Anna: WaterMature

I downed the shots but reluctantly, I wanted to get drunk enough to have fun and forget for a while the inevitable choice I would soon have to make but I didn’t want to be too drunk that I told anyone about it. I don’t think I could bear it if anyone knew, they would be constantly asking whether or not I had decided, or begging me not to go if I decided that I was going to. I didn’t want to tell Megan because it would mean that our relationship would be long distance if I went and it would be hard to maintain for a month let alone a full year. It would mean that if I went that I would loose her. I was confused still as to what I wanted.

“Anna!” Megan shouted.

“Sorry what?” I asked, looking up at her agitated face,

“I said, do you want another drink?”

“Umm, water please” I said and Megan nodded and walked away.

She returned five minutes later and passed me two glasses, a shot glass which contained a yagerbomb and a glass full of what was unmistakeably vodka and orange. I looked at Megan who had just sat herself down on the other side of the table.

“I said water…” I complained at Megan who had just downed her yagerbomb.

“I know, but Cara and the others think that you are not drunk enough,”

I looked over at the others who were dancing not far away and caught Cara’s eye, she motioned that I should down my shot and anger bubbled up inside me from nowhere. I banged my fists down on the table glaring at Megan who looked confused.

“I said I didn’t want a sodding drink, I don’t want to get sloshed!” I shouted before getting to my feet and heading to the balcony for a bit of fresh air. It was no surprise that one of the group followed me but it was a surprise to see Myra had been the one to follow me.

“What was all that about?” she asked me gently, I was leaning over the railing taking some deep steadying breaths and did not answer straight away.

“Nothing…” I muttered.

“Well there is something….” Myra pressed, “Everyone has said that tonight you have been distant, like there is something on your mind…. What is it?”

“I told you its nothing, just tired is all,” I lied but I wasn’t sure whether Myra believed that entirely but she didn’t press the subject.

“Look just come back inside” she said trying to steer me to the door,

“No, I just want a moment please; it’s way too stuffy in there,”

“It is rather and I think the others are too warm as well as they are all coming outside too now,” Myra said and I looked round to see the others heading outside. Megan proceeded with caution towards me obviously worried that I was going to bite her head off again, although brownie points to the fact that she had actually brought out a glass of water for me.

“I’m sorry Megan,” I said pulling her into a hug, “I didn’t mean to snap at you babe,” I said before stooping to plant a kiss on her.

“Its okay, I should have listened to you and got you the water when I asked instead of getting you more alcohol.

“Well you got it for me now,” I said holding up the water and then taking a large gulp from the glass. The water seemed to refresh me; it made me feel more sober and in some respects relaxed me a little because I could now think more clearly. I placed the glass of water on a table nearby and pulled Megan closer to me, murmuring in her ear that I loved her.

She kissed me, a deep passionate kiss and I coiled my arms around her, pulling her closer towards me. I heard our friends whoop and cheer and Lexi call out,

“Get a room Callum,”

I pulled away,

“Wait What?” I said confused, “Did she just say Callum?” I asked Megan who nodded over at where Callum was standing, his arms wrapped around a girl who her was snogging just as passionately as Megan and I had just been.

“You do realise Callum, this is a GAY bar…..a GAY bar Callum” I called and everyone laughed, Callum however did not stop kissing the girl but instead stuck up his middle finger in my direction which made me laugh.  He must have been pretty drunk I thought for him to kiss a random girl he didn’t know, he seemed like the type to choose who he dated really carefully and not someone who just flung themselves onto any girl who showed the slighted interest in him.

I took another sip of water and leaned back slightly on the rail and watched my friends, Megan had wandered over to talk to Cara who was sitting down drinking a glass of coke, Callum was still snogging the random girl and Liam had wandered over to talk to Lady Lush who had just appeared on the balcony, still dancing outrageously.

There was no sign of Jak or Ali and I wondered what mischief they were getting up to and whether or not I actually wanted to know! I took another gulp of water and signed.

The End

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