Anna: The FutureMature

“Are you okay?” Cara asked, “You’re miles away Anna, and according to Megan, you were quiet yesterday when you and her met up for lunch.”

“mmm, I’m fine.” I said not entirely sure who I was trying to convince.

“Liar….” Cara said jabbing me in the side as we walked down the street towards Myra’s studio so that Myra could dress Cara up again.

“If you must know, I am just concerned about you and what your results might be…” I explained, and this was true, I had been fretting over Cara’s doctors results but also over the e-mail I had received from the university. Despite the new term being a two month wait away yet, I had quite a bit to organise and even more choices to make…. Including a rather difficult one.

“You fret too much Anna, you always have!”

“It’s only because I care!” I protested.

“Yeah I know” Cara said putting her arm around me and giving me a one armed hug as we walked.

“Please can I come with you when you get the results though?” I asked.

“Umm. If it’s all the same, I would much prefer to go alone.” Cara said quickly, shoving her hands into her cardigan pockets and looking at the ground. Her tone suggested that she was getting slightly sick of the conversation and her sudden change of conversation made that clear.

“So, how did Megan do in her results?” she asked.

“As if I never told you,” I squealed, jumping up and down excitedly…. “she got a first overall and I was thinking of throwing her a little party to celebrate. What do you think?”

“Oh wow, that’s really good. Yeah a party sounds really good.”

“Hey, the band can play!” I suggested.

“Yeah, it’s been a while since we have had a gig.”

“Oh … well if your rusty then I might have to find someone else…” I joked and then had to dodge as Cara made a swipe for me.

By the time we had finished discussing ideas for Megan’s party, we had reached the stairs leading up to Myra’s studio. We climbed up them and opened the door to the studio and I shouted, “Here comes the bride!” as a way of saying that Cara had returned and was ready to put on some more wedding dress look alikes.

“Will you lot stop with the wedding jokes now, she hasn’t even popped the question yet!” Cara said, her hands on her hips.

“Probably won’t be long before she is wanting to make an honest woman of you!” I said winking at Cara.

“Not just yet….” She mumbled to her feet before giving me a tentative smile.

“Well, as long as when you do, I am chief bridesmaid!” I said, giving her a soft prod, “Have we got a deal?”

“That was already going to be the case Anna!”

“Good!” I said grinning majestically.


I thought to myself as I walked slowly back to my flat, how weird it felt talking to Cara about weddings and her and Sam getting hitched. As much as I liked Sam and as much as she made Cara happy it still felt strange to think that they may end up getting married. That they may end up still being together in twenty – thirty years time. That they may adopt children. Despite me not loving Cara now and being in a loving relationship with Megan, I still couldn’t help a twinge of anger when the thought of Sam and Cara still being together in years to come. This feeling only lasted mere moments however and I felt guilty sometimes for having them.

The future however was a long time in coming yet though.

The End

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