Anna: The Secret Is OutMature

I suddenly found that I had a ton of things I needed to do to prepare, I was glad that I had told Megan and it was such a weight off my mind, but I still needed to tell Cara and that would be the hard thing. Megan had instantly agreed to come with me to America, however I guessed that it was an on the spot reaction and that she hadn’t really though it through, and thought about what she would be giving up by coming with me.

“Are you sure you want to come?” I asked her, “I mean I understand if you have other commitments and that you have just finished university and….” I rambled and Megan had to kiss me to shut me up.

“Yeah I had plans but they were not set in concrete, I can get another job when I get back and can volunteer whilst I am out there if needs be, just as long as I am with you!” Megan reassured.

“Oh god, you had a job lined up….” I said feeling instantly guilty.

“It doesn’t matter!” she said looking into my eyes, “I can get another one….”

“But you….”

“No buts, I want to be with you,”

“And I want you to be with me…”

“Well then. Unless you don’t want me to come with you?” she asked suddenly scared.

“I do, I just don’t want you giving up on your plans for me, that’s all.”

“Well that’s sweet…” Megan said getting up off the bed where she had been sitting using my laptop to check her e-mails, “but my plans are always going to change and especially for you. Hell I would do anything for you babe,” she said wrapping her arms around me and kissing me, “You don’t need to worry about my plans, I can sort it and work it all around you,” she said in a soothing voice.

“Well if you are sure, just be sure though….” I said.

“I am ninety nine point nine nine percent sure babe,” Megan said kissing me.

“And the zero point zero one percent?” I teased and Megan laughed.


I spent most of the day sending e-mails back and forth between correspondence trying to arrange everything so I wouldn’t be rushing around closer to the time. It turned out that I would fly out on the twenty eighth of September and the course would begin on the twelfth of October which would give Megan and I a chance to get semi unpacked and settled in. The bulk of our luggage it transpired would be put on a separate plane to us and would arrive and be delivered to our accommodation several days after Megan and I arrived.

I was excited but nervous at the same time, studying abroad was an exciting experience but it was also a very frightening one. Leaving the comfort of my friends and familiar surroundings to go to somewhere new in a different country. I wasn’t even sure where I would be staying yet but I guessed that students on the study abroad scheme would be allocated some form of accommodation at a reasonable rent.

However the fact that I hadn’t told Cara yet was something that was nagging at the back of my mind, she needed to know, she was my best friend and I felt bad keeping secrets from her. After rehearsing in my head what I was going to say, knowing full well that once she was in front of me that all of it would go down the drain anyway I grabbed my phone and rang her. The phone rang for several minutes before Cara actually picked up.

“Hey Anna. What’s up?” she asked as she picked up the phone. I debated for a moment not telling her and saying that I had just rang up to check up on how she was doing but my brain screamed at me to tell her the truth.

“Hey. Are you free?” I asked.

“Yeah I am free until about three and then as you know I have that audition with Kay.”

“Kay?” I asked

“Oh, sorry …. Kay is Lady Lush.”

“Oh right, well can we meet up?” I asked her.

“My door is open if you want to pop round for an hour or so. Are you okay?” she asked a hint of curiosity in her voice.

“Yeah I’m fine, see you in five minutes…. Put the kettle on.” I said before hanging up the phone.


“Hey, “Cara said opening the door wide so that I could enter, I headed into her living room and sat down on the sofa where two steaming mugs of tea were already sitting on the table.

“Made you a cup of tea, just how you like it!” Cara said with a kind smile. I returned the smile but only half-heartedly, not sure how Cara would react to my news.

“Anna, you have been really distant lately…. What’s wrong?” Cara said and I was glad that it had been her that had approached the subject rather than me.

“Well….um…. I have something to tell you. Something …. Important,” I said nervously.

“Uh oh…. I always hate it when people say they have something important to tell me…” Cara said.

“I was sent an e-mail several weeks ago…”

“Right….” Cara said interested now.

“Offering me the chance to study abroad for my second year….”


“AndIHaveDecidedToTakeIt…” I finished really fast and without taking a breath. Cara looked dumfounded for a moment but then smiled.

“Anna, that’s brilliant, that is a wonderful opportunity, where abroad is it?”

“America….” I said,

“Cool. Does Megan know?” Cara asked and I nodded.

“She’s sort of agreed to come with me….” I said to my mug of tea, not wanting to look up at Cara.

“Wow, that’s fantastic. Both you and Megan will have an amazing time!” Cara said grinning. I eventually looked up at Cara, looked up at her smile and smiled back.

“Yeah. It should be an amazing experience…..”

I think….

The End

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