything was finally slotting into place now, my life seemed to be taking me along an adventurous path with many twists and turns along the way and America was just around the corner. I had a list as long as my arm of things I needed to do but time seemed to be making a fool out of me, slipping from my grasp every time I wanted to sort something out. I found that this particularly happened when Megan was around, distracting me….

After the phone call where Megan and I had discussed how we were going to tell our parents about the trip to America, I had invited Megan over to her tea. I had decided to make sweet and sour chicken and rice for tea, something I had learned was one of Megan’s favourite meals.

“Need any help?” Megan called from the sofa,

“Nope, I’m just cooking the chicken….”

“I could help prepare something else? I don’t like leaving you to do it all…” Megan said, getting up and walking over to where I was standing and wrapping her arms around me whilst I constantly stirred the chicken, to make sure it didn’t burn.

“Honestly, I don’t mind, I want to cook you tea!”

“But , I want to help…” Megan whined, kissing my neck and nibbling my ear affectionately.

“Well you can chop the mushrooms if you want?” I suggested, pointing at the pile of un-sliced mushrooms on the chopping board.

“Sure,” Megan said with a smile, kissing my neck again before going to chop the mushrooms for me.

“How small do you want them chopping?”

“Just into slices, not too small as mushrooms shrink when they cook anyway….”

“Get you Jamie-Oliver…” Megan teased, looking over at me and laughing,

“At least someone knows how to cook, you forget, I’ve seen your cupboards and they are full of ready meals, you little cheater.”

“Yeah but I have a reason …..”

“And what’s that?” I asked bemused.

“I…. I ….”

“You….?” I prompted.

“….Cant cook…” Megan muttered.

“Sorry, what was that?” I asked, “Didn’t quite catch what you said….” I giggled whilst continuing to stir the chicken.

“I said, I cant Co….Ow!” Megan screeched and dropped the knife on the chopping board, she grabbed a nearby piece of kitchen roll and wrapped it around her finger which she had just caught with the knife and it was now bleeding .

I turned off the hob and hurried over to Megan,

“It’s a good thing you don’t cook,” I said stifling a soft giggle, “You’d do yourself an injury…” I joked.

“Ha fucking ha,” Megan muttered, uncoiling the kitchen roll from her finger and checking it, it was still bleeding.

“Here, run it under the cold tap,” I said taking her over to the sink, turning on the cold tap and thrusting her bleeding finger under the water.

“Ouch, that stings,” Megan muttered.

“It will do, but it will help.

“But it hurts…” she whined.

I turned off the cold tap and looked down at Megan’s bleeding finger, thinking.

“How about this,” I suggested, lifting up Megan’s finger to my mouth and sucking the end.

“What the…?” Megan began but as I ran my tongue along the broken skin she stopped and moaned pleasurably. The flow of blood was beginning to slow down after the first minute of two but I continued to suck on her finger. Megan’s spare hand slipped up my top and clasped my breast and she moved her finger from my mouth and instead began to kiss me. I pressed myself close to her, inhaling her beautiful smell, kissing her more passionately, my hands fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, her hands unclipping my bra from underneath my top. 

I pushed Megan backwards and we fell onto the couch, Megan pulled off my top and bra in one and I tugged at her blouse and unclipped her bra and allowed them to fall away. The topless woman I was lying on top of was beautiful and I felt so lucky to have her, I trailed kisses from her mouth and down her body, caressing her breasts with my hands.

“I love you!” I breathed between passionate kisses, “I feel complete with you!”

“And I you, Anna. You are my world!” Megan breathed, her hands trailing down towards my jeans button and undoing it. I wiggled out of jeans and threw them to the floor before pulling off Megan’s shorts and leggings off.

We lay there for a moment, our naked, bodies entwined, enjoying the proximity between us, breathing softly. It occurred to me at that moment that Megan truly was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, the woman who made me feel special in such a way that no-one else had, The only woman I’d want to live with in a foreign country for a year with, the woman who had shown me what truly loving someone was like. Loving Megan made the emotions that I had once had Cara appear to just be a silly crush, a crush that I was absolutely smitten with. Megan was the woman I loved.

I kissed her and things just seemed to slip quite nicely into place, the half cooked chicken and the sliced mushrooms forgotten.

The End

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