Anna: The Drag QueenMature

The music was making my ears ring it was that loud but it was such a nice environment, everyone was grinning and having fun. The drag queen in the red wig was dancing outrageously and wiggling absurdly huge boobs around the place. We all ordered drinks and found a booth which we all sat down in, drinking in the atmosphere around us. It was such a different environment from a normal club, everyone seemed friendlier and happy drunk rather than creepy drunk.

Whilst I sat drinking in the atmosphere the others all scurried onto the dance floor and started bobbing up and down, weaving their way closer to the stage where the drag queen was strutting her stuff.

“Come on Anna!” Lexi shouted over the crowd of bobbing bodies, waving for me to follow suit. Not wanting to leave all our bags unattended I scooped them all up and followed, handing the bags back to everyone when I got near to where they were all dancing.

“Anna, you could have left the bags over there …. No-one would have taken them but thank you anyway,” Myra said taking her bag and flinging it over her shoulder. Once everyone had claimed their bags from me, I grabbed hold of Megan’s hands and began to dance with her, smiling stupidly at her. The drag queen, Lady Lush was in close proximity to our group and looked to have acquired a camera, she indicated for everyone to huddle together, I pressed my lips to Megan’s cheek as my pose and the drag queen took the picture.

“Aww, its fabulous,” said the drag queen, showing us all the picture, which was just beautiful, “All the pictures will be uploaded onto the Hype facebook page tomorrow…” Lady Lush shouted over the music, “….So if you want any more photographs, now is the time….” Lady Lush said holding up the camera, “How about you handsome?” Lady Lush asked looking over at Liam and giving him a flirtatious wink.


“Go on Liam!” we all chanted and before Liam could protest Lady Lush had wrapped an arm around Liam and taken a picture. Afterwards she looked at the camera and said, “Now Liam, that is a sexual picture,” and we all laughed as Liam’s face turned bright red.

“Any more photos before I hang up the camera?” Lady Lush asked, grinning as Liam had that moment scurried through the crowd and out of sight as if worried that she was going to ask for another ‘sexual’ picture again.

“One of me and Cara please?” I asked and Lady Lush obliged, taking her camera and taking a snap of Cara and I standing together with wide smiles on our faces. I thanked her and then weaved my way towards the balcony for a bit of fresh air.

The balcony was crowded with people, drinking and socialising, some smoking and some like I was, just getting some fresh air. Liam had taken refuge on the balcony after getting his photo taken and I weaved my way towards him.

“Ayup!” I called, wrapping my arm around him,

“You lot will never let me live that photo down are you?” Liam asked and I laughed,


“Thought not” Liam conceded,

“Well Liam, at least you got some female attention…” I joked and Liam almost inhaled half of his drink up his nose as I said it.

“Yeah….” He said laughing, “From a woman that isn’t actually a woman.”

“Yeah but that sexual photo Liam…. Could be the start of a beautiful relationship” I teased.

“Dear god!” he said shaking his head, “What have I let myself in for?” Liam said questioning himself.

“A crazy night….” I said before heading back inside to find the others.


“Rewind, and talk slower” I said to Cara who had just come bounding up to me with Liam in tow with a huge grin plastered all over her face. She had rushed through her sentence without taking a breath which meant I couldn’t understand a word she said. She took a deep breath and began again, this time talking slower so that I could understand her.

“Me and Liam have been talking to Lady Lush whilst she has been on her break and we told her that we were in a band.”


“Well she said that they could do with a few new acts to keep the club nights from becoming repetitive and asked whether the band wanted to come and audition tomorrow!” she said with a squeal of excitement.

“That’s brilliant Cara!” I said giving her a hug, “The band would definitely funk up this place,”

“Wouldn’t it just.”

“You will need to play the song that I love so much, Dynamite, I love your vocals in that song,”

“As apposed to any of my other songs?” Cara teased.

“No, I love your singing full stop, I just mean that Dynamite is my favourite!”

I smiled at Cara and then went to get a drink, wondering whether I would have this much fun on a night out if I went for that year abroad. Part of my mind reminded me that I would make friends there as well and that surely I would have a good time but the other part of me was worried, worried that I would just be lost if my friends and my lovely girlfriend was so far away.

“What would you like to drink?” the girl at the bar shouted,

“Double vodka and red bull please!” I shouted back.

“Double?” came a voice from behind me, it was Lexi,

“Yeah double ….. cant taste the vodka in the drink otherwise” I said, and this was partially true, you couldn’t, however the other reason I was getting a double was that I wanted to forget about the choice I had to soon make, I wanted to forget about it so that I could just have fun with my friends.

It was my friends that made everything worthwhile after all.

The End

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