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I slept uneasy that night; my encounter with Leanne was still fresh in my mind. Why had she thought that I would forgive her after what she had done! Did she think that I would feel sorry for her when she told me she wasn’t with Dann anymore and she had lost the baby? It didn’t wipe out what she had done, and worst of all she had shown up like a bad penny just when I was getting back to normal, just when I was happy again.

I was curled up in my bed trying to blot out the night before when my door buzzer rang, I slid out of bed and shuffled towards it.

“Hello?” I croaked, my mouth dry.

“Anna its me, you weren’t answering your phone…”

“Its off” I said, “Anyway, come up” I said pressing the buzzer to allow Megan to come up.

She was up the stairs in mere moments and though the door, she was carrying two mugs of tea that she had obviously just bought from Costa on route.

“I could have saved you some money…” I said nodding at the cups.

“Yeah but I thought I would treat you, plus I bought you a bacon sandwich too,”

“Aww, you didn’t have to” I said giving Megan a soft kiss before taking the tea and the bacon sandwich in its wrapper off Megan and unwrapping it. It smelt delicious.

“I know I didn’t have to but I thought you needed cheering up and what better way than….”

“Making me fat…” I joked, taking a big bite.

“No…. treating you to probably the best bacon sandwich in town”

“You really do know the way to a girl’s heart.”

“Yep…. Through the stomach.”

We sat in silence for a few moments, both of us munching away at our bacon sandwiches and slurping our tea, I didn’t really have the motivation to do anything that day, all that I really wanted to do was just lie in bed and vegetate. I felt quite stressed with all that had happened recently and part of me felt like the world was against me.  I was just not motivated.

“Hey, do you fancy seeing Cara today and taking her out to lunch maybe? She isn’t modelling today?” Megan pointed out after about ten minutes of silence.

“Umm… we could do?” I said, not sure about I could wriggle out of going, “I think I have a bit of a cold coming on mind….”  I said which was true, I had spent half the night trying to clear my nose.

“Well fresh air will do you good” Megan said with a smile, “It will clear out your sinuses,”

“Urggggh” I moaned leaning back on my bed,


“Nothing…. I just don’t feel one hundred percent” I said with a snuffle, as my nose blocked again.

“Trust me, fresh air will do you good!”

“Fine…. Let me go and get dressed and you ring Cara,” I said getting up and shuffling towards my wardrobe.  I picked out some black jeans and a really baggy t-shirt which has the words ‘Keep Calm and eat muffins’ written on it. I then threw my hair up into a messy bun. I couldn’t be bothered to do my makeup, partly because as I was full of cold, it would probably get messed up and because I just didn’t feel as though going out to meet friends warranted any makeup.

“Right…. Cara said she will meet us outside Oxtail in about half an hour ,” Megan said and I nodded, not really paying attention to her, my mind was still in bed, mulling everything from Cara’s results to the e-mail, to Leanne turning up, to the fact that I was getting the beginnings of a cold and was feeling crappy .

“Okay” I murmured, not really listening but following Megan out the flat.


“Hey” I said giving Cara a hug in way of a greeting, “You okay?” I asked, breathing deeply though my nose as I spoke, the fresh air had cleared my nose and I could breath clearly now and was feeling a tad better but still feeling unmotivated.

“Yeah” Cara said quite cheerfully, “I’m grand, I have a day off from being dressed up and I am spending it with my friends.”

“Yeah but you enjoy being painted!” Megan pointed out.

“Yeah its good fun actually, annoying that Myra won’t let me look at them though!”

“She is saving them for Sam.” I said, trying to make it seem as though I was paying attention as we walked through the shopping centre and towards a café in the middle where we would have some lunch.

“Don’t start with that again!” she said with a grin, poking me in the side.

“It’s true though!”

“I’m not going to let her buy them all!” Cara protested.

“Like you have a say” Megan said with a chuckle.

“Well, that bit is true!” Cara conceded as we sat ourselves at a table and perused the menu.

“Ooh, the chef soup looks nice.” I said licking my lips.

“Yeah so does the salad” said Cara putting down the menu.

“It all looks nice, I can’t decide!” Megan said with a laugh, looking at Cara and me who had both put down our menus and were ready to order.

“She’ll take ages…” I teased and Megan kicked me under the table but laughed.

I then became very interested in my fingers, just gazing down at them and not really paying attention, and it was only when Cara poked me to get my attention did I look up.

“Anna, are you listening to me?!” she said,

“Sorry what?”

“I said, why did you and Megan ring last night, I can’t believe that it was nothing…. Go on spill!”

“I told you when I texted you its nothing ….” I lied, feeling uncomfortable with the situation so waved a waiter over to take our orders to avoid having to explain to Cara what had been wrong.

Cara eyed me up suspiciously whilst I ordered my food and when the waiter had gone she rounded on me.

“Don’t think your getting out of this, tell me!” she ordered.

I sighed, knowing Cara too well to know that arguing the point would only make her keener to find out.

“Well, I went out last night with Megan and her mates, and we were just queuing up when I spotted someone coming out of the club.”



“Ah…. I bet that didn’t go well.” Cara said.”

“No it didn’t!” interjected Megan, “She took off without a word and then went home, she wouldn’t talk to me, she wouldn’t let me in when she went back to her flat. All I know is that this Leanne is her ex and that it ended badly between them.” Megan said.

“Anna!” Cara tutted, “I remember you and Leanne splitting, but now I come to think on it …. I can’t remember why you both split?” Cara said straining her memory.

“That’s because I never told you why,” I said in a quiet voice.

“That’s why I don’t know then …. Why did you split with Leanne?”

Before I could answer the waiter came over to our table and placed our food down, I took a spoonful of hot soup to avoid answering.

“Leanne’s job, the reason she kept hurrying off to work…” I sniffed, tears welling in my eyes but I brushed them away …. She wasn’t worth my tears. “Leanne was a prostitute and she had shacked up with one of her clients and got herself pregnant. She wasn’t away on business when she went way for weeks on end; she had gone on holiday with this Dann guy.” I said stifling a sob as I finished and taking several more spoonfuls of soup and not looking at either Cara or Megan.

The End

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