Cara: Phone FlirtingMature

“Have they called yet?”

“Anna, I swear to God, if you keep asking me about this I will kill you. It’s been two days.”

“I’m just worried…”

“Yeah well you’re not the one waiting for test results so just back off will you? My mood swings will take over if you don’t.”

“Okay okay.” She reasoned and sat back. “So how’s the painting going?”

“Well as far as I’m aware she’s happy. She’s finished the first one, apart from tweaking, so she’s started on another one. But she says she’s only doing the two for now, and she’s going to concentrate on the photos. She thinks people are more likely to buy them and they take her less time. She’s very direct.”

“Yeah, I’d noticed that.”

“Really?” I replied dryly, rolling my eyes.

“Don’t be mean.”

“How’s Megan?” I asked, diverting the conversation. Anna’s eyes lit up.


“In bed?” I winked.

“I’m not saying anything.”

“But you made me tell you stuff.”

“Yeah but you’d been with Sam ages then. I’ve only been with Megan a couple of weeks. Give me a while.”

“Ah still getting used to each other huh?” I teased, making her pay for being annoying.

“You’re an awful friend.”

I made puppy dog eyes at her and pretended like I was going to cry.

“I’m-I’m not an awful friend… that’s so mean… why would you say that?”

“Ha ha, I’m not feeling bad for you.”

“But…” I dropped the edges of my lips.

“Oh fine, I didn’t mean it.” She relented. “You know I can’t resist the puppy dog look.”

I chuckled and then felt my phone go. I glanced down.

“Oh, it’s Sam, do you mind?” I asked.

“Go ahead.”

I grinned and answered immediately.

“Hey baby.”

My insides melted.

“Hey. This is a nice surprise.”

“I had a free lunch; thought I’d order a drink with lots of ice in it and think about you.”

“How odd, my drink has plenty of ice in it too.” I giggled and Anna almost spat her drink out having realised what we were talking about. She went red and motioned that she was going to the counter of the café we were in the pay the bill.

“Just as long as there’s no one helping you with it.” Sam replied.

“Well there was a waiter who seemed very happy to help.”

“Was she hot?”

“He wasn’t my type.” I chuckled. I heard the slight sigh of relief from the other end. “So how did everything go yesterday?”

“Good. I have a new painting for my own collection. I’ll put it in the flat I think.”

“Oh yes? And where will this be fitting?”

“Above the tv. It’s only small but it’s beautiful. Like you really.”

“Sorry, I just got a sudden whiff of cheese…” I teased.

“Very funny. I hope you’re keeping busy? Anything to report?”

This was my opportunity to tell her about the appointment, but I still didn’t feel I needed to. It wasn’t anything, and besides, I knew nothing about it.

“Well apart from Myra keeping me locked away in a studio all day every day, and Anna rescuing me for lunch occasionally, no.”

“Don’t worry, when I get back I’ll keep you away from all that and we’ll do whatever you want.”

“I can think of a few things I’d like to do.” I muttered in response. I almost felt her shift in her seat on the other end. I caught the hitch in her breath.

“Oh baby, I’d like to do them with you. To you.”

“I was thinking more what I could do for you.” I smirked.

“You realise I’m sat at a fairly crowded hotel bar?”

“And I’m sat in a fairly crowded café… but I’m still letting my imagination run away with me.”

“Cara baby, I’m coming back, right now.”

“What?” I giggled. “No you’re not.”

“Well I want to at least.”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

“And makes you in to a temptress tease.”

“No different from you on your first trip away. Telling me what you’d do with some ice…”

“The ice is the least of your worries my little housewife. When I get back everyone is going to think we’ve gone in to hibernation. I don’t want to leave that flat until we’re so thoroughly re acquainted with each other that we’re sore.”

I coughed and blushed.

“I thought you were at a bar?” I hissed.

“I left. But you’re still in the café yes? And so the torture really begins…” I could feel the pleasure in her voice and shivered in delight. Then I noticed Anna returning.

“I’m afraid Anna’s just coming back and then she’s going to return me to Myra. Your games are at an end.”

“They’re only just beginning.” She replied. “I’ll talk to you tonight my little tease.”

“Tonight.” I promised.

The End

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