Anna: Making ArrangementsMature

Cara had latched herself onto Sam the moment she had seen her, her emotions were overwhelming her and I could tell that this should be a private moment so catching Sam’s eye, I nodded at the door and left quickly and quietly. I walked back to the flat, feeling as though the weight that had been pressing down on my shoulders was being lifted now that Megan and Cara both knew – the others I could be sure would find out soon enough. I found myself with too much I needed to do and too short a day to do them in; I needed to sort out my things and make a start on packing, sort out what would happen with my flat and my job in the shop, and make a few phone calls.

I got back to the flat and headed upstairs my head buzzing, going over all the things I needed to do to prepare. Part of me was terrified about going and the other half was excited, I mean I was going with Megan after all so I knew that nothing would go wrong but at the same time, knowing that I would be leaving Cara, Ali, Liam, Jak, Callum, Sam and everyone else behind was quite a scary thought. I mean what if I returned to find that they have all changed, that I had nothing in common with them anymore? I shook my head, I was being stupid – they’re my friends and that would never happen would it?  I shook my head again.

My phone rang from inside my pocket; I pulled it out and quickly answered it when Megan’s caller ID flashed onto the screen.

“Hey,” I said with a smile,

“Hey baby, you okay?”

“Yeah, I am now, I have just told Cara about America,”

“How’d she take it?” Megan asked interestedly.

“Hard to tell really, she was all smiles and such but its hard to tell nowadays how she really feels…”

“Maybe she is just shocked babe, I mean you are her best friend and you have just told her you are going away for a year. I mean its bound to shock her.”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

“I have yet to tell my parents…” Megan said and with a pang of horror I realised that my parents didn’t know yet.

“I have an idea Megan.” I said, a sudden thought coming to me, “Why don’t we arrange dinner and get both my parents and yours to come and we can tell them together?” I suggested, “I mean, my parents haven’t met you, nor do I think they know that I am actually gay despite everything that’s happened, I never sat down and told them….”

The phone was silent and I could tell she was mulling this idea over inside her head, whilst she did this I busied myself by making myself a mug of tea.

“its sounds like an okay idea; my only concern is that it might be a lot for our parents to take in, I mean my parents have met you and like you but if your parents are only finding out that you are gay and then we are going to tell them that we are going abroad for a year when to both my parents and yours, we haven’t been going out all that long, don’t you think they are both likely to freak?”

I could tell that Megan had studied Criminology, for she had pulled my suggestion to pieces, pointing out all its flaws, which in the back of my mind I had thought of.

“We’ll just have to approach it delicately….”

“Hmm, I’m not sure but it could work. I mean, my parents are already coming down in a couple of weeks to get my graduation gown for me and buy me a dress for the party afterwards, which I am inviting you to as my plus one so you need to get a dress too, but perhaps if you invite your parents down we can all go for dinner afterwards?” Megan suggested.

“Yeah, that sounds brilliant Megan. I just hope it works out okay….”

“Yeah me to, but to be fair what’s the worse that can happen? They ground us?” Megan joked.

“I’d like to see them try ground me when I don’t even live with them anymore,” I said giggling.

“Yeah same,” Megan laughed, “I mean, we are both adults, so they cant really say no because we can do it anyway but it would be nice if they approved.

“Me too… but something tells me that they wont want me to not know anyone whilst in another country so hopefully that will work in our favour!”

“Hopefully Anna.“ Megan said, “I have never been to America so I will cross everything in the hope that our parents do agree and see our side!”

The End

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