Cara: Flirted WithMature

Anna downed a couple of doubles which made me cringe, and then whooped and grabbed Megan for a dance. I grinned and rolled my eyes. I was so happy that Lady Lush had talked to the manager for us. Liam and I had a celebratory drink, he a beer and me a glass of white wine.

"Bit posh for you that isn't it Cara?" He teased.

"I drink wine all the time with Sam." I shrugged. Then I remembered I was still in the dog house... possibly.

"Hey, cheer up sad sack. We may have another gig, you're out with your friends... and that girl is definitely checking you out." He grinned.

"What?" I went to glance around but he grabbed me.

"Don't look! You're never supposed to look."


"No buts."

"Liam, I'm not interested. I have Sam remember? I'm just surprised."

"About what?"

"That someone is checking me out."

"Why on earth would you be surprised?"

I shrugged and dipped my head to look in to my wine glass.

"I guess... I don't think I'm that good looking."

"Cara, you had two girls fighting over you for months. That's the definition of being good looking."

I smiled ruefully at him.


"So what if I told you the girl is coming over?"

"Oh god..." I muttered and sipped my drink. I felt someone walk next to me and stop and turned to get a look. There was a girl with dyed red hair next to me, her hands in the pockets of her jeans and an appreciative grin on her face as she looked me up and down.


"Uh... hi." I smiled.

"I'm Alex."

"Cara." I returned.

"Do you want to dance Cara?"

"She has a girlfriend." Liam said. I stared at him and Alex shrugged.

"No worries. It's just a dance."

"Well that's nice of you Alex, but I think I'll pass. Sorry."

"Yeah no problem. Can't blame a girl for trying. Shame though." She bit her lip and then grinned before walking away. I gave Liam a look.


"You know what. I wouldn't have gone with her. You didn't need to do the 'she has a girlfriend' thing."

"Well sorry." He frowned.

"No look," I apologised, "It's just I don't need a protector."

"Sounds like you did when you met Sam." He looked at me pointedly. I sighed. I'd known someone would bring this up again.


"Why didn't you tell us?"

"I didn't think it was important. I was fine..."

"You didn't think it was important that you were almost-" He couldn't say it. He just stood there staring at me.

"Liam this is supposed to be a fun night out. Don't ruin it. It's in the past."

"Sure. I'll just forget it." He said sarcastically.

"What do you want to hear? That I was terrified? That Sam's white knight routine made me feel safe? I don't know what you want right now."

"Don't be like that Cara, I just would have thought you'd have told me."

"Well I didn't think I needed to. Obviously I'd forgotten that you need to know every detail of my life." I glared at him. He closed his eyes for a moment and then shrugged.

"Ok, I'm sorry. Let's just forget it alright?"

"Yeah, ok." I sighed, and then threw my arm around his waist. We've got an audition. It might be a regular gig. Who knows?"

"Yeah. We could be famous." He grinned. "Famous for playing at a gay bar. I'd never have thought it."

"Oh shut up." I laughed and shoved him. "Come on, let's go find the others." I put down my finished glass of wine and grabbed Liam's arm.

We headed in to the crowd and found the group with Lady Lush, dancing right by the stage. Callum seemed to be rather enjoying dancing with her.

"He does know she's a dude right?" Liam said.

"Maybe he swings that way?" I shrugged. It struck me that Callum was the one member of the band that I knew basically nothing about. I'd have to rectify this. With some alcohol in my system and my friends around me, I felt good.


"So how's the painting going?" Jak asked Myra as we sat in a booth, exhausted.

"Don't get her started." Lexi groaned playfully.

"Technically very well, but I feel like something is missing. I may add in a couple of things." Myra began.

"Like what?" I asked, sipping a glass of coke.

"I don't know yet. Maybe some roses. I don't know."

"What about the photos? Have they come out?" Megan put in. She and Anna were sitting next to each other, but Anna was distant, and she had been, on and off, for the whole evening. I tried to catch her attention but she seemed to be deep in thought.

"Every morning I wake up to photos of Cara." Lexi chuckled. I blushed. "She's got them hung around the house while she chooses the ones she likes best to be blown up to canvas size."

"Canvas size?" I asked, a little scared.

"Oh yeah. Sam's next show will be you on every wall."

I groaned while everyone laughed.

"Oh god, what have I got myself in for?" They chuckled dramatically and I rolled me eyes. "Hilarious guys."

"Thought so." Lexi winked.

"So Anna, how long have you and Megan been going out?" Myra asked.

Anna was still staring at her drink, deep in thought.

"Anna!" Jak yelled right next to her. She leapt about a foot in the air.

"WHAT?" She shrieked. We all laughed.

"I said-" Myra began amidst gasping breaths. "How long have you and Megan been together?"

"Oh. Just over a month now. Right babe?" She asked.

"Yeah." Megan said. I pursed my lips. Megan didn't look happy that Anna was somewhere else, and it was annoying me too. I would have to ferret it out of her, one way or another.

"One pound shots?" Lady Lush had appeared with a shot belt on.

"Three for her!" I called, pointing at Anna. "And none for me." I handed over the three pounds before Anna could stop me and Lady Lush handed Anna the shots.

"GET IT DOWN, YOU ZULU WARRIOR!" We all chorused at her until she downed the first, then the second, and finally after a bit of coaxing, the third. Get her wasted. That should work as a plan.

The End

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