Cara: Secrets and Lady LushMature

"Another ace." I looked apologetically at Myra. She narrowed her eyes at Lexi and wagged a warning finger at her.

"You make me drown and I'll come back to haunt you."

"Promise?" She winked and gave her a kiss on the cheek. I smiled and picked up my drink.

"Everyone ready?" They all nodded. I lifted my glass and took a drink. After three gulps I put it down. No. I couldn't take much more. Lexi pretended like she was going to keep it going but Myra put up her fist and made her laugh, so she spluttered to a stop and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Liam was next and he pulled up question master.

"What's that?" He asked.

"It's where you ask a question and-" Anna began before she realised what he'd done. "For god's sake Liam!"

"Hahaha Anna!" We all laughed. I grinned and sipped my drink, watching Anna take a gulp of schnapps and lemonade that made her pull a face.

"This was a bad idea." She said.

"I'd laugh if you get the dirty pint now Anna." Liam chuckled. I grinned and high fived him. I felt a little more like myself; perhaps getting dressed up had been a good idea.

"Come on, we'll never get out if we don't hurry it up. And we want to show you guys our favourite club." Lexi grinned.

"Oh yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah. I mean, sorry to the guys, but it's a gay club."

"We're used to it." Liam shrugged. I elbowed him and he grinned, putting an arm around me. "So where is this place?"

"It's a bit of a walk; we might want to get a taxi. But it's worth it. Near the Swallow restaurant? Do you know it?"

"Isn't that the place Sam took you?" Anna said and everyone looked at me. I nodded, the memory of that night flashing through my brain. I remembered her waistcoat, the way she'd peeled me out of Ali's dress... Mmmmm... delicious memories flooded through my brain and I blushed.

"Looks like it was one hell of a good night." Lexi chuckled. "Taste the delicacies did you Cara?" I glared at her and she waggled her eyebrows and everyone chuckled. "So was this the first date or...?" I shook my head. "Well come on, spill. She never tells me anything about the two of you."

"We basically had to try torture to get anything out of her about it too." Ali put in.

"Ah see now you have to tell us!" Lexi grinned triumphantly. I shook my head and hid my face in my hands. "Aww come on Cara!"

"Why should I?" I muttered from beneath my hands.

"Because if not, I won't tell you what she did say about you."

I glanced up sharply.


"When she first met you. And a couple of weeks ago. Actually a couple of months ago now..."

I stared at her. What had Sam said? I really wanted to know.

"Promise you'll tell?" I said.

"Cross my heart." She said seriously, miming the action.

"What do you want to know?" I relented.

"How is she in bed?!" Jak cried. I threw him a look and a cushion.

Lexi chuckled softly and shook her head.

"What did you think when you first saw her?"

I thought back carefully and remembered that night, at the Fringe, after Breakthrough's first performance.

"I thought she was the hottest person I'd ever seen." I blushed. Lexi smiled. Jak pretended to swoon and got another cushion in the face, this time from Ali. I grinned at her, embarrassed.

"And what about your first date?" Myra added. "After you'd gotten to know her a little?"

"I thought she was funny, intelligent... and way out of my league." I admitted. Liam nudged me.

"Don't be so down on yourself moron."

"Cheers Liam." I rolled my eyes.

"No problem."

"Ok, final question." Lexi said dramatically. "If she asked you, would you say yes?"

I stared at her, aware that all eyes had turned, with sudden realisation of what she meant, upon me.


"Come on Cara. Yes or no?"

I knew the answer, but I didn't want to say it in front of everyone. I caught Anna's eye and she was hanging on my next words before they'd even left my mouth.

"In a heart beat."

Lexi and Myra whooped, as did Liam and Ali. Jak laughed and clapped as did Callum. Anna was the one I saw though. She looked for a moment like the person who stands when the vicar says 'speak now or forever hold your peace'. And then Megan touched her and she burst in to a fake smile and started clapping, grinning round at her own girlfriend.

Oh shit.

"You cannot tell her I said that!" I threatened everyone.

"Course not." Lexi grinned.

"Lexi I'm serious. Don't tell her." I glared, serious. She realised I wasn't joking and held up her hands in surrender.

"Ok. My lips are sealed."

"Good. Now you promised to tell me what she said. Spill."

Lexi sighed.

"Not sure I can remember."

"Lexi I'll make you drink the dirty pint if you don't tell me."

"Oooh scary!" She grinned.

"Fine, I'll tell Sam-"

"Alright alright!" She called, not letting me finish. "I'll tell you. I was going to anyway. So, when she first met you she was a bit- well  I wrestled out of her that she'd met this cute girl in a club for all of five seconds and that she was planning to go back to see you again. And I was all 'that's a bit stalkerish' and then we had a debate about whether you'd invited her back because you'd told her when your next show was... ok so then she went, and I heard from her when you'd had your date and she was gushing about you. I swear, I hadn't ever heard her like that. And she told me she'd asked you to be her girlfriend and I was shocked. I tried to get her to introduce us but she wouldn't. And then the next I heard you'd almost been attacked by some guys and she'd saved you and-"

"-What?!" Liam, Anna, Ali, Jak and Callum chorused. They all looked wildly at me and I groaned. I'd forgotten I hadn't told them.

"It was no big deal guys..."

"Oops." Lexi said.

"What happened?" Anna demanded.

"I told you it was no big-"

"Tell me!" Anna glared. I sighed and told them all about that night.

"Cara you could have been-"

"-I know ok?" I said, short tempered. "But I wasn't ok? So leave it." I turned back to Lexi. "Carry on Lexi."


"You were just after Sam did her Knight in shining armour routine."

"Oh... yeah... well she went to the police about it the day after and-"

"-Wait what?" I stared.

"Jesus, do you guys not tell each other anything?" She asked incredulously. I continued to stare and so she relented. "Yeah she called me and told me about it and said she had the CCTV so she was going to get them done for attempt and drugs. Apparently they actually found the guys. She didn't get done for the punch either, which was lucky."

I stared. I couldn't believe Sam hadn't told me.

"Oh... wow."

"Yeah." Lexi looked a little uncomfortable now. "Maybe I shouldn't go on."

"Yeah you should." I insisted.

"Well after that I had to basically force anything else out of her. So there's not much to tell. She wouldn't tell me how you were in bed or anything. It was very frustrating."

"Not for her." Jak said quickly and we all howled with laughter for a moment.

"I like you." Lexi chuckled as we all calmed down. "Look Cara, the only thing I've had from her since is how much she loves you. And she had a rant to me about how they wouldn't let her add you to the list for London. She even tried to pretend you were an artist but they weren't having it."

I smiled and bit my lip. But then I remembered something.

"Didn't you say she said something a couple of months back?"

"Ah... yeah." Lexi ducked her head.


"She may have mentioned something-" She looked across at Anna. "About a dance? And um... choosing?"

"Oh." I blushed. I looked down at my fingers. I hadn't thought Sam would share that with anyone.

"She didn't tell me details. She literally said 'let's just say she's an amazing dancer'. And then she told me you'd gotten rid of most of her fears. She said she realised how much she loved you then."

I felt my eyes go wet then, but I didn't look up. I missed my beautiful wi- oh my god. I was about to think wife. Girl friend. I missed my beautiful GIRLFRIEND. It was all their fault, filling my head with ideas about a future. A future you won't have... OK OK SUBCONSCIOUS YOU SMARMY BITCH. I GET IT. I'M DYING. BUT LET'S NOT SPOIL TONIGHT SHALL WE?

I blinked quickly to get rid of the tears and looked up smiling.

"Awwww Cara are you alright?" Ali said.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Come on, let's finish this game and go!" I grinned.


We finished the game and I managed to avoid getting wasted, or having the dirty pint. That fell, much to our amusement, upon Lexi, who groaned and wished she'd never mentioned it. Then we went outside to meet the taxi Liam had ordered and headed to Hype, the gay bar.

"I can't believe Sam's never brought you here Cara." Myra said as we reached outside and looked up at the Rainbow coloured light up name above the door. "It was our favourite place when we were students."

"Yeah, and it's where I first got you to-" Lexi was interrupted by Myra's handbag which came slapping down on her shoulder.

"Shut up." She warned.

"Ow! Babe, that hurt." Lexi rubbed her shoulder.

"Well you shouldn't be a pig."

"But we wouldn't be together if I hadn't gotten you drunk." Lexi winked and wrapped her arms round Myra's waist.

"True." Myra said before they kissed. I looked away and at the club instead. Apparently a Drag Queen, Lady Lush, was performing and DJ-ing tonight. Awesome. I'd never seen a drag queen perform before.

"Come on then!" Lexi called, and we all headed towards the bounders with our ID.


The music inside was blaring, and I spotted the drag queen straight away. A giant red wig, a tight fitting black sequin dress and skyscraper heels, strutting about on stage with a microphone calling everyone 'boys and girls' like a panto dame. I loved her immediately.

"This is awesome." I yelled to the others.

The End

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