Anna: Drinking GamesMature

Cara seemed slightly annoyed at me for making her dress up but for once I really didn’t care, she needed a good night out to let her hair down and just to have fun. Sam would be back soon and she needed to just try and loosen up a bit. I had told Cara she needed to loosen up and have a bit of fun, to which she scowled at me for saying, and it was only then that I realised that I probably sounded like a little bit of a hypocrite. When Leanne had gone away with what I thought was work, I had gotten quite upset and missed her terribly, so why was I now telling Cara to loosen up when I hadn’t been able to?

“Are you even listening to me?” Cara asked me, waving a hand in front of my face.

“Sorry what?”

“How were Megan’s parents then?” Cara asked, “Were they nice?”

“Oh yeah…. Really nice,” I said, not really wanting to go into much detail. The afternoon with Megan’s parents had gone okay, I had told them a bit about myself and what I was studying at university and that was it really. Megan had done most of the talking.

“Are you okay?” Cara asked, “You have hardly touched you’re alcohol and you are miles away…”

“Fine Cara.” I said in a rather short tone of voice, walking away before she could argue and sitting myself in a soft armchair in the corner of the room, taking small sips of my drink and allowing my eyes to focus on nothing.

Megan walked over after clearly talking to Cara and sat herself down on my arm of the chair; I could feel her arms on me, looking down at me as though trying to use telepathy to understand what was bugging me.

“Come on…. What’s wrong? You have been quiet all day,” Megan said nudging me.

“I’ve told you, nothing,” I implored.

“Tell your face that then Anna!” Megan said getting up and walking away, obviously deciding that when I was in this kind of mood, I was best alone. I took another sip of my drink and let my mind over think again.

I was confused over whether or not to take the offer up or not and meeting Megan’s parents had just made things a hell of a lot harder. I didn’t want to hurt her as she didn’t deserve it and I knew that if I did go then that’s exactly what I’d be doing. Megan wasn’t the only reason I didn’t want to go either, Cara was another. The problem with Cara was that I knew that if I told her then she would want me to go, to not be stupid and grab the opportunity with both hands, and part of me understood that but the other part of me just wanted to stay with my mates.

“Why don’t we all play a game of ring of fire before we all go out?” Lexi suggested, holding up a deck of cards in one hand, a jug in the other and grinning.

“Not dirty pint!” moaned Myra.

“Oh yeah, if we play then its dirty pint all da way, quickest way to get pissed!” Lexi said and Myra rolled her eyes. “Who’s in…. everyone?” she asked and when no-one protested she began to set out the cards.

I got out of my chair and slipped outside, through the fire door and down the stairs; I leaned against the wall of the building opposite and slid down it. I knew I couldn’t stay out here for too long as they would wonder where I had got to, they’d want me to play ring of fire with them at any rate. I felt a hot tear slip down my face and I brushed it away quickly. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t, I needed to keep a straight head so I could weigh up the positives and the negatives and make a decision and it was no use crying about it.

I could hear footsteps approaching and Cara came out of the flat, she had pulled on a black cardigan to keep her warm but still looked to be shivering.

“What you doing out here?” she asked, “Its freezing,”

“I had a bit of a headache so came out here for some air but I am coming back in now,” I lied.

Cara nodded but I wasn’t sure whether she believed me or not, her eyes seemed to question my reasoning but she did not choose to question it.

“Come on,” I said, “It is a bit cold,” I said heading back inside to find everyone sitting by the table waiting to start ring of fire.

“Let’s get started!” Lexi called out excitedly, grabbing a card from the ring and looking at it.

“It’s an eight, which means some unfortunate person has to drink with me and I choose Megan,” Lexi said grinning at Megan who grimaced.

Once Megan and Lexi had taken a drink it was Liam’s turn, he pulled out a number four meaning that all the girls had to drink. After all the girls had drunk, I reached forward and grabbed a card and pulled out an ace.

“Waterfall!” I said frowning, I hated that one and I felt sorry for Myra who was the last in the circle and who would be forced to drink for the longest. I started to drink my drink, watching the others as they began drinking and stopping almost as soon as Myra’s drink had touched her lips. Unfortunately Lexi continued to drink until she had none left and was forced to stop  meaning that by the time Myra was able to stop drinking she was red faced.

“Never…” she gasped…..” Let Lexi do waterfall….. she is evil!”

“But you love me!” Lexi said with a giggle.

“It’s a good thing as well, don’t know what would happen if I did!” Myra said folding her arms and turning her attention to Cara who had just reached out to grab a card.

The End

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