Anna: A Face From The PastMature

“Hey Megan, do you want to go to the pub tonight?” I asked her.

I was laid on my bed doing nothing in particular, Megan was on loudspeaker on my mobile and I was bored. I wanted to do something which would get my mind off everything, the email from university, Cara’s results from the doctors. I just wanted to distress.

“Yeah we can do….” Megan said, sounding as though she was mulling the situation over.

“You could invite some of your friends from home and from your course and we could go out?” I suggested, “I’d love to meet some of your lot!”

“My lot?” she said laughing, “I assure you, they are no different from your lot!”

“I’d still like to meet them” I said.

“Okay then … I will make some calls. You have got to meet Bradley.”

“Who’s Bradley?” I asked intrigued.

“Bradley is like my best friend ever, I went to school with him and he is the lovelies guy you’d ever meet!”

“Hey, he better not steal you from me…” I said, “I would have to do….” I began but Megan cut across me laughing.

“Anna, he is as camp as a row of tents…. Its always the fit ones that are gay!”

“So I am not fit then?” I joked.

“You my dear are sensational” she purred, “Wouldn’t swap you for anyone ….. apart from Bradley maybe,” she joked.


“Hay is what horses eat” she teased.

“Shut up before I come and make you shut up!”

“I would love you too” Megan said being an obvious flirt.

“Don’t you worry,” I said softly, and a shiver ran down my spine at the thought of making Megan ‘shut up.’

“Actually, I doubt you would shut up to be fair even if I tried to make you. Your gob is so big, you would probably be a screamer.”

“Well you would know from last time you tried to shut me up,” Megan pointed out. It was lucky that I was alone in my flat because at that moment my face felt warm and I knew that I had just blushed violently.

“Stop it…. You’re making me blush!” I whined.

“You’re turning me on,” Megan purred.

“You’re such a tease, I don’t think I can share you with even one of your friends tonight.”

“Tough, you’re going to have to contain yourself!”


“It was you’re idea,” Megan reminded me.

“Regretting suggesting it now.” I muttered.

“Well if you are good later on, you might get a treat.” Megan teased.

“If I am good? And what if I am bad?”

“Well…. You are likely to be punished, and believe me …. You don’t want me to get angry.”

“We’ll just see about that!” I muttered. “Anyway, aside from being punished for very bad behaviour, who else are you going to invite?” I asked, jumping off my bed and opening my wardrobe to see what suitable attire I could wear. There was a short green dress which went down to my  knees and pulled in to show off my curves, a long black dress which would trail on the ground if I didn’t wear heals, or a purple dress which I wasn’t even sure I could even fit into. I had bought it when I ….. didn’t eat and it was a size eight dress. It was a beautiful strapless dress which was skin tight.  After a moment I decided on wearing the long black dress and some black wedges.

“Well Bradley and his boyfriend Louis can come, they are just brilliant to be around and so much funny when they are pissed and Imogen, she is just the funniest!”

“Why haven’t I met these people before now?” I asked, I mean they sound like better company than you!” I teased.

“Ha. Ha. So funny!”

“I know, I should be a comedian. Anyway, a night out with Imogen, Louis and Bradley…. Sounds like a laugh.”

“Yeah it should be…. How about we take them to Walkabout tonight?” I suggested, “I haven’t been there before.”

“I have ….”

“What’s it like?”

“ Well lets just say, people seem to lose pieces of their clothing in walkabout,”

“Oh god…. Do they get that drunk?”

“Its more a case of, if they want a free drink they have to do it and a surprising amount of people do.”

“Maybe not walkabout then…. How about Onyx?”

“Yeah Onyx is a good night out, and so is YoYo”

“We’ll we will go to both!”


It had just turned half past eight Megan, Imogen, Bradley and Louis were queuing up to get into YoYo, all of us were quite tipsy by now and were having quite a funny time. I had taken a shine to Megan’s group of friends instantly, and they seemed to take a shine to me as well. It had been quite funny to note that Megan was a serious lightweight, she had only had one drink and already was she slurring her words slightly and falling off the pavement. Bradley was just Mr. Comedy, telling embarrassing stories about Megan and doing anything I suggested, for instance I had dared him to do a double whiskey shot and he did it without batting an eyelid, and then forced his boyfriend to do one too.

We had just got to the front of the queue when my eyes met with someone coming out of the club and without thinking I bolted.

“Anna!” Megan called after me but I didn’t look back, I could hear footsteps behind me, the woman running after me.

“Anna, slow down…. Can I talk to you?”

I stopped turning round to face Leanne, tears brimming in my eyes.

“How you dare even try to talk to me after what you did, I don’t know!”

“I feel very bad for how we left it and if its any consolation I am not with Dann anymore and I lost the baby.”

“What do you expect me to feel sorry for you?!”

“No. Just seeing you tonight, I wanted to make things right.”

My phone rang but I ignored it.

“Well I want nothing to do with you!” I said, tears streaming down my face. It was like dealing with splitting up all over again, like my heart was shattering again. I couldn’t look at her. My phone rang again and this time I pressed the reject button without even looking at the screen.

“You should answer that….” Leanne said nodding to my phone; it could be your friend. She seemed a tad bewildered when you ran off like that.”

“She’s not my friend, Megan is my girlfriend.” I corrected, “And unlike you she actually loves me!”

“I’ve always liked that name…”

“I know…. You used it as your pros…. Work name.” I said remembering her telling me.”

“Did you tell anyone the reason we broke up?” she asked and I was surprised to hear a note of worry in her voice.”

“Only Ali.”

“So you didn’t tell Cara.”

“I might have mentioned it once but I don’t think she really heard what I said as she had a lot on her mind at the time. Anyway what does it matter if I kept your dirty little secret or not!” I snapped.

“It doesn’t I deserved it, I know but I just want to tell you that I am really sorry for hurting you.”

“Too little too late” I said turning my back on Leanne and walking away, heading in the direction of my flat, tears trickling down my face. My phone rung again and this time I answered it stifling a sob as I did.


“Anna! Why did you take off like that? Who was that women who ran after you? Are you okay? I’m worried.”

“I’m fine… she was the past coming back to haunt me.”

“Where are you?”

“Just arriving back at the flat.”

“Right, I’m coming over.”

“No Megan, you don’t have to … I am fine.”

“You are not fine Anna, I know you’re not!

“Megan. That was Leanne, my ex…. I’d rather not go there.”

“She hurt you?”

“She broke my heart, but that doesn’t matter because you healed it.”

“I’m still worried.”

“There isn’t any point in being worried!”

“Tough…. I am coming over and since you are being stubborn I am ringing Cara and getting her to come too …. Maybe you will open up more then …. She is bound to be able to fill in some gaps.”

“She won’t be able to …. She doesn’t know why I and Leanne broke up, I mean, not unless Ali told her.”

“Well I’m worried and I am sure Cara will be too when I ring her …. Stay at the flat!” Megan demanded, hanging up the phone before I could protest.

“Bloody great!” I muttered as I let myself into my flat and locked the door behind me, this was another thing to add to my ever growing list of things I was stressing about!

The End

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